Sven Bender: Team midfielder, "Bayer 04" and twin brother Lars Bender

Sven Bender - German professional footballer who currently plays in leverkuyzenskom "Bayer 04" as a central midfielder (Bundesliga). His football career started at the club "TSV Brannenburg" in 1993, the year. Sven Bender has a twin brother - Lars Bender, who also acts in the club "Bayer 04 Leverkusen" (as a midfielder and is the captain of the team).

Sven Bender: Team midfielder,


Sven and Lars Bender were born April 29, 1989 in Rosenheim (Bavaria State). Since childhood, the brothers began to play sports. No sooner had the boys "play football", as the parents took them to the football section. Boys were 4 years.

Over the years, Sven Bender and his brother Lars showed great understanding on the pitch. They have always been major players in midfield in all his youthful compositions.

Sven Bender: Team midfielder,

Early career

In the 1993-1999-th years. Sven Bender with his brother Lars has played for the youth team, "TSV Brannenburg." From 1999 to 2002, the year the club moved to undertake "Unterhaching". Here the guys proved themselves, and then they began hunting for a variety of German scouts. In 2003, Lars and Sven Bender went to the club, "Munich 1860". Here they began to speak of the composition of U-14. The next 3 years they played in all relevant age teams of the club. In November 2007, Sven Bender has extended his contract with "Munich 1860" until 2011. Soon, however, the club into financial difficulties. In 2009, it was decided to sell the fellow players. As a result, Sven moved to the "Borussia Dortmund". And Lars has signed a contract with the "Bayer Leverkuyzen 042". Sven Bender has played for "Munich 1860" 65 games, which has managed to distinguish a naked once. With the "Borussia Dortmund", he signed a contract until 2013.

Borussia Dortmund

The debut of our hero in the Bundesliga for "bumblebee" was held on September 19, 2009 in a match against the "Hannover". Sven Bender quickly adapted as part of winning the competition for a place in Alex Mayer. The first goal scored by Sven February 12, 2011 "Kaiserslautern" club at the gate. Bundesliga season 2011/2012 was the most successful in the career of Sven. He became one of the leading players in the team, which swept to victory in the national championship and the Cup of the country. In January 2013 the midfielder extends contract with "black-yellow" until 2017.

For the new season 2012/2013 are seriously injured. Because of this, he is forced for several months to forget about the game. In January 2013 his place put Nuri Sahin. After recovering from injury, Sven began to argue that for them to be fixed in the base. As a result of this competition, he knocks Nuri Sahin and returns "opornikov" in the "Borussia". However, Sven still had to share space at the heart of a team captain Sebastian Kelemen. This game season "Borussia Dortmund" was able to reach the UEFA Champions League final. But lost to his countrymen - the Munich "Bavaria" with a score of 1-2.

Sven Bender: Team midfielder,

During his career in the "Borussia Dortmund" our hero spent 154 matches, where he managed to score 4 goals and gave 34 assists. Milieu has good impact strength and accuracy: Sven Bender goals were scored mainly from long distances.

Bayer Leverkuyzen

July 13, 2017 after an eight-year stay in the "Borussia Dortmund" he signed the transfer agreement on transition in leverkuyzensky "Bayer 04," which plays his twin brother. Contract runs until 2021. Talented tandem Benderov now belongs to "pharmacists". This means that in the "Bundesliga" midfield "Bayer 04" will be a real threat to the other teams.

Previously, the brothers met in the field as part of different teams and fought each other for real, as the sworn enemies. One played for the "Borussia", the other - for the "Bayer". Footballers zealously competed in "horse-fight", and in the middle of the match, Sven even harshly violated the rules against brother Lars. After the match, Bender gave an interview in which he said that in football no favors, even if the native people playing against you. Nevertheless, the brothers were not "at war" with each other and are good friends and colleagues.

Footballer Sven Bender: international careers

He was part of the German national team to 19 years. Under him the team won the European Youth Championship. Sven and his twin brother Lars was named the best player of the tournament. Bunch Bender was simply irreplaceable in the youth squad. Together they worked out well in the defense, as well as assists all harmoniously organized attack.

Sven Bender's debut in the main team in March 2011 in a friendly against Australia. Then it began to often invited to various matches, where he showed himself well. Our hero would nominate to the main squad on the "Euro-2012". However, for some reason, the player did not participate in this tournament. In February 2014, Sven Bender is seriously injured elbow, and therefore lost the chance to defend the honor of the country at the World Championships in 2014 (which Germany and won). Lars is also not fortunate enough to play in the 2014 World Cup. He had a hip injury.

Sven Bender: Team midfielder,

At the Summer Olympics 2016Cven and Lars Bender played for the Germany national football team. Here "bundestim" won silver medals.