7 mistakes that you are making the eve of the New Year's party

New Year - a holiday for which is necessary to be grateful. It brings together all the people of the world, it collects close at the same table and allows the party until you drop. The exact formula for success does not exist, but you will feel easy, if something goes wrong party. And if you have seen that lately you look at the Christmas decorations, but inside you feel a void - it's time to think about what you are upsetting myself a holiday. Before someone to blame, find out which of the common mistakes when preparing to do.

7 mistakes that you are making the eve of the New Year's party

1. Worried about the kiss

A scene from the movie: fireworks soar upwards, and you merge in a passionate kiss. It seems that the fashion for kissing while being hit chimes, already passes all bounds. Yes, perhaps it will bring you good luck, but do not need to prepare in advance for this and specify the partner, when and how it should come to you with a lasting kiss. Let things go on as usual, and remember that a kiss does not determine your future life.

2. get hung up on little things

Potatoes on the table began to cool, although a visit to her have not touched? Small problem - you can always warm up. A glass crashed? This is not the end of the world! People may not strictly follow all the plans that you have lined up in my head, so stop wasting energy and emotion, and every minute to lose the holiday spirit.

3. Do you think that is obliged to go somewhere

7 mistakes that you are making the eve of the New Year's party

Do not worry, if you want to spend a New Year's Eve at home, roll up in a blanket. Take the closest person, and just watch a movie, relax and think about the happy moments of the year, that happened to you. In fact, you're not the only one like this - just found the courage to admit that too tired to dance around the Christmas tree at the restaurant.

4. take medication

If you believe in the power of Chinese medicine, you probably should know that there is a taboo on medicinal herbs infusion on the first day of the year. It is believed that then you will hurt all year. In some lands, after the bell announces the arrival of the new year, sick people break their bottles of potions and pills to protect themselves from the disease in the next year. Of course, we do not recommend to avoid a doctor's prescription, but you can quite replace the cold medicine to a warming cocktail without any consequences.

5. bother frame for Instagram in

7 mistakes that you are making the eve of the New Year's party

Social networks can greatly affect your mood and how you will feel in a holiday. If you catch yourself on the fact that it is high time to build the composition and light to show subscribers perfect cookies, it is a reason to worry. Are you so dependent on other people's likes, what you can for the sake of this discussion, and skip all the games with your friends? Enjoy the real world, and a cheerful evening and you will be remembered no documented shooting.

to get drunk beforehand 6.

Of course, at a party your friends will be drunken. But there is a big difference between a pair of glasses to drink and dance on the dance floor, and drink so much he wants to climb into the fray. In addition, you can sober up even before the president will begin treatment, you risk to make a headache and dark circles under the eyes, which do not complement your ideal image of the New Year.

7. Packaging gifts at the last minute

There is no moment more frightening than hearing a call to the intercom until your arms are wrapped with tape and wrapping paper and strives to break with one careless movement. Make sure beforehand that you have enough presents for everyone, and each of them well decorated and tied. And be sure to sign the who what!