What is this?

What is it: to be a dwarf, freezing in the mountains, to get "Oscar", was struck by lightning survive, meet a polar bear, to change the floor and walk on the moon.

What is this?


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What is it: to walk on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin, 73 years old, astronaut

Lunar "soil" can be compared with the finely divided talc. The top layer is very loose dust. At a depth of one and a half centimeters of dust is much tighter - as if seized by cement. In fact, the particle does not stitched - simply, unlike Earth, between the dust molecules are no air molecules.

When you put your foot on the dust, the soles imprint turns perfectly clear and not smeared. Taking a step, I vzmetal in front of the dust, and she dropped a small semicircle. Very strange sight - on the dust of the earth so itself does not. Moondust at all for anything not like: in a vacuum it falls completely in sync, creating the right semicircle.

I, as I can, trying to express their impressions in words, but the catch is that the moon is different - with nothing of what he saw before does not compare. When you're on the moon around you is almost no sound, only noise the suit - buzz pumps, pumped liquid. Breathing, amplified speakers, you can not hear - it is Hollywood fiction.

To move on the moon should be in a special way. The best way - a quick step, imitating a horse, galloping, two quick steps - jump, two quick steps. On the Moon it is impossible to control the balance. It should be slightly tilted in any direction, and you risk falling. But resist easy - just rest against the surface of the feet. By the lunar surface is easy to adapt to man. Very weak gravity makes it easier to walk on foot. There's great. Really.

What is it: be considered a child prodigy

Alex Romanovsky, 24, a software developer in the field of telephony, computer games programmer. In 13 years, he graduated from the school externally, in 14 became a student at the International University As one friend of mine Catholic norm - the norm, rather than the most common pathology. Up to six years, I have from their peers is absolutely no different, except that the excessive love of stories about animals, but my parents thought I was "getting ahead", and I still did not know how they argue. What I began to read to four years, my mother remembered as a great achievement almost to the Institute. In six years, I've found in the attic of chemistry textbook for ninth grade and, of course, nothing in it is not understood. Concentrated formula subscribed non-existent "oxides", inventing non-existent connections, harmony - "ozone-nitrogen", and that was enough to my parents decided that I was fond of chemistry. See for yourself, they convinced me and so began my crusade amateur - from one alphabet to another alphabet.

Family legend has it that I was in second grade, "bored to learn." The truth is that the mother heard on external studies and decided that her son deserves it. I do not mind. The second class, I passed two months (and went to the second quarter in the third), the fourth - in the summer, sixth, seventh and eighth - two academic years. Me these transitions from one grade to like it, if I may say so, aesthetically. There was some beauty to plan the annual exchange rate of the Russian language on the three paragraphs a day and deal with it in the past month.

Particularly difficult this process is not for me. More precisely, if represented, the indirect way: the disease - bronchitis in five years, a difficult age, laziness - because of what even grasped the two. In ninth grade, I was transferred to the physico-mathematical school, and it was difficult for real. We can not say that I could not cope with the program, but "supererogatory merits" was not the first.

I did not notice people to seventeen years. First, I do not understand how you can live outside the formal objective knowledge; then I began to understand, but do not let on - it was very beneficial to wear a mask everywhere and enjoy the benefits of relying eccentric professor. I feel sorry for those who lost all his childhood in football. I still can not understand why 22 people are running after one ball. Adult toys is much more interesting for children. That is the childhood, which I agree: when I play a game invented in Vladivostok, Kiev and Kazakhstan, as for what to play your favorite toys, pay the money and invite to the conference.

I see that many envy me. But it has not yet become acquainted. Then realize that the eccentric - not necessarily a superman, he has no more abilities than the average kid, he's just different. If the car goes without consuming gasoline it consumes something else.

What is it: to survive lightning strikes

Max Deering, 44 years old, sound

It was Friday. It was a typical July weather: the sun was shining, white clouds floated lush ... Four of my co-workers and I went to Durham to play golf. We got to the fifth hole, and then drizzling rain. We decided to wait under the canopy. I remember that the air smelled sweet ozone. It's the last thing I remember before the lightning struck.

When the skipped category, I froze all - I never in my life was not so cold, but at the same time part of my body is incredibly glowed. Then there was the weirdest noise, which I have ever heard. So loud it drowned out all other sounds, honestly. I had the feeling that I was put between two garbage cans and splyusnuli. Like all influenza viruses, which I was infected for life, they pounced on me en masse. Arms, legs, fingers, filled with the weight - it seemed that way they weigh 2000 kg. Each cell of the body ached painfully. The pain was dull, aching, and at the same time sharp. I even suffered from hair and eyelashes.

Lightning struck a tree next to us, knocked several branches, flowed into the canopy, breaking it in a huge hole, and then passed through Terry, one of my friends. He entered through the crown and walked through the knee. Terry died instantly. Having emerged from the earth, the lightning got up and went for me over the head, leaving the outlet: eight stitches had to apply. Now I can prodelyvat fairly complex calculations - there trigonometry, mathematical analysis, but do not ask me to add or subtract. Useless. The doctors say that I have everything in order, but I know - they have something to hide from me.

What is it: to take part in group sex

The source wished to remain anonymous

Group sex is like to have sex with a trained octopus: around you solid limbs and tongues, someone's hands grab you and pull, legs apart in your mouth something squeezes, the brain does not have time to process feelings and libido, which, in fact, embroil you in the story, too, succumb to such an abundance.

Group sex allows you to see how ugly is undisguised lust. Except in cases where the host or hostess for a party allow only specially bred hybrids with perfect bodies are usually not exactly going to those you'd prefer to see. Women are still here and there - from dim lighting and makeup are much benefit. As to the men ... All of these protruding members and beer bellies, hair on end in all places ... Sit and mauled his scrotum miserable, desperate to revive them. Freud believed that we are all a little fagots. Well, Freud is no arguing against, but such a number of males discourage hunting even staunch gay.

Yet, group sex - it's amazing! Hearing chug copulating right at your backyard, is excited to be surprisingly strong. Women ... One and the other immediately, and immediately after her third ... And what a feeling when you walk into a woman, which has already entered the other, and you feel that other through a relatively thin membrane ...

And all the while, until you go home and take a taxi the next morning to cook your own omelette, and then sit in the office, you think only of one thing: "I participated in group sex, and I will do it again!"

What is it: suffering from narcolepsy

Melody Zarnk, 45 years old

If a normal person wants to feel like a narcoleptic, even for two days refuses to sleep. We are so tormented every day. At the age of twenty-one, I noticed that if I'm driving for a long time, I definitely need to pull over and a little nap. I decided that I just did not get enough sleep, but it was the first symptom of narcolepsy. A healthy person begins to dream and a half hours after falling asleep. Narcoleptic enters a phase dreams instantly. I dream with open eyes, even when awake. For me, a dream is like hallucinations - terribly realistic. If I dream that I was bitten by a mosquito, I feel unbearable itching. It happens that I forget for a few seconds. Especially if doing some repetitive movement. Once I passed out in the cinema, when the movie looked and laughed. My head fell back, all dark eyes. I could not move, could not return the head to the correct position - well, my husband helped. Scientists have come close to creating a drug that may be helping with my illness. I do not flatter myself, but as it was nice to go to sleep without fear ...

What is it: be dwarf

Vladimir Fedorov, 66 years, actor (height 130 cm)

I live in harmony with the world and with itself. When I was born, the parents were happy. First, of course, they were afraid - could not figure out who it is generally born (I was born with a large head, small hands and feet and rising 30 centimeters). In the hospital to his mother immediately approached the doctors, who said to the dwarfs they have a special order and they are very asking me to give them the benefit of science. But my mother pressed me to her breast, and said she raised me.

I grew up in a normal environment, brought up in love and no particular difficulties in connection with its otherness experienced. I have a normal apartment, there is nothing that could be adapted for my height - the height of a standard toilet and so on. Nothing at all was altered specifically for me. If I was half as much - yes, it would be a problem. It happens that I, for one, can not reach the electric bell. And do not worry. Somewhere I can jump or something to get up. In an extreme case, reach out, holding a book.

If I was not a dwarf, I did not have such a texture, no one has ever asked me to star in a movie and then play in the theater. When I noticed in a jazz club and called for the role of Black sea in "Ruslan and Ludmilla" I was very far from that - I was fond of science, electronics, music, abstract art, but have not thought about acting career even. Now I play on the big stage of the Moscow Art Theater and the Theater Nikitsky Gate - in general, can not complain.

The only problem was once a personal life. I was born in 1939, grew up in the post-war years. And this is a war of muscles - respectively, and the girls dreamed of a strong man. I have been quite different. One day I called and confessed classmate in love. And it is without excessive delicacy told me: "Yes, you look at yourself in the mirror." All four of my wife - a woman of great beauty and mind. Because next to me any fool can not be. And ugly too. Such women tend to suffer from complexes and all the time trying to assert themselves at the expense of men. I for this role does not fit. If now come a good God and I want to ask me, so I had the normal length of the arms and legs, I would answer: "No, I like the life I have lived. I am that I am".

What is it: be above the

Shawn Bradley, 31 years, height 230 cm, central "Dallas Mavericks"

How to start my day? In the morning I get up and go to the toilet - it means that I have to bend down in front of a door on the first day. I have to bend down to look in the mirror, bend down to take a shower (shower head rests on my chest). To get into the car, I first put your foot in the salon bent at the knee and put her in front of the passenger seat. And then I slip into the car itself. You can call me "man-snake".

All the clothes I wear, it is necessary to sew to order. Leg I have a size 52, so that even the shoes have to order. I'm even a sleeping bag and a tent to order sewed. I remember in high school, we had an away match. We come into the locker room. I towered over the cupboards and see everything that was accumulated: dust, empty plastic bottles, clothes that go hell yes when thrown and forgotten. Our coach - he was 30 cm shorter than me - stood up on the bench, to be at the level of my eyes, and said, "You live in a dirty world, right?" That's right - I live in a dusty and dirty world. When I come to visit, then, crouching in front of the door, on the lintel have time to notice the dust. And on top of refrigerators are always dirty. And in the crowd I do not bald crown visible. The spectacle of so-so ... I have never come across a man taller than me, but sometimes I dream that I meet such people.

What is it: to direct a reality show

Leonid Güney, 42, director of the reality show "Dom-1", "Dom-2", "Big Brother"

The horror is that it is not necessary to direct anything. The things you learn for life, reduces to a simple task - it is beautiful and in nothing intervening, remove that put the participants themselves. Call it cynicism. No matter how you empathized with the participants, for the sake of business to choose the episode interesting for the viewer, not the one in the best possible light shows the hero. Project participants know that they will be recording 24 hours, and they agree to it. Ciloy them here no one pulled. If my child wants to act in this kind of show, I'm probably going to dissuade him, but get in the way - no. The only thing he has to remember: in reality shows, like in court - everything you say can be used against you.

What is it: be hostage to

Natalya Medvedev, 41 years, photographer

When the event occurred in Budyonnovsk, my boss in the journal forbidden me to go, he said he had two editorial posted there. On the fourth day of the captured hospitals began to leave women with infants. I saw this picture and thought: "My God! Well, what I'm here! "And flew to Mineralnye Vody. When I got to the hospital (I was on the road hurt foolishly), already there were lists, one of the journalists will be voluntary and will be accompanied by a hostage to Basayev Chechen border. I had three hundred and some, it is clear that the chances to get a little. Then there was a press secretary and asked each to write a receipt, saying that in the case of death claims have not. Someone asked: "What is clear - death?" "Well, how - responsible secretary, - exit the gate, and there you will meet." The crowd thinned dramatically wanting. Three men left. I tell them: "The more we have, the less likely that they will kill." As a result of accumulated fourteen people. And we went ... Three days nightmare ... all the time feel like a sack of potatoes - the subject. If you hear a noise of helicopters, sit down, turn around, action puts you on the shoulder and arms ready to fight. And you know: if it is fire, you - the same object, for which it will hide. All the while waiting for the attack - a huge stress. I took off. To spend the film. I'm her then laying out everywhere - in a bra, underpants. I'm ready for what might break into pieces in the attack. If you see the part of the body of the film will realize that it's me. I saw in the hospital women who wrote their passport details, name everywhere - on your arm, leg, chest, shoulders, abdomen, - everywhere the same. To identify. And I have to write did not have time, I always laying out of the film. When we went there, people were hiding under a bus. When they returned - running towards us. When it was over, the men got off the bus, leaned against the hot iron and wept. Yes, many men crying, I remember.

What is it: to be a hermaphrodite

Jim Kostic, 48, a former assistant

Such as I, denoted by the term "intersex". When I was born, the doctors were not able to determine exactly what I floor - genitals picture is inconsistent. Vagina, apparently missing, but there was no testicles. The authority which I still had, he could equally well have passed for a large clitoris or small penis. I call him "falloklit". Over time it has grown to almost 3, 81 cm. From early childhood, I felt like a boy. Realizing this, parents with four years began to call me James, but it was unofficial nickname. Actually, I was given at birth name is Judith. It is still, and has been on my documents. That is why I have never traveled abroad - can not get a passport.

I discovered that the vagina I have only fused into a forty-four years. Also I have a tiny tiny atrophied uterus and ovaries. I have two X-chromosomes, that is, genetically I'm a woman, but in the womb I was receiving large doses of male hormones. Vaginal canal I have, but the grease in it are released. And erogenous zone G I have - but still is! I can not cast standing and did not get upset about it. My falloklit quite good for sex, but only with women. Since it is not very big, my mates had to sit on me, but it's all in the past - since I openly declared himself gay. For medical reasons, and also for a more intense sexual life I have made a special operation for the opening of the vagina, and now I'm trying to join vaginal intercourse with men as often as possible, because during their most powerful orgasms.

Looking at me from the side, you'd never guess that the average man is not in front of you. I am fully aware that is made up of fundamentally different parts - one hundred percent female, the other male absolutely. So what: in my own body, I feel fine.

What is it: from a woman to become a man

Daniel K., 35 years old, a graduate student

As a child, I did not mean to like / to be a boy - I was / a boy. That's just, unfortunately, was born / she without the proper body parts. I remember in kindergarten I went / and in the men's room and trying / she write standing up. The school played / and baseball and basketball for the men's team. The body I had a lean, muscular. Hairstyle short, "pageboy".

Sexual desire, I always had / and only to women. In high school, I had a relationship with the girl, who is elected prom queen. She was heterosexual. It was also due to heterosexual women in college with me. But with lesbians - never. Three years ago, I made the first testosterone injection. I'm going to take testosterone to the end of life. It increases libido and stimulates hair growth. Already have to shave. I did two operations. Firstly, the operation on breast cancer: Make an incision in the nipple area, all scraped and sewed up again. I have also been / familiarize hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Maybe someday I'll make myself falloplasticheskuyu operation, and I will have a penis, but I do not hurry up - waiting until the doctors nabyut hand. Testosterone clitoris grows and becomes like a real penis. The only "but" - does not arise.

At work, we have one guy constantly teasing each other. He is Italian, so healthy. It's about me, I do not know anything. When I did a hysterectomy, he did not know why I did not come out / la to work. I thought I reduce a hernia. "Well, brother, you will live?" - he asks. I say: "Yes, everything is fine." And he told me in a whisper: "You're going to casual sex do not change, eh? Look at me! "That was hilarious.

What is it: Get the "Oscar"

Al Pacino, 65, actor

"Oscar," I received only eight times. Prior to this, seven times I have included in the list of nominees, but only just. It is now, I calmly look at the nominees and think: "What if they were neurosurgeons? Who are you entrust to operate your brain, if need be? That's it-and should be given the "Oscar". But in the past all depended on the order in which I had mood. I was amazed the feeling that I have experienced, having received the "Oscar" for "Scent of a Woman" - a completely new feeling. Now I rarely see her Academy Award statuette. But when I first got it, I felt a few weeks so as to be, feels the man who won the gold medal at the Olympics. As if you come to the finish line first, and your victory all know. A wonderful feeling. Sense of their own usefulness.

What is it: get someone else's "Oscar"

Alexander Potemkin, 68, executive director of the American-Russian Cultural Meeting, Washington

In 1980 I worked at the USSR Consulate General in San Francisco. I worked on the culture and knew many people in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts. It was decided that the ceremony instead Menchov (the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears") will go to the Embassy Counselor for Culture Anatoly Dyuzhev (God rest his soul). And I had the honor to take him there.

In Los Angeles we decided to go by car. Along the way, they reasoned, what are the chances of winning at all. It seemed that very few of them: in the category of "foreign film" were pictures of Truffaut and Kurosawa. (The film by the time I have not seen.) We stayed in a modest hotel. In the morning, have not yet departed from the trip, we put a tuxedo. For us to send a car and were very surprised at what conditions we are living here. Presentation was held in the theater Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

The ceremony, as usual, began with American films. "Oscar" got De Niro and Redford. The turn to foreign films ...

I do not remember who, in my opinion, some actress burst envelope. She said: "Winner is ..." - and hung a long, long pause. We are absolutely sure - think Truffaut or Kurosawa. Searchlights begin to rummage through the room, run across our faces and freeze. And before it was spoken: "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" - we knew who the winner is. Dyuzhev stood up, climbed over me, took the stage. I received a statuette. He showed it to the audience, as it should be. He said something into the microphone, and he was taken away for the scene.

There was Dyuzheva somewhere fifteen minutes. I was beginning to fear - the Cold War after all. Then he comes back happy, tugs at the hands of this thing. She gave me her pet. We are sitting, holding it together. When we after the ceremony appeared on the threshold of our terrible hotel, the entire staff eyes on the forehead climbed. There's such a dirty, shady people go - and suddenly we are in tuxedos and "Oscar". Dyuzhev with him did not leave for a second. He locked himself in the room, tied the statue's hand - and slept. In the morning, before you go out for breakfast, stuffed "Oscar" in the refrigerator. Came into the city, quickly swallowed the food - and ran back. God forbid that happens. On the way back for speeding - it was necessary to deliver the treasure as soon as possible - we were stopped by a California police officer. Instead of the rights I silently showed him the statuette. He closed his eyes against the sun glittering gold and did not penalize me. I asked only: "You - a movie star?" - and released.

What is it: find a polar bear

Matthew Shparo, 30 years old, the traveler

Middle of the night my father and I were awakened by the sound of someone's heavy footsteps. To the nearest town 150 km. So, the polar bear. Carcass weight of 900 kg and an increase of up to three meters. We sat down, turn on the flashlight and began to shine them in the direction of the entrance - to bear crawled into the tent from our feet, not the head. Bear immediately responded to our "bunnies" and struggled with his paw hit the tent. Fabric is cracked, and the resulting hole appeared bearish nose - black penny-sized desyatilitrovoe bucket. Fortunately, with a we had a pump-action shotgun. Can bear scare, shooting at the paws. Shoot to be careful: a wounded bear - a very dangerous opponent. I took aim and fired. Desyatilitrovoe bucket instantly disappeared. In the morning we saw a drop of blood on the ice, apparently I touched it lightly.

What is it: being blind judo

Vladimir Glukhov, 57 years, ham radio

I am a person is deceived. If I liked something, I have put his heart and soul. I do a lot of interests - radio, struggle. And at some point I was interested in judo. It's a contact sport. The only thing before the fight the referee brings you to your opponent and your hands holding his shoulders and arms, so you can imagine, someone will have to compete with. When I started, I never thought that I would become the master of sports in judo. I just really like to train in a week five times. The room was far away, I had to almost go through Moscow. Son swore: "Shame on you - at the age of a person, and you come from a broken mug". Well, it is sometimes - eyebrow, such as get ripped off. But all the small things mostly. Although, it happened, and ribs racked. Then, because of age I decided to leave judo. Fight, I could just became very calm: people experience before a fight, and I was already up to the lantern. And the reaction is not the same as that of the young. And to go away was not very comfortable. Train up there shops in the metro. So far evaded them, you can easily get lost. In general, I am guided on the ground - if I miss, that thought quickly, exactly where I went, and get to the station. But in the subway people became somehow stunned. It seems obvious that a person walks with a white cane, and still directly on your raid. Previously, it was different. Encountered, he says to you, 'Do not you see? "I answered:" I - yes. And you, "He at once:" Oh, I'm sorry. " And now all rushing at breakneck speed, and nothing around to notice.

What is it: freezing in the mountains

Kirill Lysko, 40, CEO of the festival "Kinotavr"

It was during the ascent to the Lenin Peak, one of the four Soviet seventhousanders. In 1987 he organized an expedition to test-driven aircraft. (A gentleman really like using this machine to make money, keeping the body c vertices of the victims.) We had to climb to the top, to be dispersed to ski and jump with a paraglider.

At night my friend got sick tooth at the base camp. And it is very dangerous - at an altitude of 5200 every detail of this kind can quickly escalate into a cerebral edema. I had it quickly came down on the grass, where a local doctor that his tooth pulled out. While fellow recovering from surgery, I quickly helicopter has thrown back. But my team is gone. I'm young and stupid, I decided to catch up with them, the more they went away only four hours ago. At eight o'clock in the evening I realized that I was lost. Where to go: up - I do not know - and how to come back, I do not understand, because it is very dark. And prospects to survive the cold night alone at a height of 6,000 meters without equipment virtually none. Minus thirty, wind and lack of oxygen - a condition for a person unfit. And with nothing - no communication, no tents, no sleeping bag, no food - nothing. I understand that it is necessary to get used to the idea of ​​eternity. And on the other side - really want to survive. I think we need to dig a hole - this is the only chance to somehow survive. Of the devices I have only hand and an ice ax with a blade width of four centimeters. How much digging, I do not remember a long time. I looked at made - dug a hole, where you can just poke your head. Gradually, I fell into a coma, began to freeze, to say goodbye to dad-mom. How much time has passed, I do not remember. Suddenly a mirage: there is a man. "Everything - I think - for me - to lead on the Day of Judgment." Suitable and he says: "Well, then, sit for a long time?" I said: "Take it, do not wait." Then I saw - one goes. It turned out quite by chance some group came back from the route. It was just luck. The probability of encountering people in the mountains at a height of almost zero at night. The most nasty feeling I experienced there, when you are fighting two senses. One says to you: "All. It is necessary to put up with the idea of ​​untimely death. " Another voice tells: "It is necessary to survive." And you begin to take a completely stupid, mindless action - digging neve (dense granular snow formed on the glaciers and snowfields above the snow line) ice ax. By the way, it is ultimately saved me: I am not cold, because all time was in motion. Yes, my fingers then long been bruised and without nails - freeze. As a result, a group of my course, I did not catch, and the managed device does not earned. Something with it was not.

What is it: being stung by African killer bees

Michael Finkel, 32, a writer and the owner of a poultry farm

1. It happened in Central Africa. I was there at the foot march. The bees flew out of the nest, which was not visible behind the stone, and attacked me as a fighter squadron.

2. Upon reaching a certain critical mass, buzzing ceases to be buzzing. Rather, it is the sound of a drill - a shrill, high-pitched whine.

3. Sting them sharp and agile. And something strange happens - does not seem like they stick into you. On the contrary, they just tear off from you for scrap. The first sensation - burn. The sting - like touching tongues of flame. Then - the pain: to nausea to dizziness, throbbing throughout the body, even in the fingertips.

4. The bees swarmed my face as a solid mask; I have not seen anything. I tried to pull out his hands insects, but only angered them more. From reckless animal fear my brain stalled. Shaped seizure - consciousness is completely turned off.

5. shouted my friend Randy. Took to their heels - the most obvious way, but I have gone crazy so that he never would have thought of.

6. I ran over the rocks, jumping termites, wade through the bushes. After a minute and a half the bees get rid of me.

7. If I had to bees slightest allergy, they have proved that it is not for nothing are called murderers. My head instantly swelled to the size of a watermelon. From it, as if the needle of the pads, sticking two dozen bee stings. The tumor resolved only after a few weeks. Now I wait all that go away or at least fade memories.

What is it: of the men turn into women

Karin Kent, 48 years old, marketing specialist

The first time it occurred to me pereryaditsya six years. This happened about once a month. By the time of going to college I began a period of complete remission. I met / and the girl, and we got married. In the tenth year of marriage is late at night caught me red-handed - for a quick change in the next room. I was forty-two years, and we have only the first child was born. With my wife we ​​went, and I began / and transformation plan. I sent colleagues / and a letter that warned / and that with such a date will be put on hold, and as a woman. Before the surgery, I spent almost a year / as well as women. During the transition period, I started dating a man for whom I'm married now. Operation - a "penile inversion" - I did in Thailand. They are by your own tissue. Your nerve endings and trunks are used to provide sensitivity in the clitoris. Now I have a clitoris. Load gracefully, no gynecologist would guess until peep deep inside. I can have sex and have orgasms. For the growth of breast, I took 4 years / and hormones. Growing up / and as a teenage girl - with a sense of insecurity. My Adam's apple I was not too embarrassed, but I still decided / she on a small operation, so that nothing in my appearance I was not betrayed. The main difference is that the women do not communicate at that level, that men. Much understood without words. You walk into the room where the other women, and you can feel what they feel. Almost telepathy. And you either cut in at once, or never. Fortunately, I have the ability.