6 ways to create a work of art

My main barrier to employment creativity - fear of failure. Absurd scribbles touches others, until the artist is between the ages of 2-7. Now I'd rather hear: "Drawing is not yours," and the first one to tell about it - my inner voice.

Overcome psychological clips help the special presets for creativity. Together with an online store "Color" I have collected a few of the original painting techniques. They are sophisticated enough for you to feel like an artist, but moderately simple to be able to master each.

1. Painting by numbers

6 ways to create a work of art 6 ways to create a work of art

Painting by numbers more than other techniques reminiscent of real painting, and on the process and the result. For you have done all the most difficult - inflicted sketch, divided into numbered zones and picked up the paint.

The basis of the idea of ​​numbered pictures of the way in which Leonardo da Vinci studied painting.

Painting by numbers on canvas, and there on wooden panels. In addition, the paint can not only someone else's work, but also his own image. In the shop "Color" will produce a numbered picture on the canvas from a photograph.

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2. Flip-art portrait

6 ways to create a work of art

Flip-art portrait, too, are made from a photograph. It is a good idea for a gift, because you can work to create a picture with the recipient and even the whole company.

Included for flip-art canvas on a stretcher, glued to his special film-stencil with a picture, paint, brushes, and self-adhesive film. All you need to do: to put on canvas the bright colors in random order and form. After removing the stencil film you get a stylish and photographically precise portrait. Spoil a picture is not possible. You can order any image. The picture in the flip-art style will become a bright accent in the interior.

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3. Painting epoxy

Artistic technique with epoxy paint called Resinart. Painting with a perfectly smooth, transparent and solid surface looks very effectively, thus it is easy to perform.

On the round wooden plate is applied to the resin, followed by dyes and pigments. Borne paint abstract scenic spots, forming a cosmic landscapes. After drying, the picture can be hung on a wall or set on a stand.

The kit has all the necessary drawing materials and detailed instructions.

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4. Painting in the technique of Ebru

Ebru - is a technique of drawing on the water. For it requires special materials, but do not need professional knowledge and skills.

Paints for ebru more liquid than gouache or acrylic. They are nicely spread out over the water, without mixing, forming unexpected patterns and combinations. This is an unusual artistic technique that produces creative ideas directly in the process of drawing.

You can not only represent an abstraction. To use the exact pattern awl.

When the painting is finished in the water, move it on heavy paper, cloth or wooden panels. Apply your face to the image, and paint "perepolzut" to the canvas in the same form in which had a water film.

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5. Scratch pattern

6 ways to create a work of art

The technique of making the scratch pattern is very simple, but the process itself is fascinating. You need stsarapat silver coating with a vinyl sheet to which the image is applied. For subjects scratch paintings often use Panorama night city. Under your hand comes to life in black and gray New York, Paris and Hamburg. A night metropolis lights up with thousands of lights. In the "Color" novelty store has a scratch-paintings, which are not easy to find on sale or found in the interior. It comes with a clean sheet of scratch, where you can create your drawing.

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6. The diamond picture coloring

6 ways to create a work of art 6 ways to create a work of art

This picture has united once two techniques: drawing numbers and diamond art. Combining elements of diamond crystals and the background of acrylic paint creates a 3D effect. This pattern will create a true masterpiece, and will not take much time.

Both techniques require only simple and plodding and accuracy. Can you do the job in any order: begin with rhinestones or coloring background.

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In the shop "Color" is not only painting, but also other materials for handicraft, decorating, creating crafts out of paper. Goods are delivered in 700 Russian cities.