4 steps to help return the motivation

Apathy, lack of energy and motivation - the most popular problem millenialov trying his best to succeed in various fields. If you are as concerned about the fact that you have not time anything up to, because you can not sleep, concentrate and decide on major changes - try to follow our simple plan.

Step 1: Put on your headphones and prepare playlist

4 steps to help return the motivation

If lately you could hardly find the strength to get out of bed - spend a bit of time trying to make the right playlist, and prepared good headphones. Meghan Markle Even during the time of lifestyle-blogerskogo career shared their methods for samostimulirovaniya, which included the incendiary playlist.

According to the journal Science, a powerful song can change our mood instantly:

Focusing on your favorite song fights discourages brain signals associated with fatigue or boredom.

At the same time does not really matter what genre I wrote this song, it sounds Is it fun or relaxing - it is enough that it affects your sympathetic nervous system. Activation of this system helps prepare the body to act decisively when confronted with a problem in the environment.

Make a different set of tracks - one for the morning it was easier to get ready for work, the other - in the moments when you start prokrastinirovat and work effectively, the third - when you are rocked to sleep in on the way home by public transport. Music headphones will encourage you to move, even when you do not want and does not in the mood. You can use the tips Meghan Markle, a playlist includes the Jackson Five and Janelle Monae, and you can get acquainted with our collections empaurment-performers.

Step 2. Review that inspire confidence in you

Perhaps now you do not have enough good motivational talk, and if there are no close friends or mentors, look for them online. Create a playlist on YouTube of videos that will motivate you - add to already viewed TED-lecture or even short reports from the events where you took part. Reviewing them, remember that the only person who prevents you to achieve your goal - you yourself.

Motivation has arisen within you, but if internal resources are virtually exhausted - so listen to the inspiring people like Will Smith.

Step 3. Write the plan.

4 steps to help return the motivation

You will have 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you do them correctly zapishesh. Stripped his dream into several stages, so that it turned into a simple to-do list. Subsequently, you will be able to resolve them one at a time rather than hurry and worry about deadlines.

Do you have the desire to lose weight significantly? Do not write about how many kilograms you need to lose to achieve the goal, to determine exactly when you want to do training, how much to change the diet and how you will monitor the results at each stage.

Use the online schedulers or special themed daily logs, forming distinct habits, which will help in achieving the objectives.

Step 4. Review your diet

4 steps to help return the motivation

You - what you eat, and we have already talked about how to use the proper diet can get rid of anxiety and fog in my head. If you are in the doldrums, it is now especially important to begin to control your diet. Consider that the fish may comprise 70% of the dose of vitamin B6, responsible for the positive attitude, and the whole grain useful for concentration. Provides your body the nutrients that will not only satiate the stomach, but will return clarity of mind.

And what do you do to cheer up during hard week?