Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

On a warm summer day I want to go to the nearest park and spend time with my friends, resting from care. An excellent solution is a novelty in the world of modern technology - giroskuter, reviews which are left by people of different sex and age. The so-called mini-Segway is most often used as an unusual and convenient means of transportation.

Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

What it is

Not all modern people know how much giroskuter and that he does is. This name was given to a new kind of street transport, which is ideal for walks. Outwardly, it looks like a two-wheeled board is not too large, walk with a pair of electric motors on batteries. The driver of the vehicle does not need to have a good vestibular system, which is necessary for the skate and bike, as he mounted the special sensors, to create a balance and enabling a person to maintain balance while moving.

Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated


This unusual form of transport as giroskuter, has more positive reviews, because it really benefits a lot:

  1. Compact and lightweight. Any model giroskutera no problem to replace the bike thanks to the small size and relative ease. It weighs less than 10 kilograms, so the transportation of its public transport or the trunk of your own car will not be a problem.
  2. Speed. Even children giroskuter (for girls and boys) can develop speed which is substantially higher than the speed of a simple pedestrian. A model for the adults will be able to accelerate to 15-17 km / h.
  3. Profitability. Thanks to the rechargeable battery vehicles of this type does not require any fuel, it is enough only to be charged from the mains. Full charge time does not exceed 1, 5 hours, and per kilometer rate is minimal.
  4. Versatility. Giroskuter withstand quite a lot of weight - up to 120 kilograms, and what is its versatility. It is suitable for both children and adults, and most importantly - people of different complexion.
  5. Easy control. To start the movement, do not need to strain your arms and legs, mostly works torso.
  6. An adequate reserve. Two-wheeled platform makes it possible to use it quite a long period of time. Some models work without trouble without charging about 3-4 hours or overcoming distances up to 20-25 kilometers.


In addition to the advantages of this vehicle it has some downsides, though their number is actually much less.

Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

Among them:

  1. The minimum load on the legs. This item will be advantageous only for those who are, and so during the day gets enough load on the legs. But people with a sedentary lifestyle, and it can bring some problems. For example, it will contribute to the emergence of excess weight as horseback giroskutere will replace the need for walking.
  2. The disadvantage of charging. Unfortunately, for this type of transport in the cities have not yet provided a special service stations, so while walking does not work giroskuter charge at least a little, to get home.
  3. Problems on the road. The new vehicle can not guarantee safety on the road, which is intended exclusively for motor vehicles. Move there on giroskutere not only dangerous, but also prohibited the traffic rules.
  4. Limited space. A suitable place for a walk to find not so easy, and even on the road is better not to even try to ride. Even the small pits and the absence of asphalt may contribute to the failure of the new generation of the vehicle.


In order to choose the most suitable model for yourself, you must have at least a general idea of ​​the characteristics of such vehicles as giroskuter. There are both common characteristics and specific for children and adults. Therefore, it is recommended to deal with them carefully.

Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

The main points to consider include:

  1. The diameter of the wheel. This is the first item that is worth paying attention to when choosing giroskutera. The diameter ranges from 3 to 20 inches. Therefore, the larger the wheel, the more powerful and faster the device itself. To place the most appropriate would be the diameter of 6 inches, but in order to overcome major obstacles to be considered options on more than 10 inches. For example, giroskuter Smart Balance (10 inches) has always been a leader and very popular.
  2. Maximum speed. Some of the larger models are able to develop a sufficiently high speed - about 30 km / h. In fact, this figure is very high, so this vehicle can be used when the active walks.
  3. The load capacity. Each has its own limitations giroskuter by weight, but generally the allowable limit load varies between 60-120 kilograms. This factor must be considered when buying the device as selected properly load easily can contribute to rapid wear and breakage.
  4. Power. No less important parameter, which can be found on the basis of data on the weight category of transport and its same speed. If these figures are quite high, and the engine is powerful.
  5. recovery angle. This feature is only more, since not all people aim to overcome any hill on giroskutere. But fans of extreme sports should consider this point in more detail.
  6. The presence of the steering wheel. All people have long been accustomed to the fact that giroskuter - it's just a board on two wheels, without any additions. In fact, there are devices with a steering wheel. Such models are usually much more powerful than the others.

wheel diameter

Often people wonder about how much it costs giroskuter if there are different diameters of wheels. Their price is not much different, although this option can not be left without special attention:

  1. Miniature girls and young ideal giroskuter diameter wheels 4, 5 inches. Basically trip distance in such models is about 20 km, and the load - 65 kg.
  2. Wheels 6, 5 inches is usually selected adults who have never used such a means of transportation. They can withstand loads up to 130 kg, and trip distance - up to 20 km.
  3. Medium format - it giroskuter (8 inches), which is suitable for absolutely everyone. The parameters it is very similar to the previous version, but the pleasure of the trip it will get so much more.
  4. 10 inches or more buyers are selected specifically for complex roads, such as snow or sand. Travel distance of about 25 km, and the load up to 125 kg.

Top Brands

Company from which to purchase giroskuter, reviews also have a variety. At the moment, consumers have identified several best manufacturers whose products are really high quality:

  1. Smart.
  2. Hoverbot.
  3. Airwheel.
  4. Wmotion.
Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

negative reviews of these companies does not exist, since they really offer a diverse product range, which includes different models. Among them, any buyer can choose the most suitable giroskuter and enjoy walks in any weather.

A variety of models

As mentioned above, in the modern world there are many different models, among which there are both expensive and cheap giroskutery. For those who carefully chooses a vehicle provided below a list of the leading models, which price is not too high, but the quality is at a sufficient level.

The leading giroskutery

So, the list of the best models include:

  1. Smart Balance Wheel Transformers - giroskuter (8 inches) with a superb design that has a Bluetooth module, whereby during the walk, you can listen to your favorite music.
  2. Smart Balance Wheel - a model with a wheel diameter of 6, 5 inches. It's pretty fast charged and then is able to drive about 20 kilometers without stopping. It is often considered as a mini-giroskuter for children.
  3. Wmotion WM8 - good option with LED-backlit and relatively quick recharging, to withstand the weight of 100 kg.
  4. Crossway Smart - giroskutera main advantage of this lies in the presence of a plurality of colors and minimal weight (10 kg).
Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

Giroskuter Smart Balance (10 inches)

This model release many buyers, because it benefits more than enough. This SUV is intended for real men who love to overcome long distances and difficult roads. Not many giroskuterov models could compete with him, because this leader to replace is not so simple. Its main advantages include:

  1. Rough terrain.
  2. The minimum vibration.
  3. A solid construction.
  4. equipment speakers.
  5. It is classified as a "high-quality and cheap giroskutery".

Positive feedback

The benefits customers are usually related to the compactness, ease of management, the availability of some models of speakers. For children and adults giroskutery already become something interesting and unusual, so the popularity of these devices is increasing every day, despite the long time of their existence.

People who saw the first giroskuter, a long time could not understand what it is and how it moves, keeping on the person himself. But later, when such an incredible device appeared in the house, all the negative opinions of him have disappeared. Teenagers, who are well to roller skate, bike or skateboard, there is no trouble to learn how to balance on a two-wheeled board, so this category of buyers most expressed their positive emotions.

Adults who appreciate fashionable device from a different point of view, since the first time it is more difficult to adapt to them, and in general to understand why they are needed. Evening walks on giroskutere help to get rid of all negative, accumulated over the hard working day, and recharge with positive emotions.

Many people even claim that giroskuter not replace any other novelty. Blisks, Segway, or any other fad vehicle does not match with the leader. Of course, any giroskuter reviews is different, so you should consider and cons.

Giroskuter: reviews, models, specifications, rated

Negative reviews

In general, the most common negative responses is the price. After all, even a mini-giroskuter children can cost parents in a tidy sum, but the child will get a lot of pleasure from this gift. The rest of the customers are satisfied with the vehicle, and look at them cons every day more difficult.