Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

Věra čáslavská - one of the most successful of the fairer sex who represented his home on the world stage. The famous gymnast, Olympic champion, who was born in Czechoslovakia, during his sports career won 4 silver and 7 gold medals.

A few words about the famous female

This talented woman deservedly carried the title of the best athletes of the entire planet. In 1968, she won second place in the ranking of the most popular members of the fairer sex, giving primacy only Jacqueline Kennedy.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

věra čáslavská born May 3, 1942 in the Czechoslovak capital. At that time the country was in the hands of the Nazis.

Gymnastics věra čáslavská fell in love at an early age. However, due to the difficult situation in the country to start the course the girl was able to only 14 years. Niskolechko but it has not stopped her after only two years to get to a major championship in Moscow, where she attracted the attention of professional trainers. And all this thanks to the outstanding physical data.

Early career

The first years that věra čáslavská Vera dedicated gymnastics, she performed as a member of the Czech Club titled "Slovan". His first silver medal young athlete has won in 18 years, performing at the Olympics in the Italian capital. Shortly thereafter, the gymnast won gold, taking part in the European competitions, which took place in Krakow. And just two years Vera has reached the championship in vaulting at the World Championships. From that moment věra čáslavská has become one of the hottest gymnasts, and her career began to rapidly gain momentum.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

A truly triumphant to the Faith became Olympiad in Tokyo, held in 1964. It was here gymnast managed to overtake on the results of all-round well-known athlete Larissa Latynina. In addition, within the framework of the Olympic Games věra čáslavská Vera also won gold on the balance beam and vaulting, as well as a silver medal in the team competition. From that moment a new leader appeared in a professional gym. Although, in spite of this, with Latynina Vera I was friends for many years. By the way, in Japan the Olympics had a special status as the country wanted to show themselves on the world stage. Perhaps that is why athletes gave good results, have been awarded and other awards. Věra čáslavská was the only woman who presented the highest Japanese mark of distinction - the Order of the Rising Sun and a rare copy of the samurai sword.

Further achievements

On this success did not end gymnasts. So, in 1966 at the Dortmund championship věra čáslavská faith on the basis of all-round could overtake other Soviet celebrity - Natalia Kuchinskaya. It is in these competitions Czechoslovak team managed to win the first USSR national team.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

In the individual all-round, held within the framework of the Mexican Olympic Games in 1968, Vera again won the championship. Her physique was unrivaled. She's pretty sure took the gold medal in the vault, floor exercise and uneven bars, and got silver in the logs.


Throughout the history of women's professional gymnastics only famous Larissa Latynina and Faith věra čáslavská happened twice to win the absolute superiority of the Olympic Games. As for the number of sports titles, the Czechoslovak athlete is second only to the two of Jenny Thompson and Birgit Fischer.

It věra čáslavská is the owner of the largest number of Olympic medals in the history of the Czech Republic. In 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 the gymnast was named the best athlete of Czechoslovakia. Besides it, this recognition did not seek one.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

In the 11 years of career, as follows from its biography, věra čáslavská won 140 medals. Additionally, athlete was awarded a plurality of different ranks.

career End of

Accomplished in 1968 coup radically changed the life of the whole of Czechoslovakia, did not spare it, and gymnast věra čáslavská. At that time, Vera participated in the Mexican Olympics was called into question. In addition, the athlete is on the list of people who signed the manifesto of the Prague Spring, which called for reforms. All those who marked this important document, you had to hide so as not to be subjected to persecution. That is why Faith went to the suburban villa where he stayed alone for several weeks.

But in the end gymnasts still went to Mexico City, where věra čáslavská already won four gold medals. These events were the last in the career of the Faith. Directly in Mexico, she married athlete from Czechoslovakia Josef Odlozhila.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

In 1968 věra čáslavská awarded Best athletes of the entire planet.

After a successful Olympics for her at the awards ceremony fundamental belief at the time of the Soviet anthem turned her head and cocked it. This was seen by the authorities aggressively. Back home, věra čáslavská received a notification banning travel outside the country. In other words, the path to international competition for it was closed. At this point věra čáslavská Vera said goodbye forever to his sports career.

For many years, the gymnast has become a unique symbol of the confrontation between the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union.

Further biography and family

Věra čáslavská the greatest difficulties in their lives faced in heavy for the whole country the seventies. gymnasts family became the sole support for her during this period. Athlete is under constant pressure, he was unemployed and had to draw pictures and to get out in the homes of others for the sake of the earnings. At this point in his personal life věra čáslavská Vera experienced important for any family change: birth of first daughter and then a son married to Odlozhilom. However, the former gymnast, even this could not but rejoice to the full. After all, the rest of her life was like hell. The once famous, successful Faith should conceal his name, and the people who once praised her, began to get her side. The woman is very hard to bear these events. Only in 1975, the athlete finally got the opportunity to work in their specialty, taking the post of coach. After the revolution věra čáslavská life changed radically. Now its activities are fully focused in the public sphere. At this time Vera showered with prestigious proposals: from the Czech diplomat positions and finishing post of the mayor of Prague. As a result, she took the post of chairman of the Czechoslovak and became advisor to Václav Havel.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

In 1993 věra čáslavská was appointed President of the Olympic Committee of the Czech Republic. And two years later he joined the ranks of the IOC. In 2001, she was awarded the title of sports legend in his homeland.

Interesting Facts

Věra čáslavská was one of the most popular women Czechoslovakia for several decades. But in 1993, in the privacy of the gymnasts it was a tragedy: her ex-husband Joseph was killed during a fight with their joint son - Martin. Upon conviction, he received four years in prison, but was soon released on the personal orders of President Vaclav Havel.

However, on this tragedy in the life of faith is not over. After the press pestered věra čáslavská terrible articles and speculation. Mentally, she broke down and came to the clinic in 1998, where the cure took place.

Subsequent decades věra čáslavská practically ceased to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, as well as go to public places. At the clinic, she became dependent on sedatives. After the end of the treatment course Vera went to a nursing home, where she spent the rest of his life.

In recent years,

Morally věra čáslavská regained consciousness only in 2007. During this period she started to appear in public, to communicate with friends and engage in social activities. Recovered gymnast has been actively helping the athletes from the Czech Republic.

Gymnast věra čáslavská - biography, achievements and interesting facts

But in 2015 Vera was faced with a new problem - she was diagnosed with "pancreatic cancer". The disease progressed very quickly. A year later věra čáslavská to explore the Institute of Experimental Medicine, but to help her and could not. It does not become a great gymnast Vera věra čáslavská August 30, 2016. At the time of death she was 74 years old.