Best of the best: how to improve the quality of work

In the case of self-realization there are real geniuses are not pereplyunesh any hard work, but they appear only rarely - 1-2 people per million. All other competitors may be able to surpass by means of self. It is in the self-development is the key to how to work better.

That generally means "work better"? For some lazy quality of work will be determined by how long the work is not possible to do anything and still get paid. We take the quality of the work of another landmark - it is a job in which you will solve more complex than usual, the problem, the boss and colleagues can appreciate your labors. Quality work involves personal and professional growth, but you have to work hard and provide maximum return for her. Let's agree: with you - a sincere desire to work better with us - a clue how to do it.

Learn how to start

Best of the best: how to improve the quality of work

Without tautology in the first paragraph can not do: to start to improve the quality of the work will have to learn to start. Every long journey begins with the first step, but if you have a difficult or unusual task in front of you, then do this step oh how difficult. Remember how iskhitryayutsya small children not to go to bed on time? They just want to drink, eat and use the toilet, remember the thousands of important and urgent matters that need to be done immediately. A difficult first step, many of us turn to such children, not wanting to go to bed. It is the first step depends on whether you will go ahead, no matter what, or zastynesh in the swamp of procrastination. The formula of success depends on many factors. One of them: the sooner you start to work, the better will succeed. Time you will have more doubt - less. If somewhere something goes wrong, from which no one is immune, something else will be able to redo everything.

To quickly get down to work, make a list of 3-5 possible first steps. For example, you were asked to make a presentation on the annual statistics from scratch. What could be the first step? Think in different directions. You can start to collect statistics, to write a presentation outline or choose a template for it, and you can view the previous versions of the presentations and ask council colleagues how best to do. Any of these steps can be the first one, so choose the one that you think is simpler than other - and boldly steps forward. Everything else will not be difficult to continue as soon as you start and you will be involved in the process.

Work as a sacred act

Family, friends, work - the three pillars on which our life rests. Therefore, the work as a phenomenon deserves it attached special importance. This is not just a source of support, but a way to contribute to society, to express themselves and grow on them. Therefore, the workflow can be surrounded by "sacred" (of course, only in quotation marks) rituals that will immerse you in a special working atmosphere. Psychological studies have shown that it significantly improves performance, as the special atmosphere of a hypnotic effect. Establishments rituals own active working process. A good option would be to remove all the excess from the table, isolate all external stimuli and the extra flow of information, then create some background. For example, if colleagues do not mind, you can light the scented candles. You can listen to some music in the headphones, the forest sounds, the birds singing or the sound of rain. You can dress in special clothing, such as a solemn-looking, so you always felt the importance of their cause, and colleagues knew in advance that you should not distract.

Follow the rhythms of

Any workflow is beneficial if it is subject to certain rhythm associated with your biorhythms. Based on the needs of its own body and the general recommendations of psychologists. Check in practice, how often you need a break and how much time you spend on it.

Many under the influence of inspiration and tide activity breaks neglected, not wanting to lose the wave of fruitful activity. It is better not to do it, because in this case the wave subside quickly. The body needs a break every hour, with rare exceptions - every half hour. If you're such a break is not doing something every working hour productivity will fall, although in fact you work more.

In addition, pay attention, in which working hours are you most quickly react to what is happening, and in some - more easily disassemble the boring routine exercises. Take this into consideration. Another important factor that should be considered in the context of rhythms - this postponement. It is not to postpone the case indefinitely, but the constant review and re-examination. Once you do some logically complete part of the case, set it aside and go do something else. After a couple of operating phases and a few breaks to go back and recheck made all that it contains, even if you are 100% sure of its accuracy and correctness. Even if you really did everything for the first time with no errors, then you can look to fresh nezamylenny come up with the great idea that will improve the performance as a whole.