Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna: biography, personal life, work in Formula 1

Many are accustomed to that sport - it is exclusively male, especially when it comes to football, hockey and Formula-1. For a long time this sport has remained out of sight of Russian athletes and the media, but the situation has changed, and our country has appeared not only quite decent riders, but also the commentators. Special attention deserves the brilliant Oksana Kosachenko, commercial director of "Caterham" and talented leader.

Biography Oksana Kosachenko

Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna: biography, personal life, work in Formula 1

Oksana was born on May 1, which is in itself very significant, given its impressive track record. As befits a man who was born on Labor Day, Kosachenko since childhood differed perseverance, commitment and hard work, with the result that the girl graduated from high school with honors. According to most of Oksana, while still not even give medals round honors, and she had a quartet - in literature. Together with his girlfriend Xenia she tried to enter the Institute of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty, but the attempt failed, Oksana failed the entrance exam. The following year, she corrected this mistake insulting and still came true already filfak.

Professional activity

Until 2000, Oksana has long held the position of director of sports programming channel "RTR". From that time I began her passion for racing in Formula 1, and in March 2000 settled Kosachenko official commentator of races on "RTR". It is said that this type of work requires not only professional knowledge in the field of Formula 1, but also the maximum care, because the action takes place on the track at high speed, not everyone can capture the essence of this or that incident and convey it to the audience at the time. Oksana is a first broadcast work was prepared perfectly, and that brought her fame in the professional activity.

Working with Vitaly Petrov

Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna: biography, personal life, work in Formula 1

Since 2001, Oksana become manager Vitaly Petrov, feeding high hopes the 16-year-old rider. According to leading the most, they met in the competition, where Vitali took part, and it worked organizer. At that time, the young racer was already known victories in rally competitions, and organizers clearly saw it as the hope of the Russian Formula 1. Vitaly himself says that he did not even care at the time of participation in Formula One, but the prospect seemed to him very attractive.

Since Oksana had great connections in the world of motor racing, she decided to help the young talent and took him to Italy to meet with Minardi founder and ex-racer Vincenzo Sospiri. Since Petrov did not knew foreign languages ​​and not so well-traveled, in principle, Oksana had to accompany him at all meetings and events, acting as an interpreter. Thus Kosachenko decided to finally become an official driver manager.

Formula 1 first Russian pilot

Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna: biography, personal life, work in Formula 1

Vitaly Petrov was indeed a very talented driver, and to find sponsors for the young athlete took part even while Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He met several times with Kosachenko and Petrov, trying to provide all possible assistance in the development of young talent. For some time there were rumors that Petrov is preparing a contract with Ferrari, but the information proved to be false. Then Petrov has a chance to become the second pilot of the team Renault, which for many years served the famous Finnish racer Kimi Raikkonen. After much hesitation, the team still took a young athlete, and this was the first step on the way to the success of the first Russian Formula 1 driver.

The work at Renault and the Caterham

Despite outward success, Oksana and her ward has encountered many difficulties, working in the famous French team. The atmosphere in the team reigned a very intense, distinct leader and ideology were absent, leaving the team has been fragmented. The work was difficult even experienced athletes, not to mention the young riders with little or no experience of participation in Formula 1. Therefore soon Oksana Kosachenko decided to change the team.

Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna: biography, personal life, work in Formula 1

In 2010, Oksana and Peter go in Caterham, and the situation here is changing dramatically. Tony Fernandes Team Leader distinguished charisma and ability to manage a team, so Petrov was not difficult to join the team. However, in 2013, Oksana had to say goodbye to their charges because of insufficient funding. The team took the new riders, and Petrov had to leave Caterham. Oksana Kosachenko also remained in the team in the position of commercial director. After this incident, Oksana stopped working with Vitali, leaving him to choose a career path.

Commentators work

Being an excellent manager, Oksana did not forget about the commentator's activities. In 2004, she settles on the channel "7 TV" and commented on the competition in Formula 3. Since 2005 Oksana says DTM and LMS until 2007.

In parallel, since 2005 Kosachenko manages advertising agency "manuscript", which organizes the competition RSKG. In 2009, Oksana leaves the "Manuscript" and arranged on the channel "Eurosport". Here she speaks first to comment GP2, the WTCC then, and finally AutoGP. On this channel Kosachenko is a huge success, and cooperation continued until 2013.

Life Oksana Kosachenko

Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna: biography, personal life, work in Formula 1

In spite of its popularity in the world of motorsport, about the personal life of Oksana is little known. She herself describes itself as the "Iron Lady" of steel character and ability always to defend its position. Being a strong woman, Oksana has always valued personal independence and career above all. Moreover, it is strongly nipped in the bud the attempts of the press to ferret out any information about her personal life.

Today it is known that Kosachenko Oksana Pavlovna no husband, no children, and she has no plans to be engaged in building relationships, because there are still many pans in a professional field, which she will bring to life. Due to the very tight schedule Oksana simply do not have time for anything other than work, however, as she calls herself marketing their vocation and things you love, happiness Oksana doubt is not necessary. Now a woman 50 years old, and she had absolutely no regrets about the absence of family, fully devoting himself to the world of sports.