Piercing "smiley" - a puncture under the lip frenulum: aftermath, reviews

Once upon a time the body decorated with a variety of earrings, meant a person belonging to a particular tribe. Over time, this value was lost. To date, the piercing is the most common decoration. And from time to time there are more and more new options. For example, piercing "smile." This, of course, feel free! Nevertheless, and very beautiful.


Piercing "smile": what it is

So more. If you are going to get pierced, "smile", first think carefully. This decoration comes not for everyone. In addition, the procedure requires compliance with various safety measures. That is, it is only necessary to apply to a good, proven master.

"Smile" is a puncture thin bridles, located directly under the upper lip. Implanted to segmental or circular rings, and earrings, bananas intended for eyebrows. Usually used as the earring ornaments made of hypoallergenic metal (titanium or surgical steel), biofleksa, bioplasta, glass or natural bone. Precious metals use is undesirable. They contain impurities oxidized by contact with blood and lymph. Decor elements made from precious metals, often simply attached to the base earrings. A wide range of makes it easy to choose exactly what you need.

Just Decoration

Piercing "Smile" - an ordinary puncture the frenulum of the upper lip. This is the most simple decoration, while not unduly put up on display. It is its versatility and attracts a considerable number of people. However, it must be remembered that this is a puncture just after the onset of adulthood. And only with a passport (in professional salons).



Despite its simplicity, piercing "smiley" - a very unusual decoration. Needless to say, put on earrings are often the younger generation, which is not surprising. After all, not everyone dares to decorate your face with the help of earrings with beads at the ends.

Whence came the name of this body piercing? But the fact that the earring is visible only in the case when a person smiles. So if you want you can easily hide a decoration. If pierced chin or nose to work in your office will not take, with the "smiley" will be no problems. The main thing is to control yourself and not widely smiling.



Let's say you still dare to do the piercing "smile." The price of such a puncture in the Russian Federation is about 1500 rubles. The client needs to begin to rinse the mouth with a special liquid that eliminates all bacteria and germs. The needle is inserted into a master using a special device through the bridle and earring vdevaetsya to make holes.

The main thing - be prepared for the fact that the procedure can bring considerable pain. In addition, there is often more bleeding. Therefore, the master usually appointed ointment or conditioners, which will need to be used until such time as the wound has not healed and no longer inflamed.

However, it is impossible not to mention one point about pain. Each person has a certain sensitivity threshold. Some customers do not even notice the puncture and some lip hurts more for several hours. Therefore, do not wrap the self and do not be afraid, not to worsen the situation.


Select the earring

Most often the piercing "smiley" receives positive reviews. Make it say that the most important thing - to choose the right earring. It is desirable to give preference to small rings, that as large decorations deliver human pain and discomfort. In addition, according to many, it is desirable to stop your choice on the products made of steel. Although permissible and more low cost options - copper or titanium earrings.

Possible complications

Do not forget also about what problems may lead you to a decoration, piercing "smile." Consequences, unfortunately, may not be the brightest. Basically, everything depends, first of all, from the professionalism of the master. If the procedure is done properly, can be shifted earrings. Also, the puncture location may become inflamed in if your body metal from which made earring rejects.

Remember the ornaments and contact with the teeth. At constant friction enamel may be damaged. Especially earring can be moved down if you have a frenulum is too thin.


Further care

Specialists and women who have made such mistake, talk about how to care for the piercing "smile" in the future. After all, if you're not careful, you will achieve the occurrence of inflammation and bacteria to grow. The best option, according to them, - the use of saline for rinsing the mouth. To make it necessary to stir teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. And to rinse - morning and evening, for five minutes. It is also necessary to be careful during brushing. Brush should not cling earring. It is best to stop at a soft paste and schotke. The raid should be completely cleaned.

After piercing the lip may swell for a few days. Although, sometimes for a longer period of time. Therefore, the earring is best to choose to start large.

Complete healing of the same, according to experts, lasts about two months. During this time, the wound time to heal completely, and risk of exposure to infection disappears.

And in order to make it all happen faster with piercings are advised to take B vitamins can not eat, smoke or drink alcohol for three to four hours after the puncture. In addition, the need to adhere to a sparing diet (allowed fruit, pastries, dairy products and cereals). Hot, spicy, sour, spicy and salty to healing can not be used. After each meal the mouth must be rinsed.


The risk of infection and the tumor can reduce the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory lozenges. Also, pain and inflammation reduces the consumption of ice cream and any other cold food.

Stains are formed on the shackle is removed using a toothbrush. Judging by the reviews, during rehabilitation should refrain from kissing and use lipstick. Of course, you can not nail-biting and "play" with the decoration. Otherwise, you can form a scar. You must adhere to these guidelines and after complete healing, so as not to damage the tooth enamel.

Earring from the puncture can not be removed. Insert it back would be extremely problematic. More than one day to shoot decoration can be only a year after the procedure. The fact is that the puncture is very fast shrinking even after complete healing of the wound. Replaces earring only professional. In order to remove the bulb, requires special pliers. Carnations same can be replaced independently, but following the instructions very carefully. If excessive narrowing of the puncture site will also need to help the wizard. The salons have the tools with which it can be extended. In the opinion, it is absolutely painless and harmless to the integrity of the lips.


Do not forget that doing the piercing "smile" at home can not. The teeth are easily damaged if you will pick up the wrong decoration, will be with them "play" or try to remove it. The puncture and can still get infected. And this leads to blood poisoning. And if not properly care for the puncture site may form a fistula.

Generally, before the procedure is necessary to pay attention to the existing contraindications. Piercing "smile" is contraindicated in people with poor blood clotting, chronic diseases of acute stage, with high body temperature.