Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Outstanding Mexican artist Diego Rivera was famous not only for its brilliant talent muralista, political views, but stormy love affairs, which is still legendary. Enveloping women with its unusual charm, Diego literally devoured them with his stormy passion. Many of his "victims" were talented secular divas who have been successful with their talents, and had a fairly well-known names.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera.

The very same Diego Rivera was clumsy, huge and thick, with bulging eyes and swollen eyelids. Handsome it could not be called. But women had always adored. He won their inner magnetism and wild passion that it just raged and destroyed women's hearts.

And Diego is often portrayed himself as a bellied frog with someone's heart in his hand. And once he admitted: "The more I love women, the more I want to make them suffer." That's what was nicknamed the temperamental Mexican "man-eater" for its Parisian artist friends Picasso, Reyes, Modigliani, writer Ilya Ehrenburg.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Self-portrait. Author: Diego Rivera.

In his creative work as Diego admired the beautiful women, comparing them with white calla lilies - "graceful, fragrant, breathing fresh sunny morning." Reverent attitude to this flower with the skill he splashed on his pictorial creations. A huge bouquet of white calla lilies, he emphasized dark skin temperamental Mexican women and exquisite beauty socialite. At his canvases as if they were buried in huge buds charming color.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Callas. Author: Diego Rivera.

Angelina Belova - the first wife of Rivera

The first marriage of the young Mexican Diego Rivera was signed by a passionate love with a Russian artist Angelina Belova in 1911. "She gave me everything a woman can give a man. In turn, got me all the suffering that man can cause a woman." Their relationship was filled with passion, wild with jealousy, despair and even fights. They had a son, who died of influenza in 1918. As a result, the couple separated, but continued to love Angelina Diego life.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Angelina Belova. Author: Diego Rivera.

While living in Paris, she wanted to go to Mexico. It is too strongly influenced by her Rivera. In the letters, she often wrote her ex-husband, now Diego - its god, Mexico - her birthplace, and Spanish - her native tongue. And 45-year old Angelina is still moved to Mexico, and lived there until his death. And once, when they accidentally met in Mexico City, Diego made an appearance - if he did not recognize her ...

Maria Vorobyova-Stebelskaya nicknamed "Marevna"

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Maria Vorobyova-Stebelskaya (Marevna). Self-portrait. (1929)

While still being married to Angelina, the hot Mexican charmed another Russian artist nicknamed Marevna that 19-year-old beauty came up with Maxim Gorky at the meeting in Capri in honor of the fabulous sea princess. "No one will never be such a name, be proud and to justify it. But do not go to Paris, there you Eel "- then said the young writer young artist.

But Paris was then the mysterious, full of legends and amazing stories, which were created by his contemporaries. And all this could not fail to captivate a young girl. She plunged into the bohemian life of the French capital. Falling in love with a young Marevna Rivera almost immediately his "sacrifice" the pressure and passion. And when the artist realized that there is no moral prohibitions for mad Diego, she gave up. And in his memoirs later he wrote: "I feel a strange attraction to this unusual man, which combines the power of genius and the weakness of the child."

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Marika Rivera - Diego's daughter.

And a year after the death of his son Diego, in Marevny from a daughter named Marika, who later became well-known actress and dancer. But his father in humans has never recognized the girl daughter. The reason for this was a mad jealousy Picasso loved to tease each other, and patting rounded belly of Mary saying: "It is not yours - it's mine." The hard enraged Mexicans.

Soon Diego throws a mistress with a child and went to his home, where he decided to start a new life. In memory of himself Marevna it leaves a "fantastic bunch of passions," which had everything: extravagant love, insults, wild jealousy. It was he - a scar on his neck from the knife.

"He has never been constant in their actions, drawn by lust and passion for women - will write later Marevna - even from the Communist Party, he twice went, returning there with a letter of repentance."

Guadalupe Marín - the second wife of Rivera

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Guadalupe Marín. (1938). Author: Diego Rivera.

After returning to Mexico, Rivera, inspired by the changes that have occurred in the country after the revolution, it comes into the Mexican Communist Party. And he starts to work on his monumental works, which later became known as Moore. And in 1922 he officially married a second time on the Guadalupe Marin, known model and writer. Diego was kindled passion for beauty stalwart Lupe Mexican woman, soon became the mother of his two daughters. But in 1928 and the marriage was dissolved. With that Guadalupe has not been able to accept, and for many more years resembled itself Diego and his next wife.

Diego and Frida Kahlo: the marriage of an elephant and a dove

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

By 1929, 43-year-old Diego met the woman of his home life - 22-year-old Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Neither one of my favorite female Rivera was not as close as the spiritually with her.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo. Self-portrait.

His pigeon was not similar "to any of the women he knew so far. None at Angelina with her pale, luminous inner light of the person of Slav nor impulsive Marevna nor sensual, unrestrained Lupe Marin. It's the girl from the space race Vasconcelos, and something she looks like a very Diego: it fancifully combined light-hearted fun of Indians and mestizos sorrow, and everything mixed with Jewish restlessness, and sensuality, which she inherited from her father. " All these advantages of the young Frida and Diego attracted to it like a magnet.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Portrait of Christina. (1928). Author: Frida Kahlo.

In 1939 there was a divorce because of the intimate relationship with his sister Frida Diego - Christina. After the betrayal of her husband, she decided, that also has the right to love interests. And one of these interests was Leon Trotsky, who settled in Mexico with his wife in 1937.

But already in 1940 with Frida Diego again married. Diego himself begged his wife to go home, agreeing to any terms. And it has put forward the requirement to sign the marriage contract, which has been provided a complete rejection of sexual relations between spouses.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Diego and Frida. Author: Frida Kahlo.

In the couple had no children, Frida two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Together with Diego they have lived for twenty-five years.

Diego Rivera and María Félix - Mexican legend

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Maria Felix.

Maria Felix - known Mexican actress called "Eater of men's hearts." Men, being close to her, to lose his head. Diego Rivera was passionately in love with an actress, and wrote many of her portraits. It was rumored that they were lovers. And Frida herself asked Mary to marry Diego after her death.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Maria Felix. Author: Diego Rivera.

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Maria Felix. Author: Diego Rivera.

Emma Hurtado - last wife Rivera

Loves of Mexican artist Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera y Emma Hurtado.

After the death of Frida Diego soon married again. His choice was the mistress of the art salon Emma Hurtado.

Throughout his life, Rivera remained irrepressible macho and ladies' man, changing all his wives with lovers, who gave birth to his illegitimate children.