Liquid Keratin Hair: reviews

Using the services of hairdressers, you probably have heard about keratin hair straightening, or for shampoos with this substance. Many cosmetic companies are now offering products, which includes the most keratin. And here is what it is and whether it really helps, and we'll find out.

Liquid Keratin Hair: reviews

What is keratin?

According to the most different explanations, keratin - a protein is a protein that is part of our skin, hair and nails. Its structure makes it possible to take absolutely any form, as a flexible and strong. Research scientists say that the more keratin in the body, the healthier looking hair, nails firmer, more elastic skin.

The composition of the substance rather complicated. It contains both protein and amino acids and other complex chemicals. But, like all cells, keratin has the ability to die. The result is that there may be a variety of "problems" appearance: hair loss or breakage, nail separation, skin problems. It is for these reasons, cosmetologists all over the world have decided that the care products should contain keratin to replenish its shortage and solve many cosmetic problems.

Liquid Keratin Hair: reviews

The use of keratin in cosmetics

The most common in the world of cosmetics for hair keratin. After all, first of all it is noticeable shortage of them - the hair becomes dull, rigid, they begin to fall, and in general lose their natural appearance. In addition, the loss of keratin influence environmental factors, exposure to sunlight, frequent blow-drying or using rectifiers. Impact on the health of the hair and the condition of the water for washing. Therefore, and we started all well-known companies to produce products that contain this substance in its composition. Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask with keratin, and he himself in pure form - all this can be purchased and used. Only here is whether the effect? To answer this question, we need to understand what tools offers modern cosmetology. After shampoo, too, are different. There are professional shampoos that contain keratin. They are not cheap, are most commonly used in salons. But there are also more budget options, which can be to purchase at any store. In such means keratin bit (as evidenced by the price), but they are available to everyone. However, for such funds have in common that they can not be used very often, and only those who have hair quickly become fat, they are generally not recommended.

Liquid Keratin Hair: reviews

Hair straightening keratin

This procedure may also be called a keratin hair treatment. Thanks to her hair, the assurance of scientists, become shiny, obedient, easy to style and look perfectly healthy. Indeed, in the course of the procedure, each volosiny it receives the missing amount of the protein, thereby contributing to the closure of the pores. Hair after the procedure becomes silky, smooth, get healthy shine. Several such "recovery" - and the hair gradually replenish the necessary nutrients.

Hair keratin is available in pure form, and various cosmetic preparations, characterized by a composition for different types of hair. Therefore, its use is recommended for all who wish to improve their hair, make them beautiful, obedient and shiny.

hair restoration procedure

On assurance specialists, keratin straightening hair - a procedure is harmless and shows everything. For its implementation need to pick up a special keratin apartment complex, which will be suitable for a particular type of hair. With this help you understand your hairdresser, who will advise the necessary medication. Before applying the keratin complex is necessary to wash your hair with a special shampoo, which is open all the scales of the hair to maximize the curing agent has penetrated into its structure.

Next, the drug is applied directly selected. In it, apart from keratin include vitamins and minerals. This drug should be left on the hair to dry, after which small sections of hair are treated utjuzhkom. Thanks to him, all the pores of the hairs close, and keratin hair remains inside.

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple and painless. The result of it at the right choice of the drug can take up to six months. After the treatment procedure the hair is completely different - they do not dry, obedient and very smooth.

Liquid Keratin Hair: reviews

Keratin Hair: user reviews

Since the recovery of keratin hair treatment is gaining popularity, it is to talk about how to describe their experiences and results of users. Opinions here raskhodtsya dramatically. What is the reason of disagreements: low-skilled or low-quality masters of liquid keratin hair - just no one answers. But the negative reviews take place. They point to the fact that the hair after some time after the procedure to become brittle and fall out, and the smell during the procedure leaves a lot to be desired.

Despite assurances from manufacturers that the procedure is safe, real people versed in drug formulations, suggests that some manufacturers add formaldehyde in them. It is known to be very unsafe and harmful substance.

The second group of people are sincerely admire the results of keratin hair treatment and gladly repeat this procedure several times. They utverzhayut that hair really become smooth, shiny and healthy. Do not forget about cosmetics, discreet keratin hair. Reviews of these shampoos, masks and other products are more positive emotions than on keratin complexes. Most people are satisfied with these funds, regardless of the manufacturer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the shampoo and mask is a smaller amount of keratin and he gently revitalizes hair.

Liquid Keratin Hair: reviews


Whatever it was, the decision on the treatment of keratin of the hair should be taken, in consultation with several masters, and after a thorough examination of the hair. Also, do not forget about the necessary care after the procedure - use shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfate. Anyway, the hair keratin takes its position in the world of cosmetic means on care for appearance.