10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians

• 10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians

In the Faroe Islands, I was about ten times, I guess. I've got a lot of friends, I am glad to see, regardless of the presence or absence of business. Friends who have become friends over the years of communication.

10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians

I really like this place. First of all like his men. Contrary to the hysteria whale defenders, people are very open, friendly and in many areas pristine.

1. The Faroe Islands are not locked houses everywhere. The last time instead of a hotel we rented the top floor of the house: the owners live on the ground floor of their daughter on the ground, we have taken the upper hand with three bedrooms, a separate bathroom and toilet. "We get a key?" - I asked the hostess. "No!" - a very surprised it, "Why You?"

"You really do not lock the house?" - I asked my old friend Birgir. "And why are they locked?" - in turn, he was surprised - "I have five children, they always lose their keys, so we do not lock up our house!"

2. On the Faroe Islands is virtually no crime. During the Cold War, the United States placed on the islands of the military base. Recent years, it has been conserved: there constantly were only a few people. Now, at the base is equipped with a prison, where for a short time placed local offenders: as a rule, for drunk driving. At the time of our arrival in "prison" is as much as four men, all four names are known throughout the islands. If you stop by the roadside bike - nobody will touch. If you dropped the wallet on the road - you will return it with a probability of 99, 9%, or leave in the nearest cafe / store / mall.

3. On the question of whaling: Faroese continue to live as well as five hundred years ago, we lived. Civilization is little changed them. In addition to whaling, Faroese personally slaughtered sheep (sheep keep very many). It's hard to believe the Europeans, but in Faroese schools have a very shocking lessons of natural science.

A week before our arrival, the daughter of Birgir twelve resulted in live sheep class directly in the class killed her with a special air gun and in the classroom is gutted. The other children helped her as much: the Faroe Islands no one was shocked.

"But why, Birgir?" - I asked in disbelief. "Like what? Not all children are now able to do it, she just taught them!"

4. Sheep's head - an exquisite delicacy in the Faroe Islands. "And what it is?" - I asked another of his friend. "Like what? The eyes, brains, cheeks! Yes, everything!"

Frozen sheep heads can be bought in the central supermarket Torshavn (called SMS), as well as some smaller shops. For the convenience of the head is sawn lengthwise, frozen and packed in a vacuum package.

5. To the great surprise of the Faroe Islands is quite a good selection of food (as opposed to "starvation" of Norway, in the supermarkets which want to cry). Most of the products are frozen (and produced in Denmark), but they are. On sale there is a delicious venison, plenty of seafood and fresh fish of the local catch. Smoked salmon and local production and also absolutely peerless: responsibly say that neither Ukraine, nor do not know how in Russia a fish. 6. In the Faroe Islands (in contrast to Denmark, to the Faroe Islands which are de jure) a very stringent requirements for the sale of alcohol. In Torshavn is only one shop that sells beer "normal" Fortress, as well as wine and vodka. Everything is very expensive. Inexplicably beer is sold only in multiples of six. That is, six, twelve, eighteen, and so on cans or bottles. Limitation acts on both the package (which is really six cans or bottles) and in individual cans / bottles.

Question: "If there will be only five bottles - you do not sell?" - enters the store workers in particular stupor. It seems there is no one thinks about it.

In all other stores (including the largest supermarket in the Faeroes) sells beer "Light" with an alcohol content of not more than 0, 2% &

A similar situation with alcohol in the Faeroes was initiated back in the thirties of the last century. Alcohol sold uncontrollably, many fishermen ruin oneself by drink, but in the thirties of the men inadvertently gave women the right to vote in elections.

The first thing that made the women received the right (!) - pushed through a ban on the sale of alcohol in the islands. A complete ban.

Return of alcohol in some no sale lasted for decades. And still ongoing.

7. In this case, the Faroe Islands produced a very good and a very specific aquavit called HAVIÐ, strength already 50 1 degrees. Such a fortress is the result of a marketing strategy, the essence of which is unknown to me. 8. Also, in spite of the restrictions and prohibitions on the Faroe Islands is made very badsome beer and variety "Black Sheep" so all is beyond praise.

9. One of my friends in the Faeroes was created the perfect business: he collected the waste from fish processing plants (mostly saithe head), and then drying them, pressed and sold to poor countries in Africa. Why are the perfect business? Raw materials for free, a huge market, the idea of ​​super, what can I say.

10. On the Faroe Islands in the course of the Danish krone, but the piquancy of the situation is that the Faroe Islands has its own Danish krone, with a very special design. From my own experience I would say that beautiful money in my hands it was not possible to keep.

10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians 10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians 10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians 10 facts about Faroe Islands through the eyes of Russians