David Haye: biography and career

David Haye (its weight in 2008 was 105 kilograms) - the former world champion, an English professional boxer. Prize-winner of numerous tournaments and matches. He served in the category heavyweight. Boxer was considered one of the strongest in the world.


David Haye was born on 13.10.1980 in London. The boy was the second child, was born in the family. There have been three. Since childhood, David was pugnacious, this was due to living in a bad neighborhood. Therefore Haye soon became interested in martial arts. David was an idol Bruce Lee. Parents, Deron and Jane, his son kept the passion for the sport.

David Haye: biography and career

Start boxing career

David started boxing at 10 years of age. At first he was in the amateur category. In 1999, David's weight was 81 kg. Boxer made in Houston at the amateur championship, but lost in the first match. In the heavyweight category, David joined in 2001, he was able to win silver at the World Cup in Northern Ireland. The bout took place in Belfast.

Category professionals

In the category of professionals in the debut of David took place in 2002, when he defeated the English in the ring rival Tony Butoma. After that Hay had ten fights in a row, all won. Boxer won a victory even in the most difficult situations. In the fall of 2004 Hay stepped into the ring against Carl Thompson. But the battle ended losing David. It was the first major defeat in the professional category.

David Haye: biography and career

In late 2004, David Haye decided to regain the championship and had just four winning fight. In 2005, he defeated Alexander Gurov, the European champion in the first round. 2007 was quite difficult for David. He had three times to challenge the champion title. In November Haye fought Mormeck. This fight was one of the most difficult and heavy for David. But he was able to stay on his feet, not succumbing to the onslaught of the enemy.

Category heavyweight

In 2008, he took another significant fight with Enzo Maccarinelli. David sent the opponent in a knockout in the second round. After this victory, Haye decided to go in a new category - heavyweight. In 2008, the boxer is very lucrative contract was offered.

In the category of heavyweight champion David Haye won the WBA title. At this time, the boxer stepped into the ring against the famous Valuev. David was voted the winner by the judges unanimously. In July 2011, Hay had a fight with Wladimir Klitschko and lost him. And soon he announced that he had decided to complete the boxing career.

Leaving the box and return

But it took only a few months old, and David was back in the ring. He did not give rest to the titles of the Klitschko brothers. They became his goal. But after the break, David Haye had to first climb in the rankings. Restore the boxing license athlete was only in the spring of 2012. When it took the fight with Derek Chisora ​​a few months. The bout was held in London.

David Haye: biography and career

The cause of the fight was a press conference at which Chisora ​​behaved quite scandalously. After the event occurred, and the first fight between David and Derek. Haye has always treated his opponents with respect, although it was considered a bit of a provocateur, and Chisora ​​was known for his constant scandalous.

As a result, during an official match intensity he reached unprecedented limits. The battle took place in the open air, and the boxers fighting in the rain. Bad weather is not dispersed crowd of thousands who watched the other players. David was great for its precision attacks, high-speed attacks and serial.

Chisora ​​could not resist the opponent, and after a series of very severe side impacts could not rise. David sent the opponent in a controversial technical knockout. It was one of the most significant and spectacular champion wins.


David Haye (professional boxer) married a childhood friend, Natasha. In 2008, the couple had a son Cassius. After three years in the media it was reported that Natasha left her husband because of his infidelity with Amy Buck, a former stripper.