Asymmetrical bangs: options, photos

In the fashion world today can be found a lot of experimentation, including many options for hairstyles. However, the most popular and most popular are those options that are expected at the asymmetric bangs. It is versatile, perfect for any type of person who easily perfect balance with the majority of images. hair type, their structure, as well as previous experiments with hair are not essential, because the asymmetrical bangs is easy to adjust for absolutely any image.

Why asymmetrical bangs so popular?

Asymmetrical bangs: options, photos

Successfully matched hairstyle can completely change the selected image, the shape of the face, even the visual impression. The main thing - is to choose the right directly to the very long bangs, hair color and makeup. Asymmetrical bangs are increasingly chosen as the most neutral and variativnoj hairstyles. At the same time, such a choice can make a girl individuality, while concealing flaws appearance as too "square" person or a prominent forehead. However, as with any choice of the external image, you need to at least consult with a specialist to choice ultimately did not spoil the impression.

To go asymmetrical bangs?

Asymmetric fringe, a photo which is given above, it is an ideal choice for a lovely owner faces with the correct form of the oval. However, as already mentioned, by means of asymmetrical bangs it is possible to adjust a person with impaired or under the ideal proportions. Very often asymmetrical bangs are used to hide the appearance of cosmetic defects, such as, for example, a birthmark or a scar. However, this does not mean that the asymmetric bangs used solely as camouflage. So, for example, long asymmetrical fringe hide too abrupt transition from the jaw line to the cheeks and smooth lines give the face.

The long asymmetrical fringe: When to use it?

Asymmetrical bangs: options, photos

Elongated asymmetrical bangs proivopokazana those who face shape resembles a cone or flattened oval. In this case, asymmetrical bangs simply emphasize the lack of physical appearance and literally make it impossible to hide the "rough edges". But those who want to focus the attention of others on the neck or the lips, should seriously think about it this hairstyle. A good choice will also be emphasis on tsetov bang, however, it is not for everyone and is more the prerogative of the young generation. The age limit is and on the length of the bangs. Should not seek to completely unfathomable length bangs, instead making a hairstyle, for example, three-dimensional.

The short asymmetric fringe: hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of

Opt for a short asymmetrical bangs is recommended primarily to those girls, whom nature endowed with beautiful chubby cheeks blush. In this case, strongly deviate from the hair line is not recommended, otherwise the asymmetry becomes too prominent and visual contact will give the impression "non-natural" way. Also short oblique or asymmetrical bangs - this is an excellent choice for owners of square and rectangular faces. Often the line of hair growth in this form of face multiple rude and short bangs to one side is able to distract attention from this drawback. Often, a short asymmetric fringe meets hairdo pixie page.

hair type and asymmetric bangs: how to dramatically change the appearance?

Asymmetrical bangs: options, photos

If the girl has long, thick, straight hair, then she is free to choose any type of hair, thereby changing the emphasis on appearance. For example, diagonal short asymmetric fringe is ideal for long flowing hair, but to collect them in a ponytail will not succeed, at least the visual impression will be completely different. Owners of vines hair can choose long, milled bangs when, in fact, it is the only bright accent. It is in these cases often change color bangs.

Free asymmetrical bangs: a bright accent to the exterior of

Asymmetrical bangs: options, photos

How often can I meet the girls with bangs falling over one eye? This hairstyle is often characterized by vivid personalities and harizmatichnm, at the same time is a great way to dramatically change the look and hit the inner circle of non-standard way. Remarkably, the average asymmetry fits all in absolutely every case. Whether it is long hair or short bob, such fringe effectively hides, for example, a small hump nose and will not appear semi.

The curved asymmetrical bangs: high fashion new trend in the world

Increasingly, fashion shows there are models with a bang, the edges of which frame the face. Most often, such a focus is long and luxuriant hair, but there is a model, not always. First of all, you should not choose this type of hairstyle in case if the girl is very high forehead, otherwise you can completely ruin the image. Shortened bob with a fringe is also common, but less frequently. This type of approach girls with small oval face shape. In the case of the bang-arc asymmetry may be uneven, with a bevel in one direction. This hairstyle makes a girl more mysterious, however, have a bang-arc and absolutely practical of application - hide invisible or non-standard eyebrows.

torn or custom bang: amaze original resolution

Asymmetrical bangs: options, photos

If you come across a ragged bangs in the case of daily hair is still possible, the uneven option - it is a choice for a particular rout or prerogative of extremely original personalities. Jagged bangs attached image of licentiousness, insolence. Of course, this hairstyle prefer young girls, however, and the ladies at the age too can surprise an unusual choice of environment image. Uneven fringe does not occur in the sample less. To determine exactly to whom it will approach such a hairdo difficult, as in this case revolves around the hair forms virtually the entire way, until the last small element. Of course, this bright, spectacular and very beautiful, but only if the image actually picked up correctly and all of its components in the field.