Frank Lampard - a true gentleman of the English Premier League

Every football club with a great and glorious history has its own legend. Paolo Maldini and Francesco Totti remembered by fans of "Milan" and "Roma" as a loyal captain, who spent his entire career in the same team. Paul Scholes will remain in the hearts of fans of FC "Manchester United" forever. For London "Chelsea" value №1 it was and remains the unchallenged leader and top scorer in the club's history - Frank Lampard. Statistics performances legendary midfielder in the "aristocrats" is respected: in 13 seasons he played for the "blue" more than 400 matches and 211 goals marked, as a football player spent more than a hundred caps for England, as part of which was marked 29 goals.

The beginning of a career and the transition to the "Chelsea"

Frank Lampard was born in a truly football family. Father midfielder Lampard Sr. was also a professional player and has dedicated his career to another London club - "West Ham". Uncle, the ex-footballer (Harry Redknapp) - the famous English coach, to work with a number of Premier League clubs and the England team.

Frank Lampard - a true gentleman of the English Premier League

The first club of Frank also became the "West Ham". The young midfielder has joined the "Hammers", where Lampard Sr. at that time was an assistant coach. Poskitatsya while rental and missing for a long time due to a broken leg, the midfielder finally got into the main part of the season 1998/99.

At the beginning of the millennium, Frank became the main performer, "West Ham", without his creative action attack "Hammers" looked at least unreliable. It became clear that the transfer of midfielder in a top club - a matter of time. After the season 2000/2001 "West Ham" left Harry Redknapp and defense leader "burgundy" Rio Ferdinand. I decided to follow their example and Frank Lampard. "Chelsea" was his next club. Although some experts have called the young player overpriced, in the next 13 seasons of football not only confirmed their capabilities, but also proved that it is often called one of the best players of our time.

The man-record

Despite the forecasts of skeptics, Frank Lampard in his first season for the "aristocrats" has spent 53 games and seven times was able to scored a goal in the goal. It is difficult to imagine a better debut.

However, this was only the beginning. Becoming a full-fledged player of the basic structure "Chelsea," Lampard, one after another began to stamp club records. 2004/2005 season. he finished with thirteen balls in the asset, which is the best result among midfielders. Next achievement - 164 consecutive games for one club. Scoring 18-20 goals a season, Lampard has frequently been the top scorer of the team, including the "goal - pass" system.

Another interesting achievement has obeyed the football player at the end of the 2005/2006 season. Frank spent the "Chelsea" 62 matches, and this record, by the way, is still in force to this day. According to the results of the season Lampard won the award as the best footballer of the year, according to British journalists. Also in 2005, the English midfielder has been recognized as one of the three best players of the planet.

Frank Lampard - a true gentleman of the English Premier League

Old horse furrow not spoil

Just a blue T-shirt Frank Lampard scored more than a hundred balls, some of which were decisive in the memorable season when the "aristocrats" have won the Champions League. However, with the arrival of a new coach (Roberto Di Matteo) midfielder began to fall from the base of "Chelsea". Disrupted and age, along with which came the injury. After each of the next season in the press there are new rumors about the captain to leave the team, but it happened only in 2014.

At that time, Lampard was 36 years, however, to tie with football, he was in no hurry, and therefore accepted the invitation MLS club "New York City", which became a partner in two more stellar veterans - David Villa and Andrea Pirlo. Total for the American club, Frank spent 29 matches and scored 15 goals.

Frank Lampard - a true gentleman of the English Premier League

Return to England

MLS Championship Regulations is constructed in such a way that from December to the middle of spring comes the offseason. Some players enjoy a wide "window" for a few months and signed a contract with clubs in Europe in need of short-term gain. Frank Lampard has gone the same path, and spent some time as a part of another leader of English football - "Manchester City". Ageless veteran proved to skeptics that there is life in the old dog, and even managed to check in at the gate of the former club. That goal in a sign of respect to the club, where football has made a name for himself, and to the fans of the team Lampard did not celebrate. He acted like a gentleman, however, as always.