Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

To ensure proper care of the skin, it is important to be able to pick up for her not only moisturizers and masks, but also cosmetic products that will cope well with its purification. One of these is a micellar water, and reviews about a way to use can be found in this publication. So, what is this modern tool and which brands its release? Let's investigate.

Purpose micellar water

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

Micellar water - a cleanser without soap base, which does not need to rinse with water after application to the skin. It does not contribute to the appearance of irritation, it cleans and moisturizes the skin. When the list of its ingredients contains natural extracts, means excellent tones and refreshes.

In a review of the micellar water it is mentioned that this solution under the force to remove make-up, especially with the eyes. Particularly indispensable "mitsellyarka" in the hot season, when the skin is actively zhirneet and sweats. Just enough to wipe the face, the skin immediately becomes matte and fresh.

Another big plus micellar water is convenient use. Mini bottle can always carry with them, to take on the road, in the gym and clean the skin when there is a need in this.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the micellar liquid is not always the ideal effect on oily skin. The thing is that this type of skin needs a more intensive cleansing, so use only water alone may not be enough. If the micellar solution is used, it is desirable to further purify the skin tonic.

Micellar water: how to use it?

Use micellar water - a pleasure, because it does not sting the eyes and cleanses pores from impurities that have accumulated in them for the whole day. Make-up remover is necessary to use a cotton pad. It is necessary to moisten it in this tool and wipe the skin. If there is a need for removing eye make-up, soaked in some water to make a cotton pad to be a few seconds to centuries. All means of decorative cosmetics will be immediately eliminated. Some reviews of the micellar water stating that it is not doing its job if necessary to remove waterproof makeup. In this case, the skin can be cleaned with special means for removing makeup and eliminate residues mitsellyarkoy.

Unlike other cleaning agents, which include those with aggressive surfactants, micelles have no damaging effect on the lipid structures, and only connect the remnants of make-up and particles of fat, acting like a magnet. Securely held micelles particles are easily removed by makeup cotton pad.

Micellar liquid can also be used in the morning to refresh the skin. Acids and minerals help to eliminate the signs of fatigue and "awaken" the epidermis.

The micellar fluid whether it is necessary to wash off?

The question as to whether you need to wash your face after it had been cleaned micellar Vodicka, excites many. Manufacturers recommend not to wash off the product, the components penetrated into the skin, and there continued to be effective. However, if after application to the skin micellar water there is a feeling of discomfort, it is advisable to rinse it.

Micellar water Garnier

Today micellar water is discharged almost all popular cosmetic brands. This product please his fans managed to firm Garnier. Micellar water "Garnier", reviews of which testify to its effectiveness, it is suitable for all skin types.

The basis of this cosmetic cleanser are natural extracts. Vodicka does not contain perfumes and alcohol. The product has passed ophthalmologic and dermatological testing.

Water cope with cleansing the skin, gently removes makeup from the face and eyelids. Thanks to herbal ingredients means moisturizes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, helps to smooth out fine wrinkles. Makes the skin fresh, healthy, gives it shine.

Matting micellar water Garnier for combination and sensitive skin

For women with sensitive skin range of suitable cleaning agent becomes a real challenge. This is due to the fact that the majority of skin cleansing products contain a part of the aggressive components that may harm her.

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

Matting micellar water Garnier Skin Naturals - a great tool that can be used to cleanse the skin and remove makeup. The active ingredients of the product penetrate deeply into the pores, contributing to their full cleansing. Vodicka from "Garnier" moisturizes the skin, gives it a sense of freshness and dullness.

Micellar water from the company Nivea

Softening 3in1 micellar water from Nivea designed for gentle cleansing of dry and sensitive skin. It removes makeup, gently removes dirt, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. As part of this product is present grape seed oil and panthenol.

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

Grape seed oil has a unique composition, which includes many useful elements and vitamins. Vitamin E is found in abundance in this oil that helps skin resist aging, promotes hydration. oil makes the skin smooth and hydrated due to the unsaturated fatty acids.

As for the second component present in the composition micellar water "Nivea", panthenol, it attracts water molecules and holds them like a sponge. This is what is due to moisturizing effect cleanser.

In a review of the micellar water "Nivea" stating that the agent does not cause irritation, cleanses the pores and has a nice unobtrusive flavor.

Micellar water "Pure Line"

Domestic company "Pure Line" is also pleased their customers micellar water 3 in 1 Reviews of this tool confirms its effective action, even if the task is to remove superstoykuyu cosmetics. The tool is designed to care for normal and combination skin types.

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

As part of the agent is present aloe vera juice, which is characterized by the powerful moisturizing and soothing properties. Among the components is also cornflower extract, whereby the skin after use micellar solution acquires haze.

Micelles deeply and effectively eliminate make-up, even with very sensitive skin without drying it. In a review of the micellar water "Pure Line" refers to the fact that it helps to relieve inflammation, is very refreshing and improves its appearance.

the water micellar Bioderma Sensibio

Bioderma micellar solution for sensitive skin that is prone to redness. Micellar water depresses this brand irritating to the skin surface and water soluble grease, capturing their micelles.

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

"sensitized H20" effectively cleanses the skin due to contamination microemulsification and decorative tools, without affecting the lipid balance of the horny layer of the epidermis. As part of no alkali, alcohol, parabens and fragrances.

In a review of the micellar water "Bioderma" it says that this solution is ideal for sensitive skin, moisturizes and prevents dehydration.

The micellar solution of "Black Pearl"

Manufacturer "Kalina" has presented an excellent tool for cleaning in the form of micellar water. Due to the unique microparticles, micelles this tool allows you to quickly remove makeup and cleanse the skin of impurities. The product has passed dermatological and ophthalmological tests, during which it became clear that it can be used for very sensitive skin and eyes.

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

If you take into account the reviews of the micellar water "Black Pearl", it can be concluded that it is more suitable for toning and gentle cleansing. With regard to the removal of makeup, then this tool will not be able to fully replace the foam or gel.

Micellar water La roche-posay

The French company La roche-posay released a unique tool in the thermal water, that is designed for sensitive skin. This tool takes care of the following tasks:

  • cleanses the face, it helps to restore security and physiological functions of the epidermis;
  • hydrates and tones the skin;
  • eliminates redness.
Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Water Solution - the best micellar water for sensitive skin. Responses about it, as well as of other products of the brand, in most cases positive. Members noted that the cleaning liquid has a pleasant smell, does not cause irritation of the eyes, it does not contribute to the feeling of tightness. Weaknesses of some water - it's not exactly convenient dispenser.

L'OREAL "absolute tenderness"

Micellar liquid from the company L'Oreal - excellent makeup remover, by which to improve skin condition. The solution is gently cleanses the skin, especially around the eyes, moisturizes and refreshes.

The tool is designed for dry or sensitive skin. It does not cause irritation in contact with the conjunctiva. Composition supplemented peeling antibacterial additives. The advantages of this tool could be considered gentle cleansing, an affordable price and the fact that it does not contribute to irritation.

Micellar Water Biosource Biotherm

Biosource from the company Biotherm - micellar water luxury. Ideal for all skin types, it copes with removing makeup. Feature micellar solution of this mark is that it provides a skin protection from adverse environmental factors. The formula means includes a set of 36 minerals and vitamins. If you refer to the reviews, the best micellar water, which is ideal for all skin types - it Biosource. In contrast to the budget is not only removes dirt and remnants of cosmetics, but also nourishes the skin, moisturizes, resists premature aging.

What is the best micellar water?

Best micellar water: women feedback about products from different manufacturers

All of the above micellar fluid have many advantages. Each of them deals with pore cleansing, removing make-up and moisture. The main purpose of such a liquid - a cleansing of the makeup of the face and eyes, so if you want to improve the condition of the skin, it is best to use micellar water 3 to 1. This means review shows that it not only removes dirt, but also improves the condition of skin in general. Choosing micellar fluid should give preference to the one in which structure there are natural extracts - the effect of such a product is more pronounced.