IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

The first Red Faction was released 10 years ago, back in 2001 to the. The main feature of the game developers have positioned the "full and true destructible," which was designed to provide GeoMode technology. Miracle, of course, did not happen, total destructible and remained in the naive dreams of gamers, and the much-touted GeoMode appeared only interesting feature that allowed occasionally dig up the wall in strictly designated areas.

IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

However, as a shooter, the game was pretty good, and has been recognized players and the press. Then followed by two sequels, in which I personally did not play, but which were crushed igrozhurov and now we face another sequel about brave Martian miners with another reincarnation geomoda. I get a good game? Now we find out.

Ode geomodu

So why in the games before I could not manage to make a more or less realistic destructible? In my view, there were two reasons. First, a hardware feebleness of iron, but this problem is solved we can say - today's PCs have long been powerful enough for such technologies. Well, and secondly, it is the problem of game design. How to guide the player along a given path if it can break through the wall and go around? And what to do if a player accidentally blow up the only bridge that passes over the river of lava?

Red Faction Armageddon developers have found, if not a cure, then at least a very good solution. So, you still can not drill a hole in the rock, and cut off the path from point A to point B, you still go along the game designers have prepared for the track and see all the things that they would like to show you. In the framework of this track can destroy almost everything! And to avoid any problems with the above mentioned bridge (it, too, can destroy) the developers have given the player an opportunity not only to destroy, but to build! Destroyed some important object? It does not matter, nanorobots in Mason dressed in a jiffy his return from oblivion. As a result, entertainment hits over the edge. The player carries the level of the pieces, and the number of explosions, destruction and other effects superior to Call of Duty, but the best part is that all this is happening at the behest of the script, and with the direct involvement of the player. That is, it is you decide to pass the level, point-by destroying enemies and smash everything on the stones, and it's damn nice!

Even more pleased that the destructible is not just a beautiful wrapper, it does strongly affect the gameplay. Boxes are no longer a reliable shelter from all types of weapons, and instead of one at a time to shoot entrenched in the structure of their enemies, there can be buried alive by blowing up the aforesaid.

Plot events Red Faction Armageddon take place after the events of the previous parts (apparently). Anyway, the game begins with the fact that we have sent to war with some aspiring false prophet, who, naturally, wants to destroy the Earth, that is, sorry, Mars. Despite the banality of the ties in the future plot twists, and it even becomes interesting to watch. So the Armageddon is arguably the plot shooter.

Among other things, the new Red Faction formally moved to the other sub-genre, and is now a TPS (third-person shooter) that IMHO also went to the benefit of the game - to wield a huge sledgehammer with a third party is much more convenient. I'll tell you a little bit about the arsenal: in addition to the aforementioned sledgehammer - deadly in close combat and able to deliver the building brick by brick (Thor's hammer, not otherwise) and very standard arsenal of futuristic weapons, typical of the genre, the game has such a truly brilliant piece as magnetic gun. The latter want to compare with gravipushkoy of Half-life 2, it just allows you to manipulate objects, but more interesting. The first shot you put on a magnetic tracker object, the second put in the place you are interested in Anchor - voila, obeying a strong magnetic force, the object is attracted to the anchor. Shoot from the magnetic gun can both live objects and interior detail. Can you imagine how much space to maneuver? The enemy can be sent to the flight itself, and you can literally pull his ground from under the feet, or bring down a ceiling on it, or throw it in a barrel of fuel. You are limited only by its own imagination.

The game also introduced RPG-elements, with time the hero gains experience and spend it to improve their capabilities: faster reloading weapons, the increased supply of health, improved evasion, increased damage certain types of weapons, and even the "Jedi abilities," like power push or protective nanospheres .

The graphics in the game standard and especially nothing to add here, the physics, as you've probably figured out, the best since the first part of Crysis. I emphasize the music, it's not often in games so appropriate surroundings and atmosphere, you start to notice it. Music in Red Faction Armageddon is such - disturbing, evoke a sense of danger and despair.


A great shooter with the plot of this little destructible. The best thing that came out in the genre lately. Definitely deserves your attention.


- Almost total destructible everything.

- The best physics since Crysis.

- Interesting story and atmosphere.


Special cons somehow not, except that some of the mission seemed to me somewhat lengthy, but it's an amateur.


IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

The same "Hammer of Thor".

IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

And that with it you can do.

IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

Collect these trophies.

IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

and improve their skills.

IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

Use nanorobotov Mason ramp is able to recreate destroyed in a few seconds.

IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon IgroFresher - Red Faction Armageddon

That is the magnetic gun. With it I have just unleashed tank with explosives directly on the tentacles.

Trailer (HD-quality)

Overview of gameplay (HD-quality)

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