Marcello Lippi - football in Italian

Marcello Lippi - famous Italian football player of the last century and no less famous new football coach. As a player famous for defending the colors of "Sampdoria", for which the played 11 seasons in the libero position. For the Genoese defender 5 times different goals.

Start coaching

As a coach Lippi started in the fifth on account of the professional division of Italy. The newly-founded specialist took a modest "Pontedera". Then there were "Siena" and "Carraresi", which is led by Lippi in the season 1988-1989 has risen in series B. It is at this point, the young coach has attracted the attention of the bosses of the main clubs of the Italian championship, series A. Marcello Lippi asked to lead an outsider series A "Cesena". Coach coped with the task, and managed to keep the "seahorse" residence in the elite. However, the possibility of a little club remained at the same level and the same enthusiasm, without buying quality players, does not go far. A year later, "Cesena" predictably went to series B, and with it left the top flight and Marcello Lippi. Photo coach after a few days again appeared in the sports newspapers. This time it was a question on the appointment of his coaching position at the middle peasants in the series - "Lucchese".

Marcello Lippi - football in Italian

Fun swings

There is the concept of "team-lift" in many European championships. Typically refers to groups that are from one year to the rise in the big leagues, then again lowered to step down. A kind of a swing can be observed in respect of Marcello Lippi. He was raised in the Serie A with "Cesena", then went back - in "Lukezze". Then back again, but this time as a mentor, "Atalanta" of Bergamo. In 1993, a modest club climbed to unattainable before the seventh place in the top flight, after which Lippi received an invitation from the much more well-known "Napoli".

Marcello Lippi - football in Italian

The next 10 years, Don Marcello coached only Italian football clubs, and his track record added such big names as the "Internationale" and "Juventus". With the latter, incidentally, Lippi, in addition to domestic trophies, won the most prestigious European Cup - the Champions League.

The national team of Italy, and the complex nature of

Marcello Lippi is often accused of that being available during the work with the team of the strongest players of the planet, coach, due to its complex nature, it is not able to create a good atmosphere in the dressing room of the national team. Despite the fact that he managed to finish in first place in the selection for the 2006 World Cup, and after, and did win the tournament, the coach was forced to leave a job with the national team due to fierce scandal. His second coming will happen in the Italian national team in 2008, but soon the "Azzurrini" fail in the group stage of the 2010 World Cup and will not be able to get out of a simple group. Without waiting for the end of the championship, Lippi resigned.

Marcello Lippi - football in Italian

In the national team management while experienced coach managed to spoil relations with almost half of the players. Among the "victims" were such well-known players like Roberto Baggio, Christian Panucci, Luca Toni. According to one of the players who play for "Bari", "Milan", "Sampdoria" and other clubs, Antonio Cassano, as long as at the helm of the Azzurri will be Marcello Lippi, footballer there is unlikely to fall even as a player reserve composition.

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