Where to ride a windsurfing all year round

Where to ride a windsurfing all year round

A paradise for windsurfers - Biarritz, Hossegor and Costa Rica, but good beaches with strong wind can also be found in Asia and in the East. If you have no experience of driving on the board, but you eat a mad passion for the sea and waves, then you can claim a connection with the culture of surfing. Together with instructors windsurfing school Dutchman we decided to tell you about the most popular places in the world where everyone will be able to conquer your wave.

Windsurfing - Sailing view that combines elements of surfing and sailing. Unlike surfing, windsurfing uses the wind to move forward, while surfing depends on the strength of the waves. This means that you can exercise at any location with plenty of water and wind.

in Egypt

Why you should go: Located just an hour's drive north-east of the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea, a paradise of Dahab, where the most stable wind around Egypt. Riddle lies in mountainous banks Aqaba bay, which creates a natural wind tunnel, dry warm air, sandy beaches and rare rains. Windsurfing season usually runs from February to December.

Laguna Dahab completely blown by the wind due to the absence of buildings on the shore. The water is smooth, without coral - perfect for training beginners safe. Also there is a place with high-speed and wave zones, where people come to train the best riders from around the world.

Things To Do: In contrast to the Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab can boast a vibrant nightlife, and major shopping centers. But here you can achieve total relaxation, a rest from the city noise, traffic jams and crowds of countless people. You can ride on a boat or a camel, signing up for a tour of the National Park Gabr Ile Bent, taste the best dishes of traditional cuisine and Bedouin try diving safari in the reserve of Ras Abu Galum. Learn more about windsurfing in Egypt

In Vietnam

Why you should go: The best conditions for windsurfing in the whole South China Basin centered around the sandy bay of Mui Ne. Bay beach stretches for 15 km to the east from the city of Phan Thiet, pretty quiet and relaxing resort with a wide beach, palm trees and pines.

Windsurfing season here begins in November and lasts until March. Soft steady breeze, the warm sea, and there is no need to buy a wetsuit and warm clothes - we can say with certainty that Mui Ne is one of the most comfortable places for windsurfing in the fall and winter.

On the whole of the bay there is no reef, rock, coral or other obstacles that are safe for the novice windsurfer. Local wind peculiarity is that in the morning it blows relatively weak, and after dinner, is gaining momentum. Therefore, the morning can be used for the study and development of new elements, and with the strengthening of the forces of wind and waves scope - begin to practice more complex.

What else to do: Mui Ne attractions are centered around the beaches, tropical forests and sand dunes. At 28 kilometers from Phan Thiet resort on the mountain Taku, is known all over the world statue of the Reclining Buddha, or as it is called, "The Buddha, which goes into nirvana." Mandatory attendance also are Poshanu Cham Tower and Lake lotus situated between Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. The first is part of the larger temple complex, built in the 7th century in honor of the worship of the god Shiva, the second is located in the vicinity of attractions created by nature - white dunes. Learn more about windsurfing in Vietnam

In Greece

Why you should go: Cape Prasonisi in Rhodes - one of the most popular European windsurfers, where touching the warm waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Because of the temperature difference over the Mediterranean formed low pressure flow, and above Ege - high. So there is a breeze, permanent waves, which reach heights of two meters.

The waves from the Mediterranean sea quieter, so it is better to choose for beginners and those who practice the new elements. Aegean side is suitable for windsurfers, with sufficient experience. Windsurfing season lasts from May to mid-October, but the strongest winds can reach in July and August.

What else to do: The card of the island of Rhodes is its city. Rhodes and Lindos - the biggest ancient cities throughout Greece. They are considered one of the most important cultural heritage at the international level. Narrow streets, classic architecture, medieval churches and bridges form their unique atmosphere.

Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Colossus of Rhodes. Today, the main attraction of the island is one of the monuments of the World Heritage Site - the medieval fortress of Rhodes, who served for strengthening Hospitaller knights.

Learn more about windsurfing in Greece

Where to learn to ride

Where to ride a windsurfing all year round

Learn to windsurf best in a specialized institution. Windsurfing School Dutchman - one of them. At school there are several levels of training. Basic knowledge - the foundation, without which it is impossible to further the development of techniques of windsurfing. You know what windsurfing is arranged sail and board, on safety rules and behavior on the water, as well as learn the art of movement on the board sailing.

Riders intermediate and advanced study new and more complex elements and improve the techniques already developed for self study, which will progress much faster.

Also a children's instructor team HOLLANDEC windsurfing school, so that attach to windsurfing culture can and your family.

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