"Grandeur, which has turned to dust" or more previously beautiful places that are now reminiscent of the desert

Prosperity - a very relative thing, today it is, and tomorrow it is not. The greatness of some cities, many people will be remembered for centuries, exactly the same as their demise. Today, our dear readers, we'll delve into the history of previous beautiful and very colorful city, which at the moment have become deserted.

"Golden" Bodie, California

This town is the most popular destination for tourists as well as the most famous desert town in the US. In a period of prosperity for more than 10 000 people were living in the California town. He was named in honor of William Bodie, the first settler, who found gold near Mono Lake. Immediately after his reassuring find streams eager to find gold from all parts of America began to flock to the city, which led to the rapid development of it by the beginning of 1801 year. But after 80 years of life in the town has changed dramatically for the worse.

It began to occur frequently murder, robbery and various robberies. Occurred in 1892, a fire that destroyed almost the entire business district, forced people to collect their belongings and leave the city. Exactly 40 years later, there was another terrible fire that destroyed almost all of what was left in the city. By 1940, the ninth year Bodie became a "ghost", and in 1962 was converted into a State Historical Park, making it the historical center of California. Today in satisfactory condition remained a small part of the previously prosperous town, but tourists still pleased with his visit.

"Ore" Kennikot, Alaska

Kennikot - another abandoned and neglected inhabitants of a city in Alaska. In good times, it was mined ore, and because of this, the town flourished. From 1911 to 1938, the corporation "Kennecott Copper", which existed in the city, treated with copper, worth about $ 200 million. The company consists of two plant. In one area the miners mined ore from the rock, and the other - mined ore processed and transported.

At the time of flourishing businesses in Kennikote lived at least 600 people. Kennecott can without exaggeration be called self-sufficient and prosperous city, which boasted its own hospital, not one store, a school, a skating rink, as well as an excellent tennis court and even its own dairy. Not bad for a small town in Alaska, is not it? But, unfortunately, high-grade ore mining start is greatly reduced by the end of the twenties.

The costs grew and profits, on the contrary, sharply decreased, which led to the closure of the enterprise. This event occurred in 1938. Today Kennikot is an official National Historic District. This city is a popular tourist destination, and a visit to this sight often include walking tours routes.

Glenroy, New Mexico / Texas

On the border of Texas and New Mexico is another ghost town called Glenroy. At the time, he was part of the famous Route 66, and is frequently stopped travelers to relax in one of the motels, which characterize the city. In addition, the travel in this town had a gas station, a bar and a couple of decent nightclubs, as they say, "all for the tourists." Glenroy before was a thriving, happy with their lives railroad town, but when the movement of trains beginning to fade due to the opening of the famous Route 66, a local business retrained on passing vehicles service.

active development period Glenroy accounts for 1930 - 1950. But as we noted earlier in this article, all come to an end, and for Glenroy also ended in a blessed period of development. This happened in 1975. Now many city buildings are abandoned, and most of them will not be restored. Glenroy on the National Register of Historic Places, and now the lot ghost town - to entertain their dismal view of tourists from around the world.

Taynhem, England

In a small English Taynhem village, whose inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture and fishing, everything began to change dramatically when World War II began. While no one particularly cared about the ordinary people, and from the village Taynhem decided to make a shooting range. All the people kicked out, before a beautiful village became a place of fighting, in which no one ever returned. Now Taynhem still used as weapons complex, which belongs to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

Since 1968, every village also "kept under lock and key", but access to the local beach holidays yet opened. Small school rebuilt in 1994, and "Tyneham" known farm - in 2008. It is not an entertainment village, a tourist spot, but given the access to the beach and beautiful nature close to him, Taynhem fully considered "dead city" will never happen.