Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

Homemade for fishing and hunting used by mankind since ancient times. After all, these fisheries have been exploited by people among the very first. And today, despite the wide range of specialty stores, fans spend their time with a fishing rod or spinning rod are doing and, most likely, will continue to make homemade fishing with his hands. And in this case, the craftsmen have acquired vast experience, who do not mind sharing with others.


Currently existing fishing tricks and homemade products can be divided into several categories, each of which is distinguished by its practical application. The first of these are the various tackles. This product can be successfully copying foreign analogs, which cost just fabulous, or present invention fishing enthusiasts. This group includes floats and hooks, lures and leashes, Donkey, jig, and more.

In the second category are fishing tricks and homemade products, which already validated experience. It also includes lures, different types of lures and baits, and the inventive methods and ways of fishing. This is a fairly large topic, which discusses how to fish in a particular place at a particular time of year.

The third, quite a large group includes a variety of accessories - either invented or copied from existing samples. They represent a variety of tools that allow:

- increase the shelf life of fish in hot weather;

- the right to dress to stay warm on the ice in winter;

- save bloodworms and other bait, placing it in a special container.

So, what are the most popular fishing tricks and homemade products, which are made of readily available materials?

Popper of the toothbrush

Very often fishing tricks and homemade literally hit game of fantasy craftsman who made them. So this surface lure foreign producers can cost quite expensive. That is why there is a sense in its self-manufacturing. Popper, who is also called Walker, being a surface bait, do not drown. Permissible only their small pritaplivanie. What is possible to apply a material that will hold well on the water? It toothbrushes, which primarily tested for buoyancy. Make it pretty simple. Just type in an ordinary bucket of water and throw back the brush. It should stay on the surface and does not sink.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

The work is done using a small grinder with replaceable nozzles, which resembles mikrobolgarku. Making this cunning fishing gear starts with the sawing of the brush portion with bristles. The resulting edge must be treated with sandpaper attachment. At the top and the bottom of the need to make a small hole. It is necessary for securing the tee with a swivel ring. Next, you need to touch up a homemade bait. Color must necessarily be bright, for example, green and red. In almost the finished product is inserted tees. If you experience the resulting construct in the bathroom, it turns out that due to the large weight pulls it down. Avoid this allows glued on top with superglue narrow strip of foam. This embodiment popper will hold well in water and will cease sinking.


In the workshop fisherman fishing homemade tricks can be made of many different materials. However, wobblers best to take the birch. This tree is perfectly processed and in the process is not pricked. In the first stage of manufacturing the future bait her body milled using a cutter. Thereafter, the obtained preform was treated first coarse and then - fine sandpaper. In this case, the lure to get smooth, and will not have any burrs.

The product requires fixing loops which may be formed from cove string. The wire is bent in the form of a little winding of the letter "P" (to keep better). Furthermore, for the strength of one end of the letter should be somewhat longer than the other. Next clip is driven into the lure. For this use "nails" cut from wire of the same diameter.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

wobbler must have a certain weight. That is why it ogruzhayut by inserting a triangular cut-out hole in the abdomen of a small pewter plate.

In the next stage lures are painted using gouache. The most critical areas is desirable to use a gel pen that will give color clarity. Thereafter the bait should varnish layer 2-3. At least the blade is inserted. It can be made of unnecessary computer drives on the one hand that when a needle is removed the paint. Next is propyl and the item is inserted in the wobbler to drive a manual jigsaw.

baubles on perch

Fishing tricks and homemade fishing can be made from almost anything. Sometimes used for this even broken tweezers. By itself, this tool is high quality and made of stainless steel. That is why it can serve as an excellent lure for walleye. It is known that this fish is a predator, which distinguishes the narrow pharynx. So baubles need also narrow. Tweezers in this case fits just perfectly. On one leg of the cosmetic tool will need to cut the workpiece to length. Its a little grind. This makes it possible to give details of the desired shape and rid it of small burrs.

The next step is to drill holes. They are needed for the connection line and the tee using swivels and rings. It should be borne in mind that this procedure is not simple. The selected material is sufficiently durable, and The thin drill may even break during operation.

Upon completion of this stage is screwed troynichok. Make it better with the worst hand, otherwise it will be bad baubles stay in the water. For those who wish to give to the aesthetic appearance of the product, it is advisable to cut it scales. On this piece of tweezers to already have cross-layer. Have to do only a few longitudinal cuts of uniform and shiny baubles on a perch or walleye will be fully ready for fishing. It is worth noting that these homemade specialties are not worse. And made of tweezers can even be called the best. After all, it is a tee with the heaviest side, thus avoiding coups spinners and entanglement.

Summer fines

There are many fishing tricks and come up with a huge amount of DIY, which are used not only for beginners but also experienced fishermen in the warmer months. Summer fishing is distinctive. During it requires particular attention catch preservation. After all the fish in the heat quickly deteriorates, and in the evening it might have just thrown away.

Saving the captured

Once the fish have been pulled from the water to the shore, it should be gently (not to pinch internal) get rid of the hook. And if production was severely injured, then it should not be put in a bucket with the rest of the catch. These actions will lead to the fact that within a few hours in the heat spoil the whole fish.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

Wounded production should be put to death and gutted, and then wrapped in fresh grass (better nettles). Keep this fish better in the shade, where it is blown by the breeze and stay cool. If such a place near there, then gutted production should be just prisolit.

Live storage

For many fishermen it is important to bring home the catch alive. For this purpose, the fish must be stored in the water while being in Kukan or cage. Net of the latter should not be made of metal, since production will attempt to get into the pond, causing her severe injury. Hang the tank is necessary in the shadows, buried it in the water enough to let the fish do not fight when sailing against each other. Furthermore, in the crush catch it is in danger of self-poisoning substances, released as a result of metabolism.

A homemade tank

This item is offered for catching all the specialty stores. However, if the tank is a trademark, the price of it is set such that not every angler can afford to purchase it.

For the summer season of the year, this accessory can be made independently. Thus it will be sufficiently wide, long and folding as desired.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

How do I run this home-made fishing? To do this, you need to take a solid wire. You can use ready-made metal rings. To create a compact gear they will need just three, but with different diameters - large, medium and small. Also need to be monofilament mesh. Useful to the one previously used for windows as protection against mosquitoes. From this grid crosslinked product, like a sock. It should match the diameter of the rings. They need to put a sock and attach using small stitches. To hold the fish in cages and need another cover. It is made from stretched over another wire ring a nylon mesh. For fixing the entire structure fisherman little tricks should be used. They consist in the use of a nylon rope tied to the construction of a reliable unit. Otherwise, the catch tank may float away with the current. And that production did not go to the bottom, to the top ring can be attached to a small children's lifeline.

Floats own hands

This is a small device that signals a biting, anglers love to make his own. First of all, because there is no point in buying something that you can do yourself. Besides fishing and homemade tricks with your hands - it is a hobby of many fans of the aquatic hunting. And this does not mean that the purchase of the float in the store can not be due to its high cost. Many fishermen can afford to buy the best that offers the modern manufacturer. However, the features of fishing gear and tricks made at home, lies in the fact that they are often the most suitable one for successful fishing.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

For many fishermen homemade floats much better purchased. After all, they can make any shape and paint in the most eye-pleasing color. And to make this quite simple tackle. Just to keep in mind that the first products will hardly be ideal. But then, as far as getting the experience, each fisherman can refine their crafts, as well as coming up with a variety of options and the most unusual floats. Like good tackle from goose feathers. This material is easy to find on any body of water that is preferred by these birds. Lost their feathers sometimes just float on the water surface. It remains to bend down and pick up this unique natural material.

Made his own floats can be different sizes. Large intended for big fish, and vice versa. From the pen will need to cut all unnecessary, and leave only its foundation. As a result, the hands will only have light, thin, but at the same time strong enough stick. On its upper side also needs to be cut off all unnecessary. Bottom, ie in the place where the pen should be fastened to the skin of the bird, it can not be touched. Otherwise, the resulting float is constantly wet. To carry out these works, which will allow to make the main part of the float, it will take a sharp knife stationery. After completion of the work product are painted in bright colors that will allow it to be much more noticeable in the water. Simply complete this nail polish, which has water resistance. The truncated portion of the float is provided for fastening the fishing line.

Catching carp

This fish is one of the most popular among professionals and novice fishing fans, as home to virtually every body of water. To secure a good pastime with a fishing rod, you can if you use a few tricks for catching carp.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

And we should start with feeding. It should be borne in mind that the carp is very sensitive to smells. That's why he does not always respond to the lure, which is offered by specialized shops. Tricks for catching carp anglers consist in the use of conventional feed, which previously added powdered roasted seeds. This mixture was pre-wetted. This allows it to settle to the bottom of the reservoir. Not very active bite carp using a conventional test on the grain flour. To remedy the situation, you can add to the lure a little tincture of valerian. One of the unusual ways to get a great catch on fire is singeing the hooves of cattle. Another smoking throw them into the water, which contributes to excellent biting.

There are other tricks and homemade fishing on carp. So, for a good catch are often used so-called nipple-springs. Such gear is designed for that carp love the food from the bottom to suck in your mouth. That is why the hooks are taken on short leashes and then hidden in the bait, which is in troughs made of bottle caps, as well as of a spring wire wound in a concave lead plate. During feeding carp swallows the bait, and with it, and hooks.

In the cold time of

There are also winter fishing tricks and homemade. They make it easy to catch, and create a certain comfort in the human being in difficult weather conditions. One of the accessories, which is quite easy to make your own hands, a gaff. For it will need a pen from the old umbrella and a sharpened metal rod. It is possible to take the electrode from which the pre-straying insulating layer. One end of the metal rod to be sharpened and is bent in the shape of a hook, and the second flattened on the anvil. More gaff need plastic anchor. It is put on the rod, pushing it to the flattened part. Further, the plug is inserted into the tube of the umbrella. He is attached to it by means of flattening.

Fishing tricks and homemade: interesting ideas and recommendations

Many fishing and homemade tricks for winter fishing to protect a person with a fishing rod from a different kind of danger. Thus, each fisherman is moved across the ice, you need to carry a so-called spasalki. This two wooden handle, machined on the lathe, in each of which an epoxy adhesive is secured steel sharpened pin. These parts are interconnected rope whose length 30-50 cm less growth fisherman. "Spasalki" worn around the neck. If the fisherman fell through the ice, he must stick pins into the edge of the water and climb up, standing on a rope like a notch. Many fishing and homemade tricks, ideas that are presented above, are widely used in many countries angler for more than a decade.