Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

A problem such as excess weight, perhaps, will be correct at all times. Slimming do not always want to experience on your own body questionable effect of the numerous syrups, pills and other miracle means. Everyone thinks about the safest way to achieve this.

One of the options, time-tested - losing weight with the help of molokochaya. We are talking about the drink, which included - milk and green (or black) tea. In this article we will look at what molokochay, the use and some recipes for its preparation are described in the article.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

What molokochay

It is an ordinary tea (green or black) with the addition of milk. As a child, almost all babies fed these gentle and invigorating drink.

Not everyone knows that the open part of the healing Indians. It is they who have come up to make tea directly in the milk without the use of water. About the origin of the drink debate. Part of the theory is based on the knowledge of its unusual benefit, other (more real) claim to replace the usual water with milk, which in India is not too clean.

Course of the diet on molokochae the beginning of the question. The ability to drink to reduce body weight was estimated to be among the first Americans. Confirmation can be considered the story of Oprah Winfrey - the famous master, which succeeded with the help normalize weight quickly without any side effects. This drink can be considered a panacea for health and beauty, accessible to any and very easy to prepare.

How can acts molokochay? What is its benefit to the organism? The explanation is simple - the drink stimulates the excretion of bile and tissue of excess fluid. Is cleansed of toxins. The negative effect of caffeine is reduced. Fats are digested faster and easier. It improves the condition of the mucous membranes of the stomach and other organs. Appetite is markedly reduced due to the long-term feeling of satiety. Lose weight with the help of molokochaya can not only simple and effective, but also delicious, hearty and healthy!


Although the composition of the drink includes its complete safety, the best any of us it still will not name. Under the categorical prohibition of the use in the case of individual intolerance of lactose and milk. Precautions should drink it in the case of kidney disease, digestive tract, high blood pressure during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, one should remember that based on molokochae fasting day should not get in the middle of the week. This applies particularly to those whose work is related to serious physical or mental stress.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

Molokochay - reviews physicians

"Overseeding" on a diet of this drink, you can lose during a single day of limited intake of 2-4 pounds (depending on the total amount of excess weight). It is also effective when included in the composition of the other diets. Even if you just drink it, not limiting themselves to the food, the weight will gradually decrease. In the opinion of molokochae losing weight, the rate of the rate of the process is from 500 grams per day.

Do not get carried away

At first glance, everything is simple - go exclusively molokochay, drink gallons of it, and losing weight Hood Hood. But such tactics no doctor will not recommend. And tea, milk and individually are very useful to the body. But do not forget that a large number of drinks leads to dehydration. To avoid this, stick to this diet prescribed menu and drink plenty of clean water.

Application Notes

Carrying on the fasting day molokochae shown once a week or every 10 days - not more. By the same diet every quarter should be used on it (at least, once a month). Those who are willing to seriously "hooked" on a similar version of the diet, it is advisable to carefully examine the state of health. The problem of this diet can be reduced absorption of calcium from milk under the influence of tea. As a result of the lack of receipt of this element in the body can be increased fragility of blood vessels, joints and bones. Also, such a diet is fraught with the growth of the stones in the bladder and kidneys, or it can be triggered by chronic hypotension. Too is the frequent use of such a mixture could theoretically lead to the appearance of carcinogens. Thus, caution here, as in any case, can not hurt.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

The main thing - remember that the destruction of fat under the influence of the drink itself does not occur. The mechanism of action is based, as has been said, to clean the body and normalize the metabolism.

And representatives of official medicine and traditional healers are united in their opinion - a moderate and reasonable use of tea with milk does not bring the body is nothing but good.

Molokochay Diet: Recipe

Confine banal mixing milk with tea, alas, will not succeed. If you cook the mixture with the aim to lose weight, it requires compliance with certain proportions and strict adherence to the guidelines. So, focus on the most popular and effective options molokochaya recipe for weight loss.

Molokochay slimming - recipe № 1 (classical). Simmered bring to a boil nonfat milk (1 L). When boiling add a couple of spoons of green tea with stirring. Then cover with a lid and let sit for 20 minutes. You can during this time to mix a drink from time to time. This recipe molokochaya slimming advise with a diet and fasting days. If you are totally against unsweetened drinks can add a little honey.

Molokochay diet - the recipe number 2. Molokochay English. You can take all the same green tea, or, preferably, a real "Earl Gray". Initially preparing welding, cool, mix it with milk in a ratio of 2 to 1 in a large enameled circle, then heated in a water bath to a temperature acceptable for consumption. This recipe is also well applicable in the fasting days and diets.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

Avoid too strong welding. Some insist molokochay in a thermos. To do so should not be categorically. His ability to quickly be lost, but the benefits can turn back to the body harm. To enhance the fat burning effect may resort to combination with certain beverage products.

Molokochay - recipe (Optional)

An interesting variant with ginger. This drink has an original flavor and taste, as well as activates the body's metabolic processes. Ginger's ability to breakdown of fat cells have long been known, as well as their positive effect on the protective capabilities of the body.

Another recipe includes molokochaya with ginger in boiling skim milk (1-1, 5%), followed by the addition of a boiling liquid 3 teaspoons tea (green or black). Then the fire is reduced to a minimum level, the content is covered with a lid and yearns for a few minutes. Then everything is cooled, filtered. It consumed the composition of 4 hours before any of the meals or simply the feeling of hunger.

Another option - is ground using a grinder, dry ginger (pinch), cinnamon stick, clove bud or two. You can also add a little bit of cardamom (if desired). The resulting mixture was in an amount of one teaspoon fill half a liter of boiling water and tomim about 7 minutes. Then mix with low-fat milk (700 mL) and a pair of teaspoons tea - black or green.

All boil for two to three minutes, then filtered and drunk three times a day before meals (for fifteen minutes) or an exacerbation of hunger.

It is possible in boiling water (0, 5 L) was cast on a spoon (tea), green and black tea, and after a few minutes of pulping poured with mixing low-fat milk (400 mL). After boiling, add grated ginger (teaspoon). Fire off, the beverage is brewed under the cover until cool, and then after filtering it is assumed as above.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

This drink can be cooked with honey. You may ask, how do combine the honey - high-calorie foods - and weight loss? In this case, its role - to stimulate the action of other ingredients and active exchange processes. If we consider molokochay diet - the recipe with honey there is not one. For example, in one of the cups we brewed green tea (one teaspoon per 100 ml boiling water), in another mix of hot milk and a half teaspoon of honey. After a couple of minutes infusion ingredients are combined by pouring carefully thin stream into a third container. Thus we reach their uniform mixing.

It is also possible to boiling milk (1 L) Pour about 3 teaspoons black tea and after a few minutes of cooking turn off the fire. The mixture is cooled and filtered, then thereto is added beeswax nectar (spoon) and a small pinch ground black pepper.

There is even a recipe for weight loss molokochaya with garlic! Namely - 3 cloves crushed well it is mixed with cold milk (1 L), slowly brought to boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. Finally, pour a few tablespoons of black tea. Served as in the other embodiments, in the form ostuzhennoy after filtering through several layers of cheesecloth. If the taste seems unusual, you can add a little honey.

It is easy to make molokochay. Recipe for you to help.

What is particularly important to

Each recipe molokochaya slimming its features. You have to remember that there should be no discomfort when taking a drink. In any case, do not allow such things as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. It will not be superfluous to the diet on molokochae and consult a doctor.

The benefits of fasting days for the human body says a lot. Rest any of us should not only work, but also on the abundant food. unloading task - to clean the digestive system and recuperation.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

Recommendation to arrange fasting days on weekends to be difficult. The resulting hunger can deprive enthusiasm and swayed any measures to lose weight. It is in such cases and help molokochay. The results of its use in connection with the effective long feeling of satiety. If you are set to struggle with excess weight over strongly, try for a fasting day to manage a specified drink without eating more than is absolutely no food. In the absence of calorie intake in the body perforce go to burn fat. Typically, the day after the unloading of a pleasant surprise and a great sense of lightness energized.

What are the rules must comply with the mandatory

Discharged at molokochae must clean drinking water per day (non-carbonated) volume of 2 liters. If you spend too much discharge, it is possible, along with harmful slag to wash out of the body and a large number of useful minerals.

Take the milk fat content should be 1-2%. Eat molokochay - equal portions in the regular mode. Habit keep to the timetable in this matter may arise at once.

Other options unloading

The most popular way - the use in the discharge day only water molokochaya and a small amount of cheese. All liquid (water and healthful drink) is divided into equal portions and alternately with each other, drunk during the day. Such a method leads to spectacular possible cleaning and disposal of edema. He is traditional for those who urgently need to lose a few extra pounds. You can stretch to unload molokochae for 3 days.

Molokochay diet: recipe, results, comments

How effective is it

The effect of such fasting days expressed strongly, but is unstable. However, the obtained results in this beverage is possible to keep a long time. One of the most popular at the present day options involves losing weight up to 15 kg. Of course, this work - the persistent and long.

Accompanied beverage intake should be adequate physical activity, proper diet and reasonable compliance with all inherent to healthy living habits. Breakfast in the discharge day on molokochae be porridge on the water or steamed buckwheat. Then you can have a meal with fresh vegetables and hard cheese with grain bread. For lunch, prepare yourself soup without the presence of the potato in it and boil a few vegetables. They are recommended in any form and in the afternoon. For dinner you can afford eggs or scrambled eggs, a little chicken. At night, as the second-dinner drink some kefir or yogurt portion. At the same time consume molokochay, spreading it in an amount equal to one and a half liters dose.

Do not focus solely on losing weight. Do not forget about the active lifestyle and do not try to weigh yourself every day, then the arrow on the scale in a short time can you seriously happy.