How to create a stylish image?

In order to look fashionable, you do not need to spend insane amounts of money on dorogushchuju clothes and stand in front of a mirror for days, choosing the best.

To be able to create a stylish image, you need to carefully approach the selection of clothes and the correct order in things.

It should also be good to explore yourself. It is necessary to determine where your dignity, you need to show, and where shortcomings are, on the contrary, it is better to hide. To twist the mirror, consider yourself, be sure to pay attention to the eyes. Because it is under the eyes and the hair will be selected colors wardrobe.

The next item on the creation of fashionable image will be farewell to the old things. Revise all the clothes, if any, or become small, or too big, or simply ceased to please you - throw away without regret.

The main rule in the choice of clothing - quality. Let them in the closet of clothes will be less, but it will be made of expensive materials. Then much easier to create a stylish image. And, of course, it is better not to buy fake brands. After all, you can define them in a jiffy.

How to create a stylish image?

The stylish girl the night before planning your outfit. It does not leave a lot of time. But in the morning and not have to be nervous because of this. You will not have to worry about what the top is better suited to the skirt, what kind of shoes and accessories to choose from. Also, the minimum number of things will create a lot of new and stylish image. Do not forget that stylish clothes should be comfortable. Indeed, in the uncomfortable things you will feel insecure.

But stylish image depends not only on the right to pick up clothes. It is important that the lady was a neat manicure, well-groomed hair, discreet makeup.

Spring-Summer. Stylish images for each day

In 2017 it will be popular bright clothes. But gentle, pastel colors also remain in vogue. Due to various clothes, light texture, you can create a stylish way for a woman who is able to conquer all.

In vogue once again include things 80s and 90s. In those years was very popular jeanswear. Popular colors are navy blue, black, gray. It was also popular overalls, shorts with rough edges.

How to create a stylish image?

So in 2017 the designers have given life to old trends that will have to conquer this year. Jeans are good because they can be combined with absolutely everything. They look great in casual as well as in business. The only thing to remember when choosing jeans - this is what should be comfortable in them.

Shirt - another indispensable and basic element of every wardrobe. It is also compatible with almost any clothing and is a great addition image. White shirts with gold inserts are now at the height of fashion trends. Another trend - a geometric print. That's just not necessary to be zealous with transparent blouses. They are advised not to wear to work or business meetings.

How to create a stylish image?

What skirt fashionable in 2017? The trend of any length, both short and long. What about the colors? It is better to opt for light colors. It is easier to combine with other elements of clothing. Also in vogue once again includes leather skirt, regardless of style. They add zest to trendy stylish images.

At the height of fashion will be pants metallic colors. Silver metallic primarily futuristic color. He adds the image of glamor and incredible shine. Another fashionable trousers are cuffed. Lace, light, airy dresses are the most popular. They will add to any girl tenderness, femininity, ease. Creating stylish images of women with dresses, should not forget to emphasize the waist line and add accessories. But do not overdo it, to not look like a Christmas tree. Such dresses are suitable not only for everyday wear, but also for meetings. After all, ruffles lend romance. These dresses are well combined with hats, bags and big jewelry.

How to create a stylish image?

Jackets leather - such a thing is not the first season in fashion. This clothing is perfectly combined with dresses, fitting shape, skirts or even with lace. That kind of thing in the locker room is needed. Because it adds to the sense, roughness, sharpness stylish female characters.

Cardigan goes well with shorts, jeans and skirts spring and summer of 2017. Properly matched colors add style and ease. In everyday life, cardigan will help to create a stylish image.

How to create a stylish image?

Onions with a coat suitable for colder weather. Correctly chosen coat always looks stylish. Only need to learn how to combine with other elements of the image. The trend of free style coat. What about the length, then in vogue long or, on the contrary, short model. Good way to add high boots and a hat with big margins. But ordinary shoes can be a great alternative to boots in warm weather.

Prints 2017. What are they? Where to use them?

To create a stylish image, you must familiarize yourself with prints that are all the rage during the spring-summer 2017. These include:


  1. strip. It is possible to combine any strip with any element of the image. Whether it's a skirt, blouse and accessories.
  2. Floristry. This is one of the most popular prints of the time. The trend will be the image with large colorful flowers. This print can be combined with everything. Even better would be if the entire image is created from the parts with a pattern.
  3. geometry. In fashion geometric prints and abstract images of clothing items and accessories.
  4. cells. Such drawing add extravagant and elegance.
  5. Imitation painting. Now you can wear a work of art. Designers created a collection, where dresses, skirts, blouses were images of paintings by famous artists.

Men's style for women

It should be big, sloppy sweaters, loose pants. After all, every girl sometimes annoying to walk on heels and want a little break from all the images. But she does not want to deviate from the fashion. Then the man's style is for her. It's a laid-back image, which allows you to feel as comfortable as possible.


Fringe should be very much. It can be on any part of the image - on pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, coats, earrings and handbags. This element can decorate any image element, and it never will be a lot.

How to create a stylish image?

Glamorous Black

Any stylish images (photo shows some of the article) will look great in black. They can be diluted with any jewelry, any color. It is a versatile shade that in any year will be in vogue.

The cuts in the form of

Sometimes deep incisions - this very frankly. But if you manage to properly combine them in a way, you get a fantastic result. Very popular sections on the sheath. It should be a deep cut right up to the thigh. Of course, these dresses can be worn only on the celebration or secular dinners. But they will certainly add refinement and will cause envy among the other ladies.

How to create a stylish image?

Designers assured that in 2017 the demand becomes symmetrical clothes. Colors, too, has changed. The more colors in the image - the better. Do not be afraid to combine several bright colors in onions. As they say designers to experiment, but you should always know when to stop, so as not to look silly.

Style 80 - the trend of many years,

His love almost all fashionista. This style never goes out of fashion. It just may be less noticeable. 80 - this is a classic that never fails. Stylish image in this version suitable for almost everyone. In 2017 it will be fashionable corduroy trousers, jackets with broad shoulders and slim waists. The material can be anything. But the most fashionable cloth will, of course, jeans.

A small conclusion,

Having studied the trend in 2017, we can safely say that the stylish image should consist primarily of high-quality, comfortable and fashionable things. Next, of course, need to learn to properly combine clothes elements and combine them. As stated in the article above, the color set in the images can be any, the main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and express themselves. We wish you good luck in creating images!