The first self-loading pistol dvuhstvolny

• The first self-loading pistol dvuhstvolny

The first self-loading pistol dvuhstvolny

The development of this miracle took six months of intensive work, including 3D-modeling, stereolithography model building and final test of the working sample.

Of a new Russian-Italian weapons can be released 16 bullets in about three to five seconds. This result is extremely difficult to achieve with any conventional gun, except, of course, automatic models, capable to fire bursts.

Private weapons company Arsenal Firearms built exotic gun AF2011-A1 "Second Century" (informally referred to as "Twenty Eleven"). Caliber new items - .45 ACP (11, 43 x 23 mm).

Monster "Second Century" released in honor of the centenary of the famous pistol Colt M1911, used until now. John Browning successful model went second century, hence the name of the new weapons.

The first self-loading pistol dvuhstvolny

Gun Length is 220 mm, width - 50 mm, the height - 145 mm, barrel length - 125 mm, the weapon weight is 1 to 85 kg.

The "Second Century", interestingly, used some of the internal parts of the original M1911 (percussion, whispered and body, several kinds of springs, some parts of the store and handle, sighting devices), which are still available on the world market weapons parts. But while there are many original elements, because "Second Century", on the conviction of the company - this is the first semi-automatic pistol with a double barrel mounted on a common frame, which is designed according to industry specifications in the calculation to serial production. (Small-scale "hand" of creation - do not count.)

Strictly speaking, the novelty can already be ordered, moreover, there are several options for finishing and subtleties in the sequence of operation of twin hammers and triggers.

For one shot "Second Century" produces two synchronously bullet weighing 30 grams, which hit the target at a distance of 2-5 centimeters apart (depending on the shooting distance). For comparison, a standard bullet from the cartridge 9 * 18 mm PM (for pistol Makarov) weighs 6, 1 g of double strike AF2011-A1 is able to dump bull Armourers claim.

Charged AF2011-A1 magazine for 16 rounds. In fact the two parallel cartridges store 8, fastened common base and are inserted into the handle as a unit.

The first self-loading pistol dvuhstvolny

The new gun creators believe is quite accurate for such a heavy and powerful weapons. As conveys Gizmag, with a distance of 15 yards (13, 7 m) 16 on the purpose of all bullets enter the region size of an orange; and at a distance of 25 yards (22 m 8), this area will rise to about watermelon diameter. Add that Arsenal Firearms has manufacturing facilities in Russia, Austria and Italy, which will produce products for different markets, and its headquarters are located in our country. Created this company businessman and collector weapons Dmitry Streshinskiy and Italian gunsmith Nicola Bandini (Nicola Bandini).

The company is quite young: Arsenal Firearms only debuted March 9, 2012 (admittedly after a rather long preparatory work, running without publicity), and once with the whole line of models (pistols, rifles and knives).

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