The history of the death of the football club "Pakhtakor"

The collision of two passenger liners, which were silent until recently. Even relatives were informed about the tragedy until the next day.

The history of the death of the football club

The worst disaster in the history of Soviet aviation and football occurred in the sky over Dneprodzerzhinsk August 11, 1979. On this day, we faced two passenger aircraft, "Pakhtakor" football club flew one of which is almost at full strength. 178 dead, dozens of families who lost their loved ones, more than 30 years, classified as "Confidential".


Saturday, August 11. Tashkent. Early morning. 14 players, the second coach, doctor and administrator come to the airport to fly out of the game with Minsk "Dynamo". All dressed up easily, according to the weather, but the striker Vladimir Fedorov insulated.

- What are you doing this?

- Yes, wife gathered, said in Minsk cold.

Tu-154 of airline "Aeroflot" takes off at 11:30, without delay, of the Tashkent airport. For 20 minutes before Chelyabinsk started another Tu-134, which was directed to Kishinev.

The history of the death of the football club

At this time, in the Kharkov RC EU ATC controllers on shift was a team led by Sergey Sergeev leadership. Along with him were on duty Sumy Vladimir and Nikolai Zhukovsky. Work experience was only the last 2, 5 months. Until now, and it remains unclear why the flight was told to supervise intern. More experienced staff - Sumy - mandated to monitor it. Why Sergeev he did not do it - remains a mystery. And local dispatchers almost every day had to watch at the same time dozens of aircraft - the item was characterized by high intensity of flights.

is not calculated

Young manager has calculated that the ships should disperse in the sky - they will be one and the same point with a difference of three minutes. In fact, the crew was less than 60 seconds. Both aircraft climbed to an altitude of 8400 meters and at speeds under 800 km / h raced toward each other. For a couple of minutes before the tragedy Sumy rechecked calculations trainee and froze. Manager to take control over and shouted to the crew of a Tu urgently raised. He answered in the affirmative, Sumy exhaled. Only a few minutes later, he realized that "adopted" say the wrong side - the height of me not to "carcass", and IL-62, which received an urgent signal error.

The history of the death of the football club


Villagers Kurilovka that day celebrated the wedding. Directly during a feast from the sky fell down "black city". It is only later people to understand what is literally on them, as well as at a distance of hundreds of meters from them scattered wreckage of planes, the remains of people fell, torn to shreds things. Red carpet of one of the ships hung on wires. Rescue was already certain.

According to rumors, some eyewitnesses have died of a broken heart. Now Kurilovka stands an obelisk in memory of the victims of the disaster.

The history of the death of the football club


collision and the first news of

It is still likely to encounter two versions. According to one of these ships crashed head-on. The second states that the Chelyabinsk wing aircraft crashed into the tail part of Tashkent.

The second appeared in connection with what is supposed to be the pilots could see the board, rushing at them, but in the instant before the tragedy. Finally disperse in the sky at the moment they actually did not have a chance.

The history of the death of the football club

As recalled later, law enforcement officers, on the places where the debris fell in a matter of minutes there were looters. They searched for survivors of things and parts of aircraft. Many, on the contrary, realizing what had happened, fell to his knees and began to pray.

Relatives of athletes learned about the incident is not immediately.

- August 12 to our pension arrived unexpectedly employee of the State Committee of Uzbekistan. He said that there was a nuisance: during dinner the whole team allegedly poisoned by something and went to the hospital - recalls the widow of Vladimir Makarova, Alla. She felt that something was wrong, once on board with other relatives players. 'Twas the truth was found out after arrival.

"This is all Brezhnev" bought "

The collision of two airliners was recorded at 13:35. On the same day in Moscow, at the stadium named after Lenin, the Soviet Union took place Cup Football. At the end of the game the fans following weak for a while: went to the rumor that "Pakhtakor" crashed at full strength.

Rumors have reached the point that at the exit from the stadium, many were convinced - the height cleared for Leonid Brezhnev. Ostensibly he was headed either to the Crimea, or out of it. Therefore, none of the sides have not started up to a height of 10,000 meters.

On that day, really one of the high-ranking party members made the ill-fated flight and cleared 10 thousand for it. According to one version, this secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, on the other - the head of the Mongolian communists, heading to Crimea just to Brezhnev.

The history of the death of the football club

The bad omens, or the other way around

After the plane crashes often it turns out that some passengers missed the fatal flight by chance: one forgot the keys of the second car clipped on the way to the airport, the third call from work and asked to return. Furious passengers run into the terminal and waving liner hand - well, they could not wait any longer, and so kept till the last flight. An hour passed, two, three, and then the news people recognize that drove nasty, horrible traffic jams or bore-chief, unwittingly, saved their lives.

In the case of "Pakhtakor" was the other way around. On board climbed even those who did not have to fly that day or all missed the match in Minsk.

The youngest athlete, 18-year-old Sirozhiddin Bazarov, had to be present in the capital of Belarus on the eve of - along with all the redundant staff. But the young man's father flew, the athlete was late to board. Therefore, they made an exception and took along with the basis for it. Another footballer - Michael Ahn - did not have to do to fly to Minsk. The fact that the young man was injured in the previous match. He came to the airport to spend their comrades. But he was persuaded to fly for their support.

The history of the death of the football club

USSR Championship in football (Premier League). Match "Dinamo" (Moscow) - "Pakhtakor" (Tashkent). 1978. Far right: Michael Ahn.

However, a few people on board still have not got. Anatoly Grave, for example, are not timed to the airport. In its place, I remember how close athletes, and found An.

One of the team of masseurs - Anatoly Dvornikov - celebrating a birthday. Among the guests was a journalist Oleg Yakubov. The apartment was close to the airport, the men decided that in the morning with just reach the aircraft. But sat up and slept. Senior Oleg Bazilevich coach for family reasons, flew to Minsk earlier than all other players.

The funeral of

Athletes were buried in a closed casket 17 August. Soviet media had virtually no coverage of the incident for a long time. A week after the tragedy left a note on the last page of one of the sports newspapers, which only a couple of proposals contained what was a tragedy and broke the team. The newspaper of the Central Committee Communist Party of Uzbekistan "Pravda Vostoka" write a small obituary for three days before the funeral.

However, at a farewell ceremony attended by all party leaders of Uzbekistan. First memorial service held at Tashkent airport, then carried the coffins through the streets. Almost all the residents came to hold players in the last journey. Players who predicted the championship of the USSR, was buried in the graveyard Botkin.

The history of the death of the football club

Monument to the players of the football team "Pakhtakor", who died in a plane crash August 11, 1979. Botkin Cemetery in Tashkent.

The game after the funeral,

Sports Committee of the USSR in the early days after the death of the players rushed to collect a new command. So how to find the right level in Uzbekistan players found it impossible, appealed to all Soviet clubs. On the Cry reacted promptly to many athletes, among whom were the players of CSKA, "Spartak", "Torpedo", "Chernomorets" ...

The first match of the new "Pakhtakor" took place on August 23rd. They were playing against Yerevan "Ararat". The game ended with the score 3: 1 in favor of the hosts.

The court and the sentence

Proceedings of the causes of the crash lasted for nine months. The defendants in the case were Sumy and Zhukovsky. Why Sergeev did not figure it did not become clear even after three decades.

The basic version of the incident and remained dispatchers error. They were sentenced to 15 years in a penal colony. Sumy released after 6 and a half years for good behavior. Nikolai Zhukovsky, according to rumors, had committed suicide in prison.