"Pirates of the Caribbean" have decided to restart without Johnny Depp

• "Pirates of the Caribbean" have decided to restart without Johnny Depp

Since the days of the first part of "Pirates of the Caribbean" 15 years ago, Johnny Depp has become a real hallmark films. Since the fifth of the series did not live up to expectations of Disney, management has decided to restart the franchise with new writers and cast. Jack Sparrow played by Johnny, we do not see anymore.

Recently, Disney Studios has announced the restart of "Pirates of the Caribbean". Since the fifth part of the series ( "Dead men tell no tales"), released last year, did not have the expected success or at the box office or on responses of audiences and critics, the management decided - it's time to change.

The author of the original script of the first installment in the franchise, Stuart Beattie, has officially announced that the film will not be restarted participate Johnny Depp. "I think he coped well. He made the character recognizable around the world. Children all over the world adore Depp as Jack Sparrow."

"It was great for him, it was great for us, and so I'm happy. I think Jack Sparrow will be his legacy. This is the only character that he played five times, is a character in a suit which he dressed up to visit children in hospitals - is something for which he will remember, "- says Beatty. Johnny Depp really stick with the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and fans could not imagine anyone else in his place. In the photo - Johnny visits sick children in Sparrow costume.

In the last four years, 55-year-old Johnny is going through hard times. In addition to the history of beating his ex-wife Amber Heard, he nearly went bankrupt, and his bodyguards was served on him in court for non-payment of severance package.

As for the restart of "Pirates" without Johnny Depp, the writers of the new franchise can become Rhett Reeves and Paul Wernick, gave us a "Welcome to Zombilend", "Live" and both parts of "Deadpool". A series of films about pirates brought Disney more than four billion dollars, so the studio decided to breathe new life into them.

Screenwriter Stuart Beattie commented: "I hope they (Rhett Reeves and Paul Wernick) will bring a lot of great comedy moments I laughed with the most titles start looking." Deadpool ", so I'm a big fan of these guys, and I hope that they will do something something really special. "