Jeremy Buendia, a two-time "Mr. Olympia": biography, workout

One of the most popular sports today is bodybuilding. Thanks to him, anyone can at sufficient thrust and constant training to achieve unprecedented success and create the body of your dreams. Stars of the world of bodybuilding, which is recognized by the whole world, pretty much. But there are athletes who stand out even against the absolute champions. Jeremy Buendia, and this is what bodybuilder will be discussed in this article, has reached considerable heights in the sport. About his biography and achievements, as well as training systems, read on.

Jeremy Buendia, a two-time

Jeremy Buendia: height, weight and other anthropometric data

Here are this size can boast of an athlete:

  • Height - 173 cm
  • .

  • Normal weight - 84 kg.
  • weight during the competition - 75 kg.
  • chest - 120 cm
  • .

  • Waist - 69 cm
  • .

  • Biceps - 45 cm
  • .

  • Caviar - 42 cm
  • .

  • Hips - 61 cm
  • .

Start the path

Jeremy Buendia, whose biography is inextricably linked with bodybuilding, was born on October 10, 1990 in the small town of the State of California Rozenville. The future famous American bodybuilder childhood was familiar with the sport, as his father was fond of this kind, even though he was not competing athlete. This hobby became a family, and as the boy grew older, he himself took up the post. He really wanted to be like his father, because he was different from all his acquaintances with impressive size and beauty of the body pumped. "Observe mode, love sports, and stick to the discipline - all that I have learned more in the preschool years," - said athlete.

Jeremy Buendia, a two-time

Love in football

In addition to classes in bodybuilding, Jeremy Buendía loved football and was the best midfielder in the team of his school. And even won the State Cup, and in this victory the athlete played a role. Excellent promised him a pretty successful career football player, and the guy sent several offers from various colleges. But one of the workouts he's got a pretty serious injury - the displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical and lumbar spine. After that Jeremy had to forget about football player's career and leave the sport forever.

No Football - let the bar

Jeremy Buendia closely engaged in bodybuilding. And at first, the sport attracted him just as a method of treatment of the effects of trauma, but after a certain period of guy realized that all the same bar - is the main vocation. The minimum time Jeremy has achieved outstanding success in the age of 17 decided to conquer the world of bodybuilding. The first competition Contra Costa Championships in 2010 brought him the victory and become successful start for the athlete.

Jeremy Buendia, a two-time

The next three years Jeremy fully devotes himself to training. At some point the athlete is aware that in the main category, he will achieve lower results, and thus goes to the group "Mens Physicist". This decision was a landmark in the life of an athlete. It is in this category athlete has reached unprecedented heights. Properly chosen training system is geared more to the terrain than on the mass, the guy helped achieve ideal proportions. And the athlete went to conquer Olympus bodybuilding.

The path to the top of the

In the period from 2010 to 2013 bodybuilder stands on many amateur championships, easily winning the first place. But only after winning the NPC Grand Prix Jeremy becomes the owner of Maps Pro - ticket to the league of professionals bodybuilding version of IFBB. Now, before the athlete opens the door to many prestigious championships, including the world-famous "Mr. Olympia" tournament. But this dream of every bodybuilder.

Jeremy Buendia, a two-time

In 2013, Jeremy made his first appearance in this tournament, and immediately took the second place of honor. After that, the athlete gave all his time to persistent trainings, and they brought its result - in 2014, Jeremy has won the absolute title in the category "Mens Physicist" in the tournament, "Mr. Olympia". Buendia your title could protect already twice, in 2015 and 2016. And today, this athlete is a three-time champion, despite the fact that he had to deal with such adversaries as Sadiq Hadzovich, Jason Poston Ryan Terry, Jeremy Potvin.

To date, this successful athlete does not stop their training and hopes in the next year to defend my title. In addition, the athlete has signed a contract with the world famous company of sports nutrition Evogen Nutrition, which is owned by the creator method FST-7 and part-time coach bodybuilder Haney Rembod. Jeremy is also a co-owner and FitBody Fusion team coach.

Jeremy Buendia: training athlete

Champion is very serious about his training and sports activities gives almost all the time. The daily schedule of the athlete are:

  • morning cardio for at least 40 minutes on an empty stomach;
  • with weight exercises;
  • massage.

An athlete gives meaning to even the smallest detail of your training, and precisely because of this perseverance he was able to achieve perfection. Favorite exercises bodybuilders are:

  • bench press barbell from a prone position;
  • dilution of dumbbells in different directions;
  • lifting dumbbells in a standing position.

Preparing for a competition can not be conducted without the FST-7 system, which leads to stimulation of muscle growth at the expense of productive Pumping. Such training involves performing the last exercise, 7 sets of 10-12 repetitions with an average weight and minimal rest (30-40 seconds). But, according to the athlete, such training is suitable only experienced bodybuilders able to fully concentrate on the elaboration of specific muscles.

Jeremy Buendia, a two-time

from the athlete's training program

Jeremy Buendia adheres to the five-day split, divided by the elaboration of the chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders. At the same time the athlete spends training on a daily basis, cyclically repeating these five sets of exercises. And it takes one day off, but when he feels the full weakness. Usually this does not happen more often with him once a month. Before each workout, the athlete carries a small workout and advise their fans to do the same. In addition, according to the athlete, a great role in the beauty and relief of muscle stretching plays. So these exercises complete workout bodybuilder.

For each muscle group, he makes not less than 25-30 approaches with more weight and minimal interruption. The athlete is not advised to repeat similar without proper physical preparation. In order to avoid over-training, the athlete makes sure that every muscle had enough time to rest. For example, the bodybuilder never to begin studying the biceps, if yesterday he did the exercises in the chest.

Jeremy Buendia, a two-time

Training bodybuilder split is as follows:

  • The first day: study of muscles of the chest and press.
  • The second day: work with the muscles of the back and press.
  • The third day: training legs.
  • The fourth day: study of the shoulder muscles and the press.
  • The fifth day: training hand and press.
  • The sixth day: the beginning of the cycle without severance.

athlete's diet during drying

Athlete carefully watching their diet. Its menu consists essentially of protein foods: fish, chicken and red meat. The only source of starch and carbohydrates in the diet is sweet potatoes. Once every two weeks the athlete spends cheat mil - uses high-calorie food. In addition, once a week Jeremy allows himself to "boot" serving - eating more meat and starchy carbohydrates. Typically, such a meal is accompanied by a lagging muscle group training, in order to "energized" more than usual, and everything to the maximum. In addition, the athlete uses and sports nutrition:

  • creatine;
  • serum;
  • BCAAs;
  • fat burner on the basis of L-carnitine;
  • protein.