Alex Andronov: biography of the Russian sports commentator

Alexey Andronov - sports journalist from Russia, as well as a football commentator and "avtorallist". He worked as a sports commentator for the Russian TV channel "NTV-Plus", for which he became known in the media space. In the period from 2002 to 2003, the year was the press attache of the Russian national football team. The third prize-winner of Russian national championship in motor racing, "Rally" (2007 year).

Alex Andronov: biography of the Russian sports commentator

Commentator Alex Andronov: early biographies and interesting facts

Born on August 21, 1975, in Moscow (Russian Federation). I grew up in a cultured and educated family. His father, Alexander Shamilevich Tkhostov (by nationality - Ossetians) - Russian scientist and holds a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. While studying at the school wearing his father's name, but by its end of the shift. Grandpa Alexei Andronov - Nikolai Andronov is a national artist of the Russian Federation.

Alex Andronov: biography of the Russian sports commentator

Jobs in print

After high school, Alex went on to study journalism at Moscow State University, but dropped out due to work. In high school, Alex was a member of the school theater, and there he was introduced to a famous journalist Alexander Schuplovym (now deceased). In the end, the guy began to earn it in such print publications as "The Voice", "Book Review", "Capital" and in several newspapers editorials. Soon Alex Andronov enters the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, which gave the printed publication of the "Voice" and "Book Review". Debut great interview he conducted with the Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov. At first, he could not get a job related to the sport, which he adored. However, years later, he became editor of the "Football-Ekspres" newspaper, then "Football courier" and "Sport-Express".

Television Work

In 1996, the year Alexey Andronov found work on television channel "NTV-Plus". It was the work of his dreams, where he worked hard, and it was his joy. It is worth noting that on television it was not without the help of then already famous Vasily Utkin, who then needed journalists, savvy football Bundesliga.

Alex Andronov: biography of the Russian sports commentator

In the period from 1996 to 1999, the year Alex Andronov worked as a sports presenter on the federal channel "TNT" and "NTV-Plus. Football". There he led a weekly program dedicated to European football and his intelligence. From 1999 to 2009 was the first year the main leading analytical-information broadcast under the title "Free kick" on the TV channel "NTV-Plus. Football".

The specification Alexei Andronov as a commentator following leagues included:


  • German Bundesliga;
  • Russian Premier League;
  • UEFA Champions League;
  • UEFA Europa League;
  • European Championship 2000;
  • 2002 World Cup.

Broadcast with Andronov took place at the Moscow TV channel "NTV-Plus" and the Kiev "STB". Also Russian commentator with the year 2008 appeared on the Ukrainian channel "Sport 1" and "Sports 2".

Since 2004, Andronov began to comment not only football events. Alex was also a big fan of boxing, rally and biathlon. In this regard, he commented on the world championship on an auto racing "Formula 1" in autumn 2004 (First National Channel), is paired with a Ukrainian journalist and racing driver Alex Mochanov. In the period from 2004 to the year 2010 Alex Andronov was the host of "Speed ​​World", which was broadcast on "NTV-Plus. Sport". In November 2015 year worked on the TV channel "Match-TV". Soon, however, he was dismissed from his position without the possibility of return. The reason was the scandal with the management of the channel on the background of political and social divisions.

Where is Alex Andronov?

At the moment, the Russian sports commentator Andronov worked at a sports TV channel "Rain". In parallel, leading sports broadcast on television channel 'Viasat Sport'.

Alex Andronov: biography of the Russian sports commentator

The more famous commentator Andronov?

Alex is a fan of football clubs like Dortmund, "Dortmund" (Germany) and Kiev "Dynamo" (Ukraine). Among the favorite football highlights such professionals as the Italian Marco Materazzi (defender), Russian Igor Akinfeev (goalkeeper), Swede Tomas Brolin (forward) and the German Lottar Matthaus (midfielder). Alex Andronov also is an ardent supporter of the "maydanovskoy" opposition in Kiev (the events in the capital of Ukraine in the period from 2013 till 2015, the year). The enemy of modern political campaigns of the Russian Federation.