How to correctly choose the right wine for the food, the company and the case

Wine has a rich history, dating back to 6000 BC. e., and scientists believe that it originated in the areas that are now in the territory of modern Georgia and Iran. Traditionally, wine is considered an indispensable drink, complemented by a wide range of dishes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and complex. Today we can observe a great variety of wines, and it is not surprising why many of us are confused as to which one to choose for a particular case. Together with specialists from the wine bar-restaurant Touché Heroine talk about the features of different varieties of this ancient beverage and how to pick it up to a specific event or meal.

Valentine's Day

How to correctly choose the right wine for the food, the company and the case

Valentine's Day - the most romantic winter holiday. Cooking in this day do not need much, as the main rule of the festive table is the third - always extra. At the same time food must comply with a romantic atmosphere, so why not do something exotic that can ignite the desire and passion - grilled salmon with asparagus, warm salad with seafood, paté of guinea fowl with foie gras, vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce or chocolate truffles for dessert.

What kind of wine is suitable: Champagne Drappier, Brut Rose - elegant pink champagne comes from France, goes well with appetizers, fish and fruit desserts. It is characterized by fresh aroma with notes of ripe strawberry, dried cherry and raspberry and rich taste palette of different light spicy nuances.

On March 8

How to correctly choose the right wine for the food, the company and the case

International Women's Day - the best reason to collect my mother, grandmothers, aunts and friends at the same table. Give preference for easy spring recipes accompanying chicken or meat, and do not forget about dessert. Bright vegetable salads with the addition of soft cheese and nuts will look fresh and juicy - you can decorate them beautifully festive table, while your oven and stove are busy with other dishes.

What kind of wine is suitable: Paco & Lola, "Lolo" Albarino, Rias Baixas - rich dry wine elegant golden color, made from grapes in the subzone of Val do Salnés in Spain. It is characterized by fresh taste with hints of citrus fruits and herbs. It shows a light scent of white flowers with prominent notes of peach and ripe pear. Light and sparkling, it will please not only your taste, but also easily recognizable, very positive label in white peas.

On the party

How to correctly choose the right wine for the food, the company and the case

For a party is best to choose a simple, but no less tasty dishes that are guaranteed to surprise your guests and at the same time will not cause any difficulties in the kitchen. It can be meat and cheese slicing, hot sandwiches, fried fish fillets, tartar of beef with rye croutons or salad with fresh vegetables and seafood.

What kind of wine is suitable: Pinot Noir "Gamla", Golan Heights Winery - red, dry wine from Israel, made from Pinot Noir. It blends perfectly with both cold and hot snacks, suitable for fish, meat and cheese. It has a red-ruby color, delicate aroma, filled with notes of cherries, plums and dried flowers, and a light fruity taste with spicy notes of a jam. This wine you can drink a lot and stay with light head.

At the bachelorette party

How to correctly choose the right wine for the food, the company and the case

To the next day not to think about a couple of extra centimeters at the waist and industrious evening training sessions in the hall, prepare snacks - fruit plate, warm salad with roast beef, canapes and appetizers on skewers with cheese, fresh vegetables, fruit and olives. Creamy cheesecake with berry-fruity notes will be a wonderful way to finish a light meal. Bake it on the eve of the event and leave in the fridge overnight or for 24 hours before serving.

What kind of wine is suitable: Cava "L'Atzar" Brut Natur - sparkling white wine is light golden color and light greenish reflections. It has a pleasant, refreshing taste and a stunning fragrance with predominant shades of grapefruit, brioche rolls and peaches. A huge advantage - in the manufacture do not use dozazhny liquor, which means that the sugar content in it is minimal.

On the day of the birth of

How to correctly choose the right wine for the food, the company and the case

When it comes to the party on the occasion of the birth, it is important to prepare delicious meals and snacks. Give preference to a light salad, white meat, fish and grilled vegetables, so your guests do not go hungry while waiting for dessert.

What kind of wine is suitable: La Rose de la Cabanne - rosé wine from Touraine, produced from grapes of Cabernet Franc, will charm everyone present. There a sense of style and elegance of the Loire Valley wines. Its taste is full of bright fruit and berry notes with a slightly sour taste and pleasant aroma with hints of pink pepper, peony, lychee and ripe strawberries. Suitable for almost all dishes festive table and create the perfect mood. Purchase of the review and other quality wines with a variety of flavors can be in the wine bar-restaurant Touché. Its wine list is presented 280 wines, almost all of which can be ordered by the glass, before you buy a full version. You can just come and enjoy fresh meat and fish dishes, flavored cheese, unusual desserts and hot homemade bread. When the restaurant is also a "Market №22", where you can take with hot meals, breakfast, fresh coffee, dairy and bakery products.

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