Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

In the northern capital, there are 11 low-cost fitness clubs network Alex Fitness (St. Petersburg), reviews of which left a lot, but the bulk of them can be reduced to the following "common denominator." Of the merits of people celebrated a perfectly acceptable set of simulators with such a cheap club card and generally a relatively low level of fitness club. Of the drawbacks - poor quality living conditions, frequent broken installation, sometimes customers complain about not very adequate coaching staff, which is not always showing the support and friendliness.

Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

The club holds individual and group training, sports sections, there is an opportunity to engage in small groups. The premises are equipped with locker rooms with showers. On shares conducted by the club, you can buy a card for 14 months for only 7000 rubles. It is very inexpensive. Two Alex Fitness Club in St. Petersburg are equipped with swimming pools: in Kudrovo and Ushinsky.

Reviews of employees

Alex Fitness in St. Petersburg as part of a large network of clubs throughout Russia and abroad, could form itself are different views to work and work people there. On the positive side the staff noticed white wages and free classes at the club. A great disadvantage is related to frames. According to former employees, the company previously valued managers, are now very elevated level of sales, and if the plan is not fulfilled, the managers simply thrown out, and employees do not stay, do not value them, take the new, the old easy to separate. Another of the negative aspects noted that the new club opens, and make money at the expense of trying them old, are not funded, the money they do not invest, old equipment, repairs are not made. But there are also positive feedback from employees Alex Fitness in St. Petersburg, who characterized the work of the club as usual, in a nice team, without any extra duties, but without any incentives. Some of the disadvantages noted the hard work physically, it concerns professions working skills.

Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments


The average salary at the club is about 33 thousand rubles per month. Currently a full-time instructor required group and water programs, coaches in swimming and water polo, gym instructor.

Wanted administrators, cashiers, sales manager at a fitness club, an administrator at the reception, as well as designer.

Among current vacancies Alex Fitness in St. Petersburg, there are technical - the clubs of the northern capital required techniques for ventilation and air conditioning, as well as techniques for building maintenance.

Opened set at positions such as personal driver of the first persons of the company (with own car), Head of Marketing and Advertising and accountant payroll.

In Bogatyrsky

Alex Fitness club in St. Petersburg, at Bogatyrskiy pr.,. 7, Bldg. 1, covers an area of ​​1400 sq. meters. It comes equipped with a gym, there are areas of aerobic training and boxing, as well as Finnish sauna.

On Veterans

This club is located at the Veterans Avenue, d. 114, r. 4, lit.. A. Its area is 1500 sq. M. On weekdays it runs from 7 to 24, in output - from 9 to 22 hours. According to the reviews of this club, the main advantage of customers find affordable price. Among the shortcomings - a large number of people in the evening on the strength exercises, lack of daily group sessions. Customers are advised in advance to come to the group sessions, to standing in the hall by the door, be prepared to come in and take the place of the first. In addition, the review found complaints about the fact that sometimes do not have enough sports equipment - eights and bodibarov. With lockers deficit is not observed, but it must come with their snaps. each hire costs 50 rubles. Of course, we should not forget what the cost of the subscription, so many of the shortcomings should simply be ignored.


Club in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg is located at Kudrovo Str. Leningrad, 1. Alex Fitness Schedule in St. Petersburg in Kudrovo similar to the other, he is just beginning to work not from 7am on weekdays, and from 6:30 am. He closed from Monday to Friday at 24:00, and on weekends from 9:00 to 22:00. Of the benefits noted a large number of simulators, an excellent choice of group classes, professional trainers. The disadvantages of the visitors carried overcrowding wishing to work out. Kudrovsky Alex Fitness club with swimming pool in St. Petersburg occupies an area of ​​8000 meters. Among other things, there is a children's room with 3-7 years, as well as cosmetology and massage parlor.

On the work of the clubs go very different opinions, but it is very nice to speak. This is particularly true of the staff, who all said and explained in great detail and lucidly. It is very convenient that the certificate for the pool are available directly here at the club.

Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

Those who are engaged in Alex Fitness in St. Petersburg in Kudrovo, note also the following advantages: a large room with a wide range of simulators and bars, a variety of training, including boxing and hockey (there is an ice field), many users are happy with a large swimming pool. This is a big plus for a fitness club. additional advantages: low prices, frequent promotions, which can be bought for 9,900 rubles annual unlimited subscription. This is a very low price compared to other similar establishments. Customers are also very satisfied with a soft steam bath and solarium, and hours before midnight are very convenient for those who work long hours. Clients are impressed by the atmosphere - friendly staff work here love their job.


The club is located at the transport lane., D. 1, TC "Platform". His clients say that it fully complies with the subscription cost. Of the merits of people notice the proximity to the metro, the presence of almost all the necessary simulators, but many reviews have expressed wishes to replace a functional equipment.

Among the shortcomings noted a large number of visitors, unpleasant odor in the sauna and the frequent lack of parking spaces. In addition, customers tell us that there are cases of broken shower, and the water comes irregularly - hot often gives way to cold.

Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

The club is open weekdays from 7 am to midnight, on weekends from 9 to 22.


Fitness club in the Central District of St. Petersburg (Nevsky pr., D. 114-116, letter A). Schedule Alex Fitness Neva in St. Petersburg is the same as that of other chain clubs: weekdays - 7: 00-24: 00, Saturday and Sunday - from 9 am to 10 pm. Area institutions - 2000 square meters. m. In the opinion of the club, working here is very attentive and friendly staff. A lot of people, but there is absolutely all the necessary equipment. Coaches are ready to give advice, and does not require money, and the club atmosphere is very "charges" and has a high-quality training. Of the benefits noted the convenient schedule, a large gym, a good combination of price and quality. The convenient location - just one minute from the metro station "Ploshchad Rebellion".


Fitness club in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, pr. Engelsa. 124. Schedule similar to other clubs. Area -. 1500 sq m there are kids club ALEX KIDS.


There are two clubs in Kolpino. The first is located on Tverskaya street, d. 58/6. Area institutions - 2000 square meters. m Hours: weekdays from 7 am to 24:00 on Saturday and Sunday - from 9 to 22.. Address of another club Alex Fitness in St. Petersburg in Kolpino Boulevard Workers 16A. He is smaller, it covers an area of ​​1400 square meters, and hours of operation are similar to the previous one.

On Ushinsky

Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

Alex Fitness Club in St. Petersburg on the streets Ushinsky, d. 19, Bldg. 2 is conveniently located - just across the street from the subway "Civil Prospect" in the shopping center on the 3rd floor. Around the complex there is parking, where you can always take place, at the bottom - a mini supermarket where you can buy the most necessary. In the opinion of its users, in it a sufficient amount of strength training equipment and treadmills, but the schedule of aerobic training is not enough variety, and training themselves, according to some customers, it is very small.

Among the shortcomings noted customers are not very friendly coaching staff, broken exercise equipment, dumbbells scattered, untidy appearance of the club due to lack of maintenance. Customers complained about lack of hot water or a very small amount. Locks for lockers need to buy yourself and bring them each time or buy them for $ 100 from the administration. Staff are not always ready to help with questions about the work of the simulators. Users also noted as a lack of paid towels.

Overall Rating Alex Fitness Club in St. Petersburg on Ushinsky three points. Here you can get it to do, if you know your own program, but do not come to flaunt brands on equipment.

Club area of ​​2100 square meters is equipped with a swimming pool. On weekdays institution operates from 6:30 to 24:00, at the weekend - from 9:00 to 22:00.


Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

Vasilevsky Island, 27-line, d. 16A. This club Alex Fitness in St. Petersburg has caused complaints of customers in terms of personnel, who are not always willing to help. The club does not have its parking, users had to find a place in the neighboring houses. For the passage of the club is necessary to enter the closed area of ​​elite buildings, and then take the elevator to the second floor, where the restaurant takes its entire territory. Located in the middle of the manager, and the right and left on the principle of "undershirts" is the area of ​​sport. Customers are advised to clarify the schedule on the day of training - there were cases of unplanned cancellations. Dressing 250 is designed for lockers between which, unfortunately, a very narrow passage. Therefore it is necessary to take into account the fact that people who are willing to go to extreme lockers necessarily hurt you. In this case, the lockers are often busy, and they do not close, we need their castles worth about two hundred rubles. Which is ideal in the club - it's toilet, which shines purity. There are reviews of customers who express surprise some unprofessional trainers. It turns out that there are also lawyers, and specialists in mining. But the fact of obtaining fitness education in their application form is not specified, and it's weird.

Fitness club Alex Fitness, St. Petersburg: photo, services, schedule, location, staff and visitors comments

The club occupies 2000 square meters. There are many reviews about the club and in a positive way concerning a friendly atmosphere in the hall. Special serious disadvantages for a club of this level has not been noticed, but the little things are very many things users would still like to fix. For example, in the club a lot of racetracks, but the quality of the trainers "lame": all of them are average or below average, and moreover, many would like to be more of them. No accessories - hoops, balls, skipping ropes. Towels are also very small. In the hall of poor ventilation. In winter, the room windows open, and very much shines through.

On the positive side clients have noted the demonstration on TV security and a sauna. But ventilation should put in order, as the humidity level is very high, and it is unpleasant. There are also quite good, according to many, dining cafe. Customers really like the classes in a separate room with a wide choice of programs and trainers.


The club is located at the Leninsky Pr., D. 98A, located in Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg. Opening hours of the club: weekdays from 7:00 to 24:00, weekends: from 9: 00-22: 00. Size - 1500 sq. m, has a gym, aerobic training zone and boxing, have paired hammam, locker rooms with showers. The club held group sessions, you can apply for a corporate fitness classes, and can be ordered and personal training. For those who want to do something special there are sports clubs, master classes are held here. Customers have the opportunity to engage in small groups.