Japanese school uniform as a fashion trend

In any country other than Japan, with awe and respect in the ordinary school uniform. Almost everywhere uniform - it is something annoying, boring and undervalued. But the Japanese were able to bring standard and unremarkable school attire to the level of high-fashion model.

Japanese school uniform is so popular, especially among girls, they wear it and after school and on weekends. And if not her, then clothes, very reminiscent of the style uniforms, and are in no hurry to part with a favorite outfit, even after growing up and graduation.

The similarity with the anime characters

Probably not in the world a man who would not know about the Japanese predilection for the world of hand-drawn animation and desire at any cost to resemble the beloved hero.

Japanese school uniform as a fashion trend

On the streets of Tokyo and other cities and towns everywhere meet the live copy of the famous sailor moon, it is no less famous Sagara Sosuke. Yes, and many other "animated" actors from the anime roam on Human Settlements, showing off their clothes neat. And it's not a superhero cape to shoulder, not dress in kruzhavchikah and concise, but at the same time touchingly sweet Japanese school uniform.

As the sailor replaced the kimono

History forms for schoolchildren in Japan dates back to the post-revolutionary period of Meiji (1871). At this time in the Land of the Rising Sun of the First Ministry of Education it was founded, which immediately began to organize public schools, paying great attention to women's education.

Japanese school uniform as a fashion trend

In traditional kimono girls to go to school was extremely uncomfortable, so they borrowed from men's trousers hakama, several improved their own way. In fact, it was the first Japanese school uniform for girls, although as such uniforms, supporting a single color and a single cut, did not exist.

Some women's schools and gymnasiums left instead of the usual forms of multi-layered kimono.

Fifteen years after the establishment of women's educational institutions of the girls were allowed to attend classes in a European-style dresses. And it was also an important phase of development, which has gone through the Japanese school uniform.

Only in the early 20-ies of the XX century in vogue matrosochki, which sported all the heirs of European noble families. fashion wave on sailors' jackets and blouses has reached Japan. They have become favorite clothing fashionistas school age and almost automatically become a school uniform.

Sailor-fuku - symbol of Japan

Blouse, sailor with a distinctive collar, long sleeves, respectively, and an elegant bow season has not only become the undisputed benchmark for teenage fashion, but also a symbol of the rising sun. For this form guess the country of origin of various cartoon fantasy (Japanese cartoons almost all the goodies dressed in matrosochki).

Japanese school uniform as a fashion trend

Set Japanese school uniform is a shirt with triangle collar, under which there is often silk bow (tie, scarf), and pleated short skirt blue stripes or a cage. That is to say, the foundation. A supplement - dark stockings just above the knee (blue or black, the feast - white) leather light shoes, too modest and dark.

The echoes of Prussian military uniforms

male disciples in Japan matrosok are not - it is a purely female attire. Japanese school uniform for boys found her style thanks to the strict and elegant uniforms of the Prussian officers.

Its name - gakuran - translated as "Western student," and such a uniform spread not only in Japan. Her students are South Korea, and were students of Chinese schools until 1950.

Japanese school uniform as a fashion trend

The form for the guys does not have such a variety of styles, the Japanese school uniform for girls - Sailor-fuku may be light, dark, with scarves of different colors, with blouses, blue or white. The boys all strictly black uniform with a hollow collar as decoration only buttons.

But that is typical of the rich Japan with her non-poor citizens, students receive school uniforms for free.

Can I buy it in Russia?

Japanese School Uniform - is so popular clothing that she would love to wear girls (and boys too) in Russian schools. In principle, the management of many educational institutions there is no objection, if the grammar school or high school does not require compliance with its own dress code. Japan showed the world that ordinary uniforms can be quite chic indicator of a certain fashion trends. And now these unpretentious matrosochki and uniforms became an accomplishment of thousands of boys and girls around the world. And if in Europe with the purchase form in the Japanese style is not a problem, how this in Russia?

Japanese school uniform as a fashion trend

Buy outfit possible, but oddly presented goods from online stores: like the original Japanese School Uniform from China. Pay close attention to the sequence of words: the original, Japanese, Chinese. Funny, is not it? In most cases, online purchases are completed complete disappointment. And in order to obtain an exact copy of sailor fuku, it is easier to sew on their own or to entrust this business experienced dressmaker.