All you need to know about how to remove the breast

All you need to know about how to remove the breast

About preventive mastectomy public could hear for the first time after the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie breast removed to avoid cancer. In Russia, such a procedure would be carried out officially started in 2010, but still a lot of prejudice and superstition since there is that it entails. Here are some key facts you need to know about how to remove the breast.

The operation is worth considering if there are several factors

Typically, these operations are shown to those who have a mutation in the gene BRCA1 or BRCA2, - people with a similar deviation cancer manifests itself in almost 90% of cases.

It is also an indication for preventive mastectomy is a family history of cancer, confirmed by genetic research, or signs of precancerous organ pathology.

The operation is not carried out in the presence of hypertension, diabetes, asthma or psychiatric diagnosis. The decision to hold a mastectomy is taken collectively by several specialists, and certified legally requires the patient's consent.

All the operations are different

All you need to know about how to remove the breast

There are several different types of mastectomies, which vary according to how much tissue is removed. Possible full mastectomy, partial, radical, preserving the nipple and other options. Sometimes remove only the chest, and sometimes can even remove the pectoral muscles and lymph nodes.

For each woman individually planned operation, and takes into account all factors, ranging from the size of the formation and size of the breast itself to the patient's wishes to the appearance and the presence of other diseases.

It may take several operations

To remove all the tissue, usually requires several operations. This is not similar to how the procedure is breast enlargement - including deleted and nerves. Furthermore, an extremely painful operation and the period of postoperative pain is long enough.

Usually surgery is done under general anesthesia, and may take 2-3 hours. Most incisions are made in the form of an oval around the nipple as widely as possible on each breast. Once the incision is made, the surgeon separates the skin from the breast tissue and the muscles of the chest. Then, the dissection of axillary lymph nodes, if necessary, and then reconstruction of the breast.

Surgical drains are then installed - long tube for collecting excess fluid that can accumulate in the space where the breasts were. Thereafter, the surgeon sutures the incision and closes tightly fitting bandage.

Importantly, the surgeon performing the operation, usually make special cosmetic seams that do not need to be removed, because they are self-absorbed in the tissues.

The nipples can be saved, and to change the form of

All you need to know about how to remove the breast

The doctors allow multiple opportunities in relation to the nipple - they can be saved, and you can do something like 3D-tattoos.

If the breasts completely removed, new breasts may build out of its own tissues of the patient, with the help of implants or own tissue of the patient. The girls who have gone through surgery and put a special implant, note that too comfortable with them. The risk of the disease tends to zero, the implants do not sag, and they do not even need to wear a bra.

The sensitivity of the breast will change

One of the negative consequences of such a procedure is the loss of sensitivity of the breast due to the removal of nerves and a long healing process. In any case, these negative factors are afraid not so much as an opportunity to get cancer.

recovery period takes several months to

All you need to know about how to remove the breast

Doctors recommend to remain under observation for 3-5 days, and if you want to make a subsequent implantation, then a little longer. In any case, the amount of operation of reconstruction options, and timing discussed in advance before operation.

After surgery, it is imperative to carry out daily routines that help keep the body in good shape. Doctors prescribe a special set of exercises, which aims to improve muscle tone, joint mobility and lymph flow. Regular performance training will help reduce the chances of swelling or inflammation.