Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, photos

Kirill Sarychev is one of the most powerful people on the planet. He is the author of several world records, as well as the establishment of the Federation of powerlifting WRPF. For height, weight and biceps Kirill Sarychev dubbed "Ilya Muromets". The athlete has already become a legend of the power of sport, but he continues to train and perform, demonstrating brilliant victories.

Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, photos

Biography Kirill Sarychev

Kirill Rodin is located in the town of Pugachev of Saratov region. It was there that the athlete was born on the first day of the New Year January 1, 1989. Average statistical childhood, typical of small towns, has not been spared and Cyril. Sections Pugachev was not much, but the power and has outstanding physical characteristics of the child had to be somewhere to be determined. Fifteen Kirill Sarychev the height and weight of an adult male is already written in the gym. However, after a couple of months he was forced to find a new "rocker". In the next room Sarychev acquainted with the first coach Viktor Nikolaevich Mikheev, which leads to the first victory of Cyril.


It should be noted that the athlete is genetically predisposed to its metric data.

Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, photos

The father has growth athlete 192 cm and weight 130 kg. To date, Kirill Sarychev has growth 197 cm and a weight of 180 kg. It corresponds to the parameters of height, weight Kirill Sarychev biceps (cm) - 60.

on powerlifting Course

Thrust exercise enormous power, and allow him to 16 years to put on weight 80 kg, to 17 years to pass regulations on the master of sports. The next event in 2007 brought the first place.

Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, photos

The athlete stands in the category up to 140 kg with equipment and up to 2009 wins all the Russian, Eurasian and world championships, each time increasing the winning weight. At competitions in Rostov-on-Don Kirill met with the organizer of the "Battle of Champions" Andrei Fedoseyev. It was he who convinced powerlifter to try yourself bezekipirovochnom division. In 2010, an athlete hits all his strength on the "Battle of Champions" and became the absolute winner in the bench press, 300 kg without breaking the equipment. 2014 brings a new vertex and a world record in the bench press - 326 kg. After just a year Sarychev has your same rate and presses 335 kg, ahead of all rivals champion. To this day, the athlete continues to advocate, to improve their performance and to keep the world record.

The creation of the International Powerlifting Federation

Success in bezekipirovochnom division, hundreds of followers Powerlifting this format Sarychev prompted to create a new organization. In 2014, the athlete had created the World Federation of powerlifting without equipment (WRPF), where is the president of Sarychev.

Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, photos

The purpose of creating such an association was to identify and integrate the strongest people in the world, increasing the attractiveness of the sport among both men and women. Allowed to act in the category "Amateur" or "Professional" with the usual division of weight and gender group. Federation provides the following bezekipirovochnye direction: powerlifting, deadlift, bench press and the snatch. The first competition of the Russian and later on a global scale WRPF version took place in 2015.

Power and training

Height, weight Kirill Sarychev - the result of a special diet and exercise plan. Since 2011, the athlete coached by Boris Ivanovich Shejko on an individual and closed to the other program. With regards to diet, there are high carbohydrate foods needed all weightlifters. The menu is buckwheat and oat cereals, pasta, flour, beef, chicken, egg whites, and Proteaceae. 6 meals divided into 4 doses 2 solid food and receiving all kinds of protein-based drinks and sports nutrition.

Kirill Sarychev: height, weight, photos

Secrets of the increasing strength of Kirill Sarychev

The athlete often photographed with fans. Mighty growth and Kirill Sarychev weight in the photo - what pride and motivates the lucky photo shoot later. On programs in which the athlete is invited as an expert, in an interview with the athlete blogs and most frequently asked question about the power and the means of its development. Kirill Sarychev happy to share recommendations, and highlights the main points in this question. Firstly, restful sleep, which should last for at least eight hours.

Secondly, the negative motivation. The desire to overcome the maximum, leading to muscle fatigue and injury, should not coexist with analgesic and anesthetic ointments. All painful and stressful point of the body block itself, including the necessary muscle on stage lift. Thereby increasing power rates.

Third, focus on the shortness of breath, and not the duration and number of repetitions allows you to adjust the program and the weight.

Fourth, maintaining a personal diary to help monitor progress and regularity of the change.

Fifth, on the opportunity to train with a partner in the competition format. Try to do better, more clever it. This practice gives great motivation in training and confidence in the competition.

Sixth, avoid too big weights. Working with the limit weight may increase the period of recovery of the body and reduce the overall power performance in competitions.

Seventh, remove the extra equipment in the gym. Kirill Sarychev not use special suits and shirts, as it prevents to feel and understand their physical abilities.

Eighth, it is necessary to read the specialized literature and verified in accordance with this technique the lift. Good knowledge give more effectiveness and reduce the risk of getting injured. From time to time you can ask the partner to assess the sport from performed bench.

Ninth, the basic exercises that should be present - is training biceps forward and reverse grip, stabilizing muscles of the forearm and triceps maintenance using "French" benching. Separately it is necessary to train the "bridge", maximizing the deflection in the lower back at the bench. These recommendations are for the most part by the trainees with advanced level athletes. For beginners in this sport Kirill Sarychev advises to be persistent but patient, an adequate approach to the load and the state of the body. Powerlifting - one of the most traumatic sports, so any mistake can be fatal, and close the door, not only in the world of weightlifting, but also a full normal life.