The most exciting roads

The most exciting roads

Every day a person goes kilometer. And often we do not pay attention to what the road beneath our feet. But there are highways, bridges and tunnels, which are striking to behold its amazing views and unique design. 9 to your attention the most original ways of the world.

Ladder Trolls

The most exciting roads

Trollstigen in Norway. / Photo:

Trollstigen - a famous tourist route located in Norway. The construction of this unusual way was completed in 1936. It is a serpentine of intricately curving the mountainside roads between which waterfall flowing in 180 meters. The inclination angle trolley Stairs - 9%.

Storsezandetsky "Drunk" Bridge

The most exciting roads

Drunk bridge over the sea. / Photo:

Another attraction in Norway - the longest bridge of the Atlantic road. Deviation of the roadway in the sea is full twenty three meters. This way, as part of the entire Atlantic road, built in 1980 for eight years. And until 1999 Storseisundet Bridge was paid.

Interesting fact: The design of the bridge before unusual that a certain angle it seems that it is still unfinished.

Magnetic Hill

The most exciting roads

The Mystic magnetic hill. / Photo:

Sometimes it seems that the creation of an unusual way interferes with mysticism. So you would think, having been on Magnetic Hill, located on the highway Leh - Kargil - Batalik in India. This road has long attracted the attention of tourists who believe in the supernatural. The thing is that the cars left at the foot of the hill on the "neytralke" not worth, and move themselves, and up along the way. It speaks a lot of speculation with regards to the reasons for this strange phenomenon - from optical illusions to theories about extraterrestrial intervention. But so far the most plausible seems to be the version of the deposits of magnetic ore, which "push" the car up.

Musical road

The most exciting roads

Highway with accompaniment. / Photo:

In California, there is an unusual road that will give all of it to passing moments of pleasure in classical music. The road surface was performed in such a manner that when driving on it with a certain velocity to create a melody final part overture Rossini "William Tell." However, the correct speed - that's not all: according to, in order to hear the music, you must ride in a car with a strong, sturdy body - from him vibration generated notches on the road, will resonate in the form of music.

Baldwin Street

The most exciting roads

The steepest street in the world. / Photo:

It would seem that the roads with a high degree of inclination must meet in the mountains. However, in New Zealand's steepest road is asphalted and runs on ordinary streets, between houses. Baldwin Street in Dunedin entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest in the world. Length is 359 meters, with the rise of almost 80 meters. On the steepest angle of inclination is 19 degrees.

The roof of Japan

The most exciting roads

A snowy highway. / Photo:

Create unusual in form and path can Mother Nature. As it happened in Japan, in a mountainous area Mudore-gift. The thing is that in 1971, there fell a record amount of rainfall, and before that since accumulated a lot of snow that nobody cleaned. And then we decided to clean up the track at 90 kilometers in length. Cleaning took a whole month. The spectacle, which opened after cleaning, it was incredible: the road was "chained" to the snowy walls up to twenty meters high. After that, this service has become a tradition and bear fruit - "Roof of Japan" became well-known point on the tourist map, which is annually visited by up to a million people.

Winston Churchill Avenue, Gibraltar

The most exciting roads

Crossroads road and runway. / Photo:

Sometimes the traffic in the city is so busy that cars have to pass at the crossroads ... the plane. This unusual story happens every day on the Avenue Winston Churchill - one of the busiest roads in the area. On one stretch of road crosses the runway North Front Airport, also known as the "Gibraltar". Such an unusual way to solve the lack of space for the roadway has been resolved.

Gate Tower Building

The most exciting roads

Gate Tower Building. / Photo:

Asians are known for their original approach to solving the problems of lack of space. So in Osaka will be a unique sixteen-office building Gate Tower Building, which literally crosses the car Hanshin expressway. The road was built in 1989, ranking 4 th to 8 th floor of the building.

Nanpu Bridge

Spiral Bridge Nanpu. / Photo:

Perhaps China's problem is the lack of space for the road and for dwellings worth anywhere else sharp. Therefore, when Shanghai was required to build another bridge to shorten the length of the area and approaches him, we decided to construct a spiral. So in 1991 there was a bridge across the Huangpu River. He is one of the most famous bridges in Shanghai, length 8346 m.