Joint significant projects Zhukova and Abramovich

• Zhukova and Abramovich Joint significant projects

"Garage", New Holland and publishing program - remember, that gave us a 10-year-old Union Zhukova and Abramovich.

Joint significant projects Zhukova and Abramovich


Jointly by Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova was held reconstruction of New Holland Island in St. Petersburg: increased park space, and it has launched the cultural program. There are concerts, exhibitions, performances and lectures.

In 2008 he opened the Center for Contemporary Culture "Garage" in Moscow, becoming the first project fund Iris Foundation, which Abramovich and Zhukova established to support and promote the arts. "Garage" quickly became a place of strength and began a major exhibition.

Joint significant projects Zhukova and Abramovich

own collections

The couple raised one of the most impressive - and certainly expensive - collections in the world. In 2013, for example, they have gained about 40 paintings by conceptual artist Ilya Kabakov - a deal estimated at approximately $ 60 million.

Also, in 2008 Abramovich bought for Zhukova paintings of Francis Bacon in the amount of $ 86 million and Lucian Freud paintings for $ 33 million.

issue of the journal

Almost every issue of the magazine of contemporary art GARAGE RUSSIA - event. No wonder: Daria Zhukova uses the best of their connections and influence to do it the most authoritative people in the industry. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, especially for the eighth issue has sent a series of shots, "Good girls do not ..." - by the way, that graced the cover of one of the most popular current models Kendall Jenner. In addition to the big names of readers the magazine attracts an innovative approach to content. For example, in one of the rooms with the help of a special application could "revive" Garage page and to examine in detail the virtual sculpture by Jeff Koons or download exclusive filter in Snapchat, scanning the code on the cover. The magazine is a hand photographers from around the world (Benjamin Lennox, Willie Vanderperre), as well as the well-known models (Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger), designers (Kristan Louboutin, Olivier Rust), artists, actors, and others.

Joint significant projects Zhukova and Abramovich


Along with the publishing house Ad Marginem Museum "Garage" has launched a publishing program of contemporary art, photography, architecture, theater, cinema and new media theory, and publishing research on the basis of its own archive.

Collection "Garage" is enriched thanks to Aidan gifts Salakhova, Irina Meglinskaya and others - archives galleries XL and "School", working materials L-gallery the first half of the 1990s and the electronic archive Paperworks exhibitions. At the disposal of the museum is the collection of regular Russian press 1907-1927 period.