Puller carriage: types and purpose

Puller carriage: types and purpose

Even the most expensive carriage eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced. So you bought a new part and already twisted bolts of rods, when suddenly in front of you looms the problem of dismantling the carriage itself, which usually remove spanner wrench will not work. Do not rush to drag the bike in the workshop, with the help of a stripper carriage you can disassemble the entire unit within minutes. In addition, with such a tool, you will be able to fix the bikes all my friends.

Puller carriage: types and purpose

Types and purpose

Puller carriage bike - a special tool used for removal and installation of the carriage in a glass bottom bracket of the bicycle frame. Standards of this instrument is not so much, and they are selected according to the type of the carriage itself:

  1. and all the ISIS cartridge carriage under the square. Have a cylinder shape with the cut on the outer side of slots. May be integrated or mounted handle axis for centering the shaft.
  2. For carriages Truvativ ISIS. Covers the outer cup top with 8 slots.
  3. Hollowtech II. Shimano standard. Puller carriage of this type resembles a spanner, which covers the outer cup protruding in its plane.
  4. For Campi Veloce, SKF carriages. He is very similar to a stripper for Hollowtech, but here long slots alternate with short. Is extremely rare, only a few bikes manufactured in Italy, such as Bianchi.
Puller carriage: types and purpose

There is a separate type of sliders - without thread. For their installation requires a special press, not a stripper, but they are only compatible frames. Sometimes biking is possible to meet corporate standards, which are very rare. For example, the system Hope Cranks included is a few of your own keys, which greatly complicates the installation of spare parts.

How do I use?

Use a carriage puller is quite simple to eject it:

  • remove the rods by means of a stripper rods;
  • If the carriage under the square, it is better to start on the left side;
  • contrast the stripper slots with slots on your carriage;
  • if the stripper has a centering axis, screw it onto the shaft of the carriage;
  • remove the cup of the carriage, and then repeat the same action on the second side.
Puller carriage: types and purpose

Remember that most of the carriages on the right is cut right-hand thread, and the left - the left. With the exception of the Italians, where both cups with right-hand thread. Different companies are different tools. You may need an additional key to crank puller carriage itself, and maybe your stripper is already equipped with a handle. However, some very complex and incomprehensible things in the use of a stripper is not, and will deal with it at all.

Twisted carriage without a stripper

Many wonder: is it possible to remove the carriage without a stripper? The unequivocal answer is no. All depends on the type of bottom bracket. For example, in the bulk of old bikes with the bearings in the carriage there was a lock nut, which knocks down easily with the help of a beard or a chisel, a cup wriggle his hands. No problems of the carriage type with external Hollowtech II cups. They can easily turn a pipe wrench or tool to remove the oil filter for the car, but there is a risk to deform the cup.

Puller carriage: types and purpose

On the other cartridge carriages harder. Slots cut inside the cup, and it is completely hidden in the bottom bracket cup, and pick up her other tools is not possible. Become attached to the problem can be solved cups or some home-made tool or the same beard, but will have to try not to damage the frame itself. In this case, it makes sense to buy a normal puller carriage, thus simplifying your life.