Stamping nail: how to use correctly

Neat and well-groomed manicure pen always stand out against all the image of women. But since most of the modern woman missing resource is time, a visit to the salon is increasingly becoming a problem. In this case it is necessary to think about how to make a beautiful manicure at home with minimal time and effort. For example, you can apply for stamping nail. How to use it, even a child will understand. figure drawing technology is well established and fairly simple. In fact, it is nothing like the transfer of the stamp on the nail plate.

What is a stamping nail: reviews

Modern technology and the continuous development of the nail art make it possible to create real masterpieces. One of these innovations is a stamping nail. How to use it and what tools are needed for this - the priority issues facing the lover of the beautiful and original manicure.

Stamping nail: how to use correctly

This technique makes it possible to apply the drawings on the nail plate. This method differs from the usual paint the nails, since all fingers of the drawing is absolutely identical. Thus, any errors which can be made in the process of drawing a brush, will be excluded. Already, many women have tried stamping technique and content to get the result.

In addition, this technique is quite possible to use even for beginners. Of course, there is a possibility that the first time a clear and uniform pattern on your nails will not work. But after several attempts, you will be able to get quite a good result.

The advantages of this technology

Creating a design with a set of stamping has a number of benefits and advantages:

  • In the first place it should be noted that we should not lose a lot of time to visit the salon.
  • application process itself is simple and easy.
  • A variety of dies makes it possible to do a variety of designs.
  • With these stamps created a very clear picture, the same on each of the nail plate and the color that you prefer.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to do stamping nail gel polish.
Stamping nail: how to use correctly

may not get the result that you were from the first procedure. But for sure we can say that after a few steps, you will easily understand how to use stamping nail nabete hand and fingerprints will all get better and better.

Sets stamping. What are and what it consists of

Standard set for stamping - a scraper stamp. Some kits also include a plate with a variety of patterns and pictures.

Stamping nail: how to use correctly

Scraper, in turn, can be of two types: with an iron insert and without it. Which one will be more convenient for you - it's a question of an individual. Some prefer a scraper with iron insert, because it is better to cleanse the surface of the stamp. But at the same time some of the scrapers with such an insert can leave damage (scratches) on the die surface.

Also, there are bilateral instruments, which on one hand is used as a stamp, and on the other side is a scraper. scrapers also differ in size. There may be small (around 4-5 cm), but the size, in this case should be selected from the personal preferences. Stamp - is the most important tool that is used to make stamping polish. How to use a stamp? The question is simple. The main thing - the right to choose it, to determine the size. For example, for long nails most convenient to use a soft rubber stamp with a rectangular plate. Moreover, with such a shape it is easiest to navigate, as best applied pattern on a nail. If you want to transfer the small drawings and patterns, it is worth paying attention to the seals with small pads.

What to look for when buying a set for stamping

First and foremost when choosing to watch out for the usual fakes. This is especially true of disks and plates. For example, from the firm Konad disks have thousands of fellow poorer quality of Chinese manufacturers. They are made of soft metal, which is why scrapers can easily scratch the surface and damage their own image.

Stamping nail: how to use correctly

Look for logos and a hologram. It is also not the last indicator is the price of the products. Original sets and inserts for die simply can not cost less than 200 rubles.

Preparation to manicure

More and more the hearts of fashionistas wins stamping polish. Reviews about it very positive. However, to make beautiful marigold, is not enough to buy a special kit for this method of nail art. You need to properly prepare the nails and hands. The first step will always be a relaxing bath, cuticle treatment. The nails must first be degreased, and after the applied basecoat.

Stamping Nail: how to use

Photos clearly show that by using the described method it is possible to realize the most daring ideas. Each of us is always looking for fresh ideas nail designs to have a unique style. Therefore, sooner or later we will think about how to make stamping polish. The whole process takes, of course, more time than the conventional coating, but it's worth it. The first step is to apply the base and wait until it dries. Then we can take the disc or plate with patterns and proceed directly to the creation of the stamp. In the chosen pattern on the wafer need to apply a coat of lacquer so that it completely covered the picture. You need to quickly remove the excess with a scraper.

Stamping nail: how to use correctly

Further, it is already possible to take the stamp and attach it to the plate with a pattern. Stamp literally have to hold for 2 seconds, then check whether the whole design is printed. If a picture is all right, quickly putting a stamp to the nail plate. It is important to once again not to move and not to pull a stamp that figure is not lubricated.

After you should wait a while until the pattern is completely dry, and use a finishing fixer.

for stamping Lucky

Once you have purchased a set, you can ponder the question of what is possible to take the nail polish for stamping. And the question here is not only to choose wisely palette. The main thing - to choose the right paint, which will have good toughness, the optimal amount of pigment. Such paints are unlikely to spread dry, or else on the plate. Conventional coatings immediately after the opening of the liquid have a structure that does not dry immediately after application to the plate, but may spread after transferring the pattern on the stamp. After some time, the use of such coatings thicken, not melt, but are beginning to dry up very quickly.

Stamping nail: how to use correctly

It should also pay attention to the design or pattern that you want to apply. If the lines on the plate is very thin, the paint will dry faster. Accordingly, for large and wide design is better to choose nail slightly higher density to drawing is not flowed and not smeared.

What are the plates for stamping

Plates and discs for stamping are also essential tools to create beautiful nail art. If you use poor-quality disc production, will never save a good punch or scraper. With a large number of fakes that can be found in our stores, you can completely give up on the process. However, if you choose a good quality tools, the nail art on your nails will always look memorable.

Stamping nail: how to use correctly

The main parameter that determines that the plate or disc quality, it is the correct engraving pattern. Moreover engraving must be deep across the pattern area, without drops and well filled with varnish. In this lacquer layer must be sufficient so that it is unable to dry in the process of removing excess lacquer, and not be too large so that the varnish did not spread after transfer on the stamp.

The form can be found on the hexagon, round and rectangular plates. Less demand hex drives, because their quality leaves much to be desired. The most prized rectangular slabs from the company MoYou London. They will be pleased with not only excellent quality, but also a large assortment of designs, and fun packaging.

The last advice

When creating nail art with a set should pay attention to the following points for stamping:

  • When selecting plates, pay attention to the length of motives. For medium and short nails enough disks and plates with small patterns. For long nails motifs length should be selected more carefully, since the pattern may be of insufficient size.
  • The choice of varnish is also an important issue if you are going to do stamping polish. How to use lacquer, everyone knows who has ever done a manicure, but there are stamping their secrets of his choice.
  • It is no secret that during the application of the base to the nails may have a variety of holes, where lacquer gets on the skin. Therefore, after applying foundation to do the adjustment and remove such shortcomings. For this approach to floss wound on it a piece of fleece, which is wetted with a liquid nail polish remover.
  • For stamping and other types of nail art is very popular is the fluid that protects the cuticle and skin around the nail from the nail hit on them. Also, it is called a liquid ribbon. Applied to the skin around the nails, and then quickly dries out and turns to plenochki. After the manicure is complete, it can be easily removed.