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My friend Ruslan went on leave to his mother in Kostroma. Today came back and told an instructive story that there is no ready-made recipes of education, everyone in the face of his blockhead invents its pedagogical methods ... And that's the story of Ruslan:

My father died six years ago, and this is my arrival my mother asked him to open the safe at last with a gun and ammunition. "Vzhikal" a file from morning till evening, but still raskurochil it. In addition to the safe arms found a thick stack of pre-reform money with a bunch of zeros, took them into the hand ... and just could not hold back the tears ... I realized how did the wise was my father.

Sometime in the early 90's, I was still in school, the family lived hard, like everyone else, but my father once said:

- Ruslanchik, I will once a week to allocate you some pocket money. All the while the same amount (in general, not for small patsanenka ...) But, if you're within a week you will behave badly, or bring a deuce, then owed you money, I respectively will gradually deduct and what remains It is what you get. Everything depends on you.

Saturday morning we went to the bathroom, my father opened the lid of the toilet and say,

- Son, that you did not think that I'm sorry for your money, all that does not dopoluchish you get our toilet ... Well, let's go: for example, a deuce in algebra ... (And a note of my money flying in a toilet bowl). Tuesday skipped a lesson ... (still two hefty bills fell to the same)

There were times that I did this week, "merges" that my whole stack of Pope discharged into the sewer without a trace. And it happened that on the contrary, a whole week at school and at home, "I jumped out of the pants" that all the money battered me and my faience personal rival ...

How am I worried that because of my "tricks" family money went down the drain and because dad did not condemn greed - "my" money was spent only on me to the penny ... I was very ashamed, I remember the night did not sleep, I tried learn lessons, do not smoke, do not hang around, so that his father did not give a reason to wash off our meager family money down the drain ... I've seen how my mother and father koryachilis at work behind those pennies.

Maybe just because of this I became a man, not drunk, do not go to jail, and went to Moscow, learned to the operator ...

And here I was holding a lot of money out of the old Dad's safe, and every bill, instead of "10 000 rubles," it is written: "10 000 Ruslan" and printed it on a cheap photocopier ...