Reviews for "Organic Kitchen". Overview of organic cosmetics at an affordable price

Organic Kitchen - branded products from the Russian company Organic Shop. Famous for the fact that develops cosmetics without parabens, fragrances, silicone and synthetic compounds. This means that absolutely all the products are natural, environmentally friendly and helpful. Let's look at the reviews of "Organic Kitchen" and note how the company meets the stated requirements.

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A little bit about the company

Organic Shop - a company from Russia, which stated that manufactures products made of natural herbal ingredients. All components are raised in a safe way, without the use of chemical additives, GMOs. The main feature of the brand is that all products are free of artificial additives, which improve the foamy flavor. This is shown by the numerous certificates issued by organizations worldwide.

Features line

Reviews for "Organic Kitchen" show that it is available products differing inexpensive price, but higher quality. Now there are products for skin around body care products, shampoos and compact. "Organic Kitchen" differs from the standard of cosmetics, because all the shampoos, masks, creams and gels are available in compact plastic jars of 100 milliliters. But let you not afraid of such a small amount, especially when advertising with TV invites us to buy shampoos and gels in a large container. Reviews for "Organic Kitchen" state that such a small jar spent much longer than conventional cosmetics, the quality does not suffer - the container is easy to transport, store and use.

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Hair Care

Reviews for "Organic Kitchen" hair mixed. Consumers (men and women) were divided into two fronts. While some admired economical packaging, while others prefer to throw a new jar, even having spent her. Several reasons for this outrage:

  • A small amount of scares. In comparison with standard tools that are available in a large container (300 and 500 milliliters), line "Organic Kitchen" doubts that the funds are sufficient for the long term. However, judging by the reviews, the girl with long hair (below the shoulder blades) may use 100 milliliters of shampoo for 3-4 weeks because it is necessary to apply a small amount of product. In addition, as stated in the reviews of "Organic Kitchen", shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and oils do not contain parabens, the SLS, artificial fragrances and flavors.
  • Poor foam. We've learned that even a low-cost means to give the hair a rich foam that washed away at least 3-5 minutes. However, this only proves that the producers in an effort to save money, do not use herbal ingredients, and replace them with only parabens and sulfates. In fact, the "Organic Kitchen" gently cleanses the hair, creating a small or foam.
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The consumers have determined that before choosing a remedy for the famous line, you need to determine the condition of the your hair. All products are based on herbal ingredients, so they pushat and perfectly washed hair. However, the only drawback of all the products is the packaging itself. To apply the means necessary to open the lid, scoop up the necessary amount and apply on hair.

Body Care

All creams, scrubs, creams perfumes, shower gels, soaps and oil are also sold in plastic jars (volume 100 ml). Each product contains organic vegetable ingredients grown without GMO and chemical fertilizers that accelerate growth. The company "Organic Shop" states that no matter what you money is not used, you will achieve hydration, cleansing and enrichment of cells of the skin, without parabens and sulfates. However, reviews about creams "Organic Kitchen", intended for the body state that they do not perform the specified function in many cases.

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Facial Treatments

The facial skin is without protection 24 hours a day. It is exposed, and ultraviolet radiation, and sudden changes in temperature. Subsequently, the skin begins to peel, covered with painful peels and acne develops. The line "Organic Kitchen" copes with this task and takes care of sensitive skin, restoring and nourishing cells.

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In the opinion of the "Organic Kitchen" for the face, you can say that all means to moisturize, but it does not clog the pores and cause the appearance of fat. Ideal for combination, oily and dry skin. And an allergic reaction occurs only in the event that any ingredient does not suit you personally.

Skin Care hands and feet

Let's look at the reviews of "Organic Kitchen". Mask, cream, butter, scrubs for the delicate skin of hands and feet are designed to moisturize the horny skin without leaving a greasy feeling and stickiness after application. However, many consumers say that the means for the hands badly dried epidermis, causing flaking and discomfort appears. But it all depends on each person individually. Some can not stand the components that make up the assets, so there is an allergic reaction. The main effect lasts no more than 1-2 hours, but many consumers forget that virtually no cream does not relieve dehydration and dryness. In many cases, it is important to contact a dermatologist, because maybe the body lacks the vitamins and nutrients. In order to avoid negative feedback, it is advised to study the composition of funds, in order to avoid dryness, irritation or redness. All creams, shampoos and masks contain organic components of plants, nuts and fruits, which should be selected individually. In the worst case, this can not be justified as the consumer expectations and declared the quality of the manufacturer.