Argentine Atlantis

• The Argentine Atlantis

In 20-ies of the last century on the banks of Lake Epekuen Argentina resort town it was built. Unique therapeutic properties of the reservoir attracted to its shores from around the world thousands of wishing to improve their health and relax. The resort flourished for half a century, until in 1985 he was not submerged.

Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis

Epekuen Lake is located 600 kilometers south-west of Buenos Aires. Other mountain lakes of different salinity levels of the pond. The concentration of salt in it ten times higher than in the ocean. The lake is the second in the world after the salinity of the Dead Sea. Salt and minerals contained in the water, improves skin condition, relieves depression, treat rheumatism, anemia and diabetes. Of all its medicinal properties known since ancient times, but next to the lake was not an appropriate infrastructure, so those who want to heal, had to sacrifice comfort, nestling on the banks brought in a tent.

The concentration of salt in a lake is ten times higher than in the ocean.

Gradually, by the lake rose a small village, and the fame of his "magical" effect, even reaching as far as Europe. Deaf village began to turn into a tourist resort: everywhere built motels, hotels and shops. To the town extended a railway line connecting with Buenos Aires.

Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis

For a long time the city's main problem was the lack of fresh water. To give it the city, it was decided to build near the reservoir.

Along with the development of transport links it provided a steady stream of tourists. For residents of South America for a vacation on the waters Villa Epekuen become a tradition, which was picked up and soon wealthy Europeans. By the 1960s, the resort took a year 25 000 tourists. The population of the city reached a historical peak in 1970, when there were more than 5,000 inhabitants.

Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis

In 1978, in hydraulic system failure were found, due to which the water splashed out and flooded the beaches. To solve the problem, it was decided to make water discharge from Epekuen to irrigation fields and strengthen the dam shore resort.

Argentine Atlantis


Argentine Atlantis

In November 1985 a clear change of weather incessant rains. Under the pressure of the water dam broke down and there was a breakthrough. Water flooded the city, and for a couple of weeks, its level increased by two meters. Residents had no choice but to leave the city that every day leaving more and more under water.

By 1993 Villa Epekuen located at a depth of 10 meters under water.

In the 2000s, the water began to recede. First the roofs of houses, and soon the whole street. Vynurnuvshiysya of city water is a continuous ruins, resembling not the echo of the war, are the apocalypse.

Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis Argentine Atlantis

Despite the fact that from the city leaving only a pile of stones and fragments of walls and roofs, among the former residents of Villa Epekuen there were those who wanted to return. In 2011, the 81-year-old Pablo Novak was the only inhabitant of the ghost town.