How to dry your clothes after washing

• How to dry your clothes after washing

Laundry has become much easier with the help of more modern washing machines, but you still have to pull clothes out of cars, and hang it out to dry. This process may seem simple, but it has its own quirks. These tips will help you to keep linen fresh and flavorful. Also, clothes will dry faster, and offered advice will save it from unwanted damage.

1. Properly hang wash things.

How to dry your clothes after washing

If you hang the washed clothes on a rack for drying clothes, it is best to hang the big things on top and small bottom. It's not the size, but the air circulation. The more free space on your desk, the faster the dry clothes.

2. Shake things.

How to dry your clothes after washing

As soon as you remove everything from the washing machine, shake every thing before you hang to dry. This is especially true of jeans, because during drying, the material can become hard and smooth it will be difficult.

3. A breeze to help.

How to dry your clothes after washing

It is advisable to hang your laundry, where a slight breeze blowing or have a draft. You can, for example, hang a clothesline in the yard, though, and a balcony with a window slightly open will come up. So they will dry faster.

However, this idea is no good for things made of wool as the wool itself is quite heavy and the water that was left in it after washing, can stretch a thing if it is hanging on the rope. Ideally woolen things better lay out to dry on a flat surface. They will dry longer, but not spoiled. For example, you can lay on the floor oilcloth and put her things.

4. Hang the entire length.

How to dry your clothes after washing

If you had washed a lot of shirts, dresses and pants are best to hang them out to dry on a hanger. There are 2 reasons for this:

* They dry faster than on a rack for drying clothes or clothesline.

* Wrinkles smoothed, things will be easier to iron, and you will save a lot of time.

5. Do not dry things on batteries and heaters.

How to dry your clothes after washing

Yes, because they will dry faster, but the problem lies elsewhere.

If a strong direct heating clothes may eventually spoil, since the strength of the filaments which make up the fabric, it is weakened.

In addition, this method of drying causes problems with the humidity in the room. Over time, due to dampness in the house mold can occur.

6. Hang wash things as soon as possible.

How to dry your clothes after washing

Do not leave your wash things in a washing machine for a long time.

If things are in the washing machine more than an hour, unpleasant odor appears. Even after drying, the smell permeated all the things.

The fast drying things will avoid many problems, including the difficult ironing heavily crumpled clothes, tight jeans, and, last but not least, the need to re-wash to get rid of the unpleasant smell of dampness that soaked clothing.