Swimmer Vladimir Morozov: biography, career history

Vladimir Morozov, a swimmer with a worldwide reputation in the 24 years already has a solid set of medals as the championships of Russia, Europe and the world, as well as the summer Olympics. Every year brings a Russian football team several awards highest order, and while having a great desire to continue to improve and beat the world record, Vladimir is not going to stop.

School and moving to USA

Vladimir Morozov was born on June 16, 1992 in Novosibirsk, where the age of six started to go swimming at a local school, "Koltsov's Hope", located in the village of Koltsovo exercising Igor Demin. However, in 14 years, mother of the young swimmer got married for the second time, and the whole family moved to America, where year after Vladimir enrolled at the University of California. He continued his training where he was assisted by Dave Salo.

Swimmer Vladimir Morozov: biography, career history

In spite of the available opportunities, Vladimir Morozov refused to change citizenship, and in 2011 he was declared the Russian team at the World Championships in Shanghai. The first athlete competition remained without winning, but the potential of a Russian coaches appreciated by continuing to invite Vladimir fees. And, as it turned out, not mistaken - the first European championship brought to our football team just 7 medals, two of which (the highest standard), Morozov won in his favorite disciplines - one hundred meters on the back and freestyle.

Gold set

The success of 20 year old Russian has developed the world championship in Istanbul, again taking two "gold" in the individual competition, and becoming a co-author of "silver" in the relay. After that, from Vladimir expect good results at the Olympics in London, but, unable to compete for first place in the individual championship, swimmer helped to come to the Russian quartet "bronze" in the freestyle competition.

Swimmer Vladimir Morozov: biography, career history

Subsequently, Vladimir Morozov regularly participate in the continental and world championships, to the beginning of 2017, having in its kitty 8 awards the highest standard at the European championships, the same number of medals at the world championships, and four times to celebrate the victory at the World Summer Universiade 2013 held in Kazan. In addition, at the end of 2016 Vladimir Morozov won the overall standings of the World Cup, becoming the first swimmer in the history of Russia, who has obeyed this achievement.

What's in the future?

Now Russian citizen only 24 years old, and he continues to train and study in the United States, and the national team coaching staff looks forward to its participation in the Championship next few years, including at the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, where Vladimir Morozov will try to add a personal medal standings reward higher sample and Olympic competition.