5 famous men who took the name of wives

The tradition of taking her husband's name after marriage is still very strong, although in recent years more and more women prefer not to change the documents. This is not the only way to draw an equal relationship. We collected examples of how the famous couples were deciding what to wear surname after marriage.

1. John Lennon

5 famous men who took the name of wives

The iconic pair - known musician and artist-avangardistki - a vivid example, if not a perfect relationship, then certainly a beautiful and intense love. As John said, he and Yoko is one soul in two bodies.

After the couple were married in 1969 in Gibraltar, Lennon changed his middle name Winston to Ono. Now they began to John Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon. That's exactly be called a concession on the part of men, on the contrary, they acted like real partners, adding to their names the name of the spouse.

2. Marco Perego

5 famous men who took the name of wives

The Italian artist handsome as a god, but still completely indifferent to social stereotypes. He and actress Zoe Saldana got married just a month after they started dating. But the press is not surprising, but the fact that Marco took his wife's surname and became Marco Perego Saldana. Zoe has not stood aside and made a statement: Why is it all so shocking? No one asks why a woman takes her husband's name. Fathers, sons, brothers, people, your dignity will be lost if you take his wife's name! I am sure that our sons will be proud of their father's decision.

3. Carlos Pena

5 famous men who took the name of wives

The American actor, singer and dancer this year is preparing to become a father for the second time. He is married to a colleague - actress Alexa Vega. The pair took a very original solution: do not choose someone whose name will, and to combine them. Now they Penavega Carlos (PenaVega) and Alex Penavega. Of course, with such melodious names such solution seems obvious.

4. Jack White

5 famous men who took the name of wives

American rock musician John "Jack" Anthony Gillis became famous under the name of his wife - Megan White. They married in 1996, and the following year formed a band The White Stripes, which lasted more than 10 years and was very popular.

Around the couple were a lot of rumors. For a long time, Jack and Megan stated that they were brother and sister, but in one of the rooms the newspaper Detroit Free Press published their certificates of marriage and divorce. After relationship with Megan, Jack had an affair with Renee Zellweger, and in 2005 he married British model Karen Elson. This time, take the name of White's wife did not.

5. Jay-Z

5 famous men who took the name of wives

Shawn Corey Carter, and Beyonce Giselle Knowles got married in 2008. The couple decided to take a hyphenated name, and now they Shawn Knowles-Carter and Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

In the past year, the artists have renewed their vows after 10 years of marriage. Participation in the ceremony were their three children: 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sir.

In Russia, too many cases when a man takes his wife's name. But it is not connected with the desire for equality, but with very different motives: according to the news reports, often so do the criminals who want to hide from law enforcement.

How do you think, be sure whether the girl to take her husband's name after marriage?