Do not even think!

Do not even think!

From below, from the street, there was a cry.

Valery Fedorovich started, looked at closely curtained window, fidgeted in his deep, old chair and hesitantly glanced at his wife. Valentina has looked at him sternly and inexorably.

- What do you think, see? - timidly asked Valery Fedorovich.

- Do not even think! - Valentina snapped.

Valery Fedorovich suddenly stubbornly stuck out his chin, stood up and walked to the window.

- Light even off, the old fool! - I hissed wife.

- I, too young ... - snapped in a whisper Valery Fedorovich, but the light, however, turned down - Dura ...

He gently pushed the heavy curtains and looked out. Down by the old garages and poorly lit only for the whole yard a well-lamp, there was some fuss. Two squeezed into a corner some third party. Another stood nearby, obviously, on the "lookout".

- Help-and-ite, ah-ah-ah-ah !!! - the voice was clearly female, even more girlish.

Valery Fedorovich looked around and saw beside his wife. She looked at what is happening with a certain tenderness, eyes wide, stretching his neck, almost licking his lips. Could not resist again, curiosity won. About with an expression on her face, she stared into the box, the endless reality show.

- Call the police ought to be - as if by accident, in passing, noticed Valery Fedorovich. - The police - automatically corrected Valentina, then the meaning of what was said came to her - Do not try to call!

- Why is this?

- Yes, why do we all want? Then wear out to the investigator, any identification. These also be released then, and we live here ... And we will do the same and then guilty, are you not watching TV? Every day is like.

Bottom shouted again, already desperate, with anguish, as if the animal fell into the trap.

- That's uproarious, Sevochku wake more ... - angrily muttered Valentina.

- Already. Well, what you like. Why is dark in the crypt? - I came back in the shadows sleepy voice. Seva, big guy, almost silently walked to the deserted, frightened parents and through their head looked out.

- Sevochka, but there is nothing special - wailed the mother - You go to sleep, tired of the same, because only returned yesterday. Just think, cry. There is always shouting.

Seva long, thoughtful look at Valentina, then at his father, turned and went to his room.

- It's all because of you! - immediately found guilty Valentina.

- What do I have to do with it?? - Outraged Valery Fedorovich.

From the courtyard came the cry again:

- Release! Let me in! Ah-ah-ah-ah! Help! - then heard sobbing. Both parents eagerly sat down again to the window.

The front door slam. The sound sank heart. Fearfully clinging to the wall, Valery Fedorovich went into the corridor. - It Seva! Seva is gone!

- Can not be! - I gasped mother and rushed about the room aimlessly. - How to go? Where to!?

Then she came to her senses and turned to the window, next to widely throwing shade excitedly puffed her husband.

- the police should be called!

- Police! - I corrected wife. - Do not even think about it! Sevochku delay!

- For what? Maybe he just went for a cigarette!

Loud bahnul heavy steel entrance door. A moment later, Seva, dressed only in shorts and sneakers, a massive torpedo raced across the yard and in one motion scattered a bunch of little in garages. Standing on the lookout instantly vanished as if it had never been, and his accomplices, clearly and quickly otovarennye lay down their noses at the pissed asphalt.

A girl who leaned helplessly to the garage, Showa gently put his arm around her shoulders and led her to the house. Torn from the hose to the hose jacket she trailed behind her like a bridal train.


Deathly silence all that lasted an hour in the apartment that Seva was absent. Valentina was lying on the couch with a compress on the forehead, Valery Fedorovich valokordin interfere with vodka and puffed noisily. Phone on which I did not dare to call, lying in the middle, on the coffee table.

Seva entered the apartment, quietly closed the door behind him. In the living room Popper right in sneakers. Mother started to say something, but when he saw his son's expression, she said nothing. - It was Nina - said Seva without expression. - They just rob her first wish. Then he decided to rape. Like, all the same then all they will say that have not seen anything.

Parents were silent.

- Nina, with eight apartments. I ran on time. They only had time to dress jacket and tear.

Father lowered his head and closed his eyes.

- And these ... bastards ... They're from a neighboring house. I have them even before the army remember. Gopota. They still wacky nicknames are: Brown, dviglov and nail. You with their parents in a workshop worked. They told me yesterday in Dembelskaya saw bellow else that served. What I loshara. What not to buy off me.

Valentina closed her eyes, too. Shame she poured silent tears.

- Dad, you're also a paratrooper. Was - quietly said Seva and walked to his room.

Creak chair, Valery Fedorovich rose by an old man privolakivaya legs hobbled to the kitchen, came back with another glass. He dripped himself some vodka, the wife of the drug.

- Oskotinilis we are with you, Val.

And drank.