Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?

It has long been believed that such a dress - the universal part of the wardrobe that can be worn on any occasion. Despite its uniqueness, let's look at what to wear black dress (photos presented in this article), so as not to spoil the image of absurd combinations. Nobody believes dress boring black, his character can be easily changed with the help of accessories, shoes and other clothing items.

Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?

The little black dress what to wear?

With such exquisite detail of the wardrobe there is a sufficiently large number of different combinations. Thanks to the imagination of designers girls can choose any style dress with a full skirt, a deep neckline, open back. Dress harmonises perfectly with the shoes, thin tights or stockings. Add an image to help small clutch size, expensive belt or corset that color must be combined with the shoes and bags. Fashion does not stand still, and makes its own rules, what to wear black dress. The designers offer a lot of interesting ideas, for example, not necessarily to wear pantyhose in one tone with the dress. A balance colors help suitable earrings, hair clips or scarf. It looks great dress with a leather jacket or a jacket.

Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?


Itself lace radically changing the face of women. A gown of this material imparts softness and lightness image, underlining sexuality. If you choose for your wardrobe black lace dress, what to wear is becoming a major issue.

Dress-holder is a safe bet to create sophistication. In combination with high heels and a clutch for the theater or opera. For everyday use, in perfect harmony with a knitted jacket and handbag small size. Long dresses always look impressive and perfectly emphasize the shape. The combination of satin and lace is considered the sexiest option, this image is suitable for official receptions.

Themselves with lace dress nice and impressive, it is not recommended to wear a lot of accessories.

As for shoes, the perfect combination to be sandals or shoes with heels, light sandals, ballet flats or boots lace. If you succumb to the experiments, it is quite possible to wear high boots or ankle boots massive.

With air dresses are not recommended to combine large bags. For such a neat way of selected small bag on the elongated strap.

Originally will look well matched hat, giving the dress originality.

Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?


Velvet is associated with luxury and wealth, therefore, inappropriate to wear it every day. But perfect for special occasions (party, dinner in the restaurant, and so on). On the basis of this begs the question: what to wear with a black velvet dress? Despite the modest shade outfit due to texture the material always looks charmingly.

Long evening dress is perfect for slim tall girls. Model with a flared skirt looks reserved and mysterious. Sexy image will help to create a dress to the floor with a cut on the back.

When choosing shoes and accessories are repelled from the style of dress. Outfit in business style will blend in well with the classic jacket and shoes with narrow toes. Also help to supplement the image of cardigans and jackets with large viscous. Appropriate will light scarf.

For casual style, you can use simple and even a bit rude things. For example, bulk bags, berets, shoes tight heels, suede or leather jackets, fur vests. Do not combine velvet shoes, it is better to use leather. In order not to create a hard image, you need to dress to combine with light materials.

As for jewelry, then in addition to that gold does not fit, it is better to opt for pearls and silver.

Business style

Choosing what to wear with a black dress, you need to listen to some advice of professionals. Let us consider how to make a flawless bow in business style:

  1. Dress must be strict tailoring, so deep cuts in the area of ​​neck and back are inappropriate. Also for office style is not recommended for embroidery or other decoration. Particularly popular style "box" with long sleeves.
  2. Decoration should look flashy and elegant. Add some color to help the image of a small shawl made of satin or a small brooch.
  3. The classic jacket is always beneficial to dress looks black. It should not be in one color with the dress. Suitable for both bedding colors and bright.
  4. Ideally suited to the image of a small handbag or clutch.
  5. Despite the simplicity, will look quite stylish white collar in the black dress.

Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?


When you create a daily way often the question arises: what to wear with a black dress, if it is not originally designed for walking or meeting friends? Do not be afraid to experiment. Combining dress with different styles, you can really run wild and create not only the image of a lady, but a real tomboy.

Notes of street style will help add coarse shoes or boots with laces, sneakers or shoes. As well as leather belts, bracelets powerful. The original image will look, if you replace a jacket or shirt in a cage denim jacket.

If there is no desire to part with a black dress in cold weather, and here there are win-win options. It goes well with any kind of outer clothing, and even warm tights do not spoil the image.


Classical length determined by the level until the middle of the knee. If you want to show the beauty of the legs, choose a model with a mini length. Dress to the floor is no longer relevant and has become worn as the output attire. It is not recommended to go to far to long, since all should be the measure. For example, dress up to mid-calf perfect slim and high lady.

Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?

What are the tights wearing a black dress?

Choice depends on the style of tights and dress lengths. Consider some examples:

  1. This in itself does not require a long dress feet ornaments to it suitable skin tones without patterns. If the outfit with the cut, you can choose a model with a lace image. The color will depend on the shoe (gray, black or flesh).
  2. The bright colors are not recommended to pick up along with sequins or lace. Ideal matte tights fit in discreet colors (black, flesh).
  3. Dress "Case" is considered an office style, in harmony with the natural tones tights.
  4. to a free short dress picked matte tights of any color. There is one caveat - the need to supplement the image of some element in one tone with tights. It can be a handbag, gloves, belt, handkerchief.
  5. to strict mini dress suit lace texture.


To create a complete image of fashionable accessories used. The most important thing in this case - to show a sense of proportion and be able to properly choose to not look tasteless.

  1. The classic version: small clutches, elegant gloves and shoes (shoes with heels). Optionally, you can complement the elegant hat.
  2. The original version. By the way add a wide belt or scarf. Decoration large size (watches, bracelets).

With regard to the choice of colors, it is considered the best red or white.

Choose the accessories is not difficult, the main thing - not to overload the image with unnecessary details.

Fashion Tips: what to wear with a black dress?


Versatile choice for black dress shoes are considered the same color. Models with high heels and court shoes. If the outfit discreet cut, balanced image can be shoes of bright colors (red, purple, bright blue). For cocktail dresses suitable silver or gold tone. Particularly interesting look with a black dress boots.

Choosing what to wear with a black dress, do not be afraid to try and try different options. Sometimes even a minor detail can radically change the whole image.