Scenic Railroads Travel

• Scenic Railroads Travel

Scenic Railroads Travel

The length of these railways not.

Railway - is that once turned the world upside down, allowed people to travel faster than usual, to deliver the goods previously unavailable to carry weight. And most importantly - the railways allowed to reach the most remote places. Actual rail remains today. After all, in the world of the railways are many. Some of them are not only his age, but also the length.

1. New Silk Road

Scenic Railroads Travel

He reaches New Silk Road far.

The unique railway, which begins in the Chinese city of Yiwu and ends in the capital of Spain - Madrid. The road connects Europe and Asia pass through 8 countries, it is the largest in the world. Drive along it takes 21 days, and its total length is 13,026 km.

2. Trans-Siberian Railway

Scenic Railroads Travel

The Pride of Russia.

Construction of the road began in 1981, and she became the first railway connecting Europe and Asia. The road has repeatedly upgraded, so you can use it today. Its length is 9288 km. From Moscow to Vladivostok on it, you can get there for 6 days.

3. Moscow-Beijing

Scenic Railroads Travel

From the capital to the capital.

Another long railway, which intersects with the Trans-Siberian Railway. That it goes to the well-known train "Orient". Length of the road is about 9 thousand kilometers. This can be overcome for 145 hours of continuous way. Also about 6 hours the train stops at the border. This delay is necessary, because the train changing wheel pairs.

4. The Transcontinental Railroad

Scenic Railroads Travel

Many roads built in America.

According to the total length of railways it was the United States ranks first in the world. They also have their own giants. The transcontinental railway was built in 1869. Today it is part of the biggest transcontinental network, the total length of which exceeds the figure of 107 000 km.

5. Chicago-Los Angeles

Scenic Railroads Travel

US rich on the road.

One of the US's longest road. Its length is 4390 km. The road passes through seven states. To fully pass it, need 67 hours. The train makes a stop at the same time at 40 stations!

6. Toronto-Vancouver

Scenic Railroads Travel

Canada is not far behind.

Another very long road, this time located in Canada. Its length is 4466 km. It connects cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. To get from one city to another will need 86 hours away by train. On the road is 66 stations.

7. Lxasa - Gyanchzhou

Scenic Railroads Travel

There is something to surprise and China.

It boasts a long rail tracks can and China. On domestic routes the country, this road is one of the longest. Its length is 4980 km. The train passes this way in just 54 hours. Along the way the trains can meet a huge number of attractions.