Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

Manicure red and black will never go unnoticed. It attracts attention, giving any image audacious, bold flavors. This combination is considered to be rather risky, but what beauty does not like risk? But if you do everything carefully and tastefully decorated, you will get a great result. Even a simple little black dress can look royal attire if marigolds flaunts spectacular manicure - red and black.

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

Photography, design, advice and tips - all this you can find in our article on one of the most expressive and colorful combinations of nail art. For many women manicure - this is not just one of the stages of self-care, but also a way of self-expression.

A bright combination of

Tandem these colors devote poems and novels, he sang songs and paintings, its magical properties composed legends. Perhaps, in the whole palette and find an equally outrageous combinations.

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

Red and black are always perceived as a kind of bid for victory. These colors are preferred by those who are not afraid of attention, self-assured, ready to compliments and absolutely not interested in gossip for his own back. If you enter the number of such people courageously solved on the red and black manicure. Photos shown for illustrative purposes in this article will help you find exactly what fits best.

The varnish or gel?

Even with much more calm colors choice is not so simple as it may seem. And in our case it is even more difficult.

For what reason you are going to make a red-and-black manicure? Typically, it is timed to coincide with some kind of celebration. Making a choice in favor of a gel coating, be aware that the effective combination will stay with you for a long time. Will it convenient, for example, in the office? Of course, not all shades of red in combination with a black look throws. And among the design options you can find many quiet and lovely ideas. But in any case it is a combination of neutral can not be called. Therefore, in preparation for the holiday, many girls choose the usual nail red and black nail polish.

Materials and tools

If you want to make yourself a manicure, remember all the mistakes and the errors will be very noticeable. So do not be lazy to redo some of the work, if the line has turned out uneven. Do not neglect the modern products for nail art - they are much easier to work.

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

There is also a lot of decorative elements that help make a luxury manicure - red and black painted. You can use a variety of pastes and polubusiny, stickers and decals, stencils, applicators. All this not only shorten the time, but also will save your nerves.

Where to start?

Before we get down to business, free work place. Immediately prepare all the tools that you use for hygiene. Treat your nails, adjusting the shape. Tidy cuticle. Buff polish nail plates. Only then can we begin to decorative painting.

Manicure red and black must be tidy. Therefore, before applying the varnish prepare and place next to a bottle of nail polish remover, cotton swabs, sponges. If you need to clean the skin around the nail, it is best to do it right.

Everything you need for decoration should also be there in convenient locations.

is always relevant classics

Some images, probably not ever go out of style. A striking example of this - the red and black manicure with designs in the French style. For him, you will also need clear and white varnish. Its meaning is that the entire nail plate is covered by only a transparent basis and regrown part of marigold painted red and black. With white drawing can be done a little more three-dimensional and interesting. For operation can use thin brushes, needles, toothpicks.

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

No less interesting version of the classic red and black manicure with flowers. Luxuriously look like red roses on a black background, and vice versa. You can paint flowers or take advantage of special perevodkami. Be sure to cover the nail varnish over a layer of fixative.

Another idea had time to catch the fancy of so many - "special nail." You just need to paint all the nails in one color, and ring fingers to make decorations with the help of the painting, "caviar", velvety coating, sequins. This manicure looks very stylish, balancing between simplicity and luxury.

It does not hand over the positions gradient. Moreover, it can be made both longitudinally and transversely. For example, the color transition can be from base to tip of the nail, but may on the thumb - to the little finger.

Fashion Trends

Today can be attributed to the classics and a favorite with many moon manicure. The red-and-black design it looks very unusual. How long it will hold fashion for him? Hard to say, but today it is clearly in the trend.

Stylists do not get tired to please with new ideas. But sometimes in vogue back what it had once been. A striking example - manicure red and black "crackle" or "earthquake" as it is sometimes called. The technology is simple: put on your nails red paint, let it dry, cover the top layer of craquelure. The thicker it is, the larger will be cracked. Small also cracked a thin cobweb. Layer fixer - an indispensable condition, or crackle fall apart in less than a day.

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

In the News today, an unusual coating regrown part of the nail from both sides: external and internal. This idea has appeared recently, but have not yet had time to get bored. Double-sided manicure looks reserved, but due to its little secrets is able to make a splash! It looks wonderful "knitted" manicure in red and black colors, simulating knitted with braids Aran. Particularly useful such a plot for a snowy winter.

A little bit about the appropriateness of

Black and red manicure assumed age. It is, of course, not a venerable lady of advanced years, and on adult mature woman. This combination may seem strange at the hands of a teenager.

Strict dress code does not recognize a combination of valid (as well as any other bright shade of nail polish). But today, the business environment is quite democratic, many offices will quite naturally look stylish and neat red and black manicure. Photos shown for the example in this article shows that sometimes this combination looks restrained and even harshly.

a worthy addition to

Red and black manicure draws attention to your hands, so take care of it framed. It is not necessary to combine it with a massive bright jewelry, especially with semi-precious stones. metal ring will look much better without stones. The maximum that can be tolerated - it is not big phianites or other transparent stones. Bracelets on this rule also applies.

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

You can do a couple-three trendy today in the phalanx rings. Most of them have a simple and concise form designed just for something to be a spectacular addition of a beautiful manicure.

The main rules of the red-black manicure

To sum up, select a couple of recommendations. Little things just can not be, if your choice has fallen on the red manicure with black (see photo).

Manicure red and black: the manufacture and Photo Equipment

The design, decoration, nail color - it is important to absolutely everything. Sloppy performance will be evident. When choosing a design guided by a sense of proportion, not to overdo it. Do not be lazy to redo nepoluchilos and do not be afraid of errors - then you will soon learn how to do the perfect manicure.