James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

A well-known boxer from America James Braddock, who earned money for the ring in the first half of the XX century, was not the best heavyweight champion. But he will forever remain in the history of boxing. He was called Cinderella (Cinderella Man). Of the unemployed, who fed many children family on the dole, he has become a real champion. He was able to realize the dream of all the disadvantaged. He was not only the personification of the "American Dream", but also a symbol of victory over bitter setbacks ...

Heavy childhood

Biography of James Braddock began in the early summer of 1905 in New York. He grew up in a poor family with many children of immigrants from Ireland. A little later the family moved to New Jersey.

boxer's father worked as a loader and parallel to ordinary working in conservation. Funds that it received, it is not enough. He paid the paltry money. At the same time they paid very irregularly. In this situation, the young James had to leave school and to start earning.

Thus, when he was fourteen years old, he took a job at a certain company called "Western Union". He was there by courier. All the money Braddock gave parents. He continued to work until then, until I found myself in the ineradicable craving for boxing.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

amateur boxer

Passion for boxing instilled future champion of his older brother. His name was Joe. James was repeatedly on the respective competitions and realized that it strongly involve these fights. As a result, the brother became not only his coach, but also the manager.

Eighteen boxer managed to hold his first fight at an amateur level. He acted under the pseudonym Jimmy Ryan. After some time, a talented athlete began performing under the name of James J. Braddock. Career feed boxer hopes evolved more than successful. And just three years later, in the spring of 1926, Braddock went on a professional ring.

Start career

Meanwhile, Joe Braddock continued his brother's career. As a manager, he knew that from his work depends sports career James. And, accordingly, the better it does its job, the faster and more successful career moves of the young athlete. Unfortunately, over time, older brother realized that he lacks organizational skills. And so James has a new manager. His name was Alfred Barnett.

Well, then place a landmark historic meeting with Joe Gould. This man was the manager and was engaged in a boxer Harry Galfandom that from Brooklyn. Once Gould came to the boxing gym with his wards. His task was to show colleagues Galfond and appreciate his skill. As a result, it decided to put in sparring with Braddock.

Gould was shocked talent James and immediately offered him a contract, implying a very long-term cooperation. Boxer agreed to the proposal and signed the document.

Sure, if I had not taken place this encounter, it is not clear what would have been a career not only Braddock, but also of the manager. Most importantly, Gould believed in the ability of the novice boxer. He clearly understood that in the way he found a real uncut diamond.

So, working with the new manager has begun to boil. Thanks to a close-knit management activities and talent boxer, Braddock started to literally shine in the ring.

By mid-summer of 1929 in the bank of the athlete was already thirty victories. Note that the 21 times he knocked out his opponents.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

The first fight for the championship

Meanwhile, the boxer James Braddock had a chance to fight for the championship belt. For this he has to compete with the famous boxer Tommy Logranom, which has a terrific technique. It was really a great athlete. The bout took place in 1929 and lasted all fifteen rounds. By this time Braddock was able to raise the professional bar to unprecedented heights. But during the race he has not allowed himself to relax.

Alas, when the battle ended, the judges decided to award the victory still Logranu, which again managed to defend the title.

A series of failures

After this defeat sports career of James Braddock rapidly rolled downhill. In short, the boxer mentally broke. He seemed to have lost faith in himself. He did not believe in his talent and invincibility. As a result, he suffered one defeat after another.

This losing streak, which have fallen by the athlete, adding difficult financial situation in the United States. We are talking about the Great Depression. Boxer has lost all his savings and investments in one of the taxi companies.

A manager James Gould was forced to seek new ways of earning. As a result,

During this period, only joy was his favorite woman to James. Her name was Mae. They met as follows. Boxers had a friend by the name of Howard Fox. And he had a sister Mei. She then worked as a telephone exchange operator. James much in love with her, and after a while she agreed to become his wife. Although she knew very well that in the life of the wife of a very difficult period.

In addition, my wife was very domineering woman. And the athlete repeatedly called him "henpecked". Although, in fact, such marriages are considered to be the most robust. In the end, they will have three children.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

... In the meantime, James J. Braddock, whose personal life has developed well, continued to try to cash in on the battle. However, injuries and failures relentlessly pursued him. Until the spring of 1933 he had not won a single victory. And, accordingly, its once-famous name began to disappear from all the major rankings. This culminated in a duel with a mediocre athlete named Abe Feldman. That was in September 1933. During the competition Braddock broke his arm. After that, he decided to end his career as a professional boxer.

James had to look for a job. He was ready to take on any earnings. He shoveled snow, shipped coal, hired a porter on the docks. In addition, he has written the corresponding application in order to obtain unemployment benefits.


Thus, Braddock's brilliant career seemingly over. Perhaps so, apparently, he thought himself a boxer. He lost all hope to return to the boxing ring. But Gould did not think so, and continued to believe in lucky star James. By the way, despite the fact that he had at one time been looking for a replacement Braddock never broke the contract with him. He raced through the city and offered it as a great fighter.

Be that as it may, the incessant attempts to promote his Braddock's manager failed. James received an offer to fight with a young boxer named John Griffin. To prepare for a fight he had just a couple of days. The fight took place in the summer of 1934. In the 3rd round, he managed to send the opponent into a deep knockout.

For all it was very surprising that the boxer James Braddock is in excellent shape: hand has healed and strengthened. In addition, for several months he worked hard in the fresh air. In short, he was reborn, like a phoenix.

However, this victory was not given an opportunity to improve its financial position. Braddock received only 250 dollars. The lion's share of that money went to pay debts. Thus, the boxer once again remained poor. But the saddest thing was the fact that no battles scheduled.

Fortunately, the manager of Gould succeeded James for the next matches. So, Braddock fought with John Lewis. He won it on points. And in the early spring of 1935 he entered the ring with Art Lasky. According to experts, this fight was one of the best boxers in his career. The judges unanimously recognized winner James. Braddock returned to the country the whole amount he received as unemployed on the wave of success. The move raised it high in the face of the public. And the athlete's popularity grew. And basically insolvent among people. After all, James was able to prove by example that it is always possible to not only back, but also to succeed. By the way, about the same time he was nicknamed Cinderella man.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

James J. Braddock - Max Baer

Because of James once again talking among boxers, Gould began to recommend him as a candidate for the title of world champion. He, of course, was able to realize this plan. The upcoming fight rival Braddock was the famous Max Baer nicknamed Livermore clerk.

James is very sympathetic to many. They liked his last strong fights, where he triumphed. They believed in him. But it felt that fight Executioner more than unrealistic. In this situation, Braddock seemed to them a kind of whipping boy. And, accordingly, the rates were "ten to one" in favor of Max.

In the meantime, James J. Braddock, a photo which you can see in the article went on to seriously prepare for title fights. He clearly realized that fate had given him another chance to escape poverty. And he does not miss it.

Baer, ​​in turn, reacted to prepare too superficial. He had no doubt of victory, so amusing, depart for the United States and before the fight even damaged hands. But as being, Fortune never forgives laziness. Actually, the award-winning champion really underestimated the opponent.

The bout lasted 7 rounds. The victory left for James J. Braddock. He became the new world champion, and fellow countrymen called him proud Irish. He was a national hero.

James Braddock's victory against Max Baer was a truly symbolic. People began to believe that the strong-willed efforts, as did James, you can throw one who seems invincible. Meanwhile Baer conceded defeat, but it continued to consider Braddock frivolous and weak opponent. He said that he felt sincere pity for him. At the same time, he called his friend James. As for the defeat, Max cheated him of the fact that his hands were severely damaged.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

Unsportsmanlike match

In this period it is time to defend the title. Primarily I applied for this fight Max Schmeling of Nazi Germany. At the time, he was able to defeat the undefeated Joe Louis.

However, Gould and Braddock realized that the miracle did not happen, and therefore tried in every way to avoid a fight. Anyway, over the past two years, James continued to be considered the world champion. He toured the United States - took part in various events and conducted demonstration fights, where he fought with his own coach and demonstrated the proper way to train. In short, I do whatever you want, except for professional sports, and, accordingly, all this did not constitute absolutely no interest in sports.

Meanwhile Schmeling continued to insist on his own, hoping to meet in the ring and turned to James. But he admitted that he is injured and, accordingly, is not yet ready for a fight, that, in fact, it was just nonsense. By and large, no one wanted to give the champion belt of Nazi Germany. Almost everyone understood that in a possible fight boxer wins.

Another major factor was money. Management Luis offered James to fight with their wards, who also wanted to get the championship belt. It was planned that the fight will take place in America, while the match with Shmelengom have occurred in Germany. Accordingly, James was not going to go into the lair of Nazis. And they with Luis slapped hands and agreed on the upcoming fight. In this case, if Braddock fought with the Germans in Germany, he would have received 10 times less money than for the fight with Joe Louis in America. That's what has been calculated! By the way, learning about a future event, Max Baer once said that James did not defend his title. And he was right.

Battle of two titans in the summer of 1937. In the 8th round of Braddock was knocked out. He finished the fight with tooth knocked out. In addition, it left a twenty-three seam. Well, the title of Louis, of course, accepted.

But James was able to turn defeat into personal mercantile victory. In this sad for him to fight, he earned 250 thousand. Dollars. In addition, Gould managed to show remarkable skill. Under the agreement with the management of Louis James will receive ten percent of the proceeds from the next ten fights Joe.

In short, Braddock was a real rich.

We note immediately earned money very cleverly ordered James J. Braddock. His children always came first. He was able to send two sons in the famous University of Yale. A daughter - in one of the most prestigious music schools of America.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

Sunset Cinderella

In 1938, James J. Braddock fought against British boxer Tommy Farr. Its a very revered in the UK, and believed that it is one of the best fighters in the history of Albion.

The bout, in fact, was equal. But the panel of judges decided to side with James. He won on points. Thus, this fight was the last in his career. He officially broke up with sports.

When the Second World, Braddock and Gould went to serve. They have graduated from one of the military schools, and in 1942 joined the ranks of the regular US Army. For three years, Braddock taught self-defense troops on the island in the Pacific Ocean.

When he returned, he began to engage in the sale of welding equipment. He also supplied the equipment for the Marines. In addition, he participated in the construction of the famous bridge Verrizano that in New York. He worked until recently. He died in the late fall of 1974. He was 69.

The posthumous fame

In 2001, Braddock was included in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. And four years later left reel of film that will tell which way to fame was James J. Braddock. The film is called Cinderella man ( "Zolushok"). But in the domestic box office, it was known as the "Cinderella Man." A starring role in the James Braddock played a brilliant actor Russell Crowe. Many say that it is difficult to imagine in the role of someone else, so perfect actor entered the image of a famous boxer.

James J. Braddock: photos, biography and professional boxer's career

The film about James Braddock has received numerous awards and prizes. Also, he was able to collect at the box office about $ 100 million.