15 biggest Olympic scandals

At the Olympic Games do not always go smoothly, but happen and these scandals, below the largest of them. The current Olympic Games - is no exception.

The animated logo of the 2012 Olympics causes epilepsy

15 biggest Olympic scandals

Animated version of the logo Summer Olympics 2012 provoked twelve registered epilepsy within just a few hours after the appearance of the network. Olympic Committee took iridescent logo on the official website, saying that he considers guilty of the incident, animators, and not the creators of the logo.

Logo "Zion"

15 biggest Olympic scandals

The scandal broke as soon as the emblem of the Summer Olympic Games in 2012 was presented to the public. Iran stated that the figures, which should indicate the numbers 2012 in fact - a puzzle that is easy to fold in the word "Zion". And he intends for this boycott of the Olympics in London. Special suspicions aroused point that one in 2012 figure to anything, but the Latin "i" is needed.

Iran - is not the only country, who called this logo, to put it mildly. Multi-color logo, the development of which, according to official figures, has cost British taxpayers 650 thousand dollars, more than once called ugliness and a waste of money. But Iran openly calls it the Zionist message.

Michael Phelps ... I lost?

15 biggest Olympic scandals

Olympics 2008 Michael Phelps earned seven gold medals. Whether deserved? Some sharp-eyed fans of conspiracy theories claim that the photos and videos show the opposite: Phelps lost a swim, behind the nearest competitor by a hundredth of a second. They even created a website dedicated to the accusations against the Americans, who allegedly paid for the victory of their athlete. Olympic Committee to all attacks says that in their opinion, the victory Phelps is beyond doubt.

Juvenile Gymnasts

15 biggest Olympic scandals

At the Olympics in 2000 Chinese gymnast Dong Fansyao won bronze. Ten years later she lost the medal. It turned out that the athlete was only 14 years old, while the rules on children under 16 to participate in the games are not allowed in th 2000.

And this is not the only case where the age of Chinese gymnasts aroused suspicion. During the Olympic Games of 2008, which took place in China, there was a problem with too young to look at gymnasts Hye Keksin and Yang Yuyan. Girls were admitted to the competition, when the Chinese side to present a passport, according to which both were 16 years old.

The tickets on the black market

15 biggest Olympic scandals

"Sunday Times" According to the publication in the British newspaper, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially authorizes surcharge on tickets to 20 percent. That allows organizers to make good money. But much of this seems to be not enough, so around tickets for events in a huge black market. Serbian officials, for example, tried to sell a half thousand tickets with the promise to customers to arrange fake passports. IOC threatened to investigate.

Hot Cuban

15 biggest Olympic scandals

The Cuban taekwondo Angel Matos was disqualified for life after an incident at the 2008 Olympics. During one of the fights Matos was injured and asked for medical assistance. According to the rules, in such cases, athletes can take a minute break. A minute later, as the Cuban way of battle and not resumed, victory was awarded to his opponent. Furious Matos pushed the first judge, then struck his foot to the head referee, and finally spat on the carpet. Fidel Castro stood up for his athlete, Olympic officials accused of plotting against the Cuban athletes.

"Black September"

15 biggest Olympic scandals

During the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972 a group of Palestinian terrorists, calling themselves "Black September" took hostage Israeli athletes. As a result of this terrorist attack killed eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team (four coaches, five competitors and two judges) and the German police.

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir instructed intelligence "Mossad" search and destroy 13 people, one way or another involved in the preparation and implementation of the attack. One of the condemned, they say, is still alive.

The explosion at the Olympics 1996. The political order?

15 biggest Olympic scandals

July 27, 1996 terrorist attack on the Olympic Games took place in Atlanta. The largest in the history of an improvised explosive device (about 20 kg) broke into the Olympic Park. As a result, two people died and 111 were injured.

The authorities have been several versions regarding the identity of the terrorists, but in the end, was indicted American Eric Rudolph, who after that bombed two abortion clinics, and a bar where lesbians were going. Rudolph was on the run for five years, after which he was sentenced for life without parole.

The deal with the investigation of the terrorist and the lack of information about the process have generated around this case a lot of conspiracy theories about the true motivation of the offender and a possible political motive closed to the public.

Fake bombings

15 biggest Olympic scandals

According to some conspiracy theories during this Olympics should expect a series of false terrorist attacks, organized by order of the elites such as the Bilderbergers and Illuminati. Proponents of this theory argue that we should expect provocations in the form of explosions (like the explosion of 1996, which was discussed above) or even simulate an alien invasion. The goal - to declare martial law and establish a new world order. In confirmation of the correctness conspiracy lead above the logo, which, in their opinion, indicates an intention to organize the world's elite in Britain "New Jerusalem."

grown superatletov

In the GDR

15 biggest Olympic scandals

Many fans of conspiracy theories consider that during the Cold War in East Germany grew supermen, stuffing them a huge amount of steroids and other drugs that increase the chances of winning. As evidence of this theory is the history of the gold medalist Heidi Krieger.

According to the most Krieger, the first sports-medical experiments caused her mood swings, depression, and other extremely painful for the girl's side effects. And in the '90s Heidi became more and more like a man, and, in the end, changed the floor.

Now the former Heidi, and now Andreas Krieger blames the sports officials of the former GDR that his / her use as a machine for getting medals.

Basketball match Mezhuyev USSR and the USA

15 biggest Olympic scandals

It was the final of the Olympic competitions on basketball among men. We fought for the gold team of the USSR and the USA. For three seconds before the end of the game the Americans were ahead. Soviet coaches took a timeout. When play resumed, the Soviet basketball players tried to score, but could not. Americans have celebrated the victory, but as it turned out - prematurely.

The then head of FIBA, said that with the release of the ball in the last hours of the attack was launched before touching the ball Soviet athletes. Therefore, the clock set for another three seconds. Then Soviet athletes did not miss the chance and won by a margin of one point. Indignant Americans refused to accept the silver medal. There were no confirmed rumors that problems with the countdown timer was rigged.

Frauds referee lamp

15 biggest Olympic scandals

In 1976, the Soviet pentathlete Boris Onishchenko gave the term "unsportsmanlike conduct" a new meaning. He is integrated in the handle of his sword a special device. Athlete quietly pressed the button disguised suede and judicial bulb fixed pricking, then ignited.

The device is found when Onishchenko clearly missed, and the light still burned. As a result, the entire Soviet pentathlon team was disqualified. After this incident, the USSR State Committee announced a lifetime ban athlete stripped of all titles, awards and membership in the Communist Party.

Judges fraud

15 biggest Olympic scandals

In 2002, the Russian skaters Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze won the gold in the short program, surpassing the Canadian pair Jamie Salé and David Pelletier. Victory considered controversial because the judges do not "punish" the Russians for the fall. Followed by accusations of collusion, and, after many trials, the gold still got Canadians.

The scandal has become an occasion for a review of the system of scoring in the sport.

A corruption scandal at the Winter Games in 2002

15 biggest Olympic scandals

This is the most high-profile case of bribery associated with the Olympic Games. Senior officials from the IOC was accused in the fact that they took bribes from the Olympic Committee of Salt Lake City on the eve of the selection venue for the Winter Games in 2002. As a result of the scandal of ten IOC members lost their seats.

The non-participation of Germany in the Olympics in 1924, possibly triggered Hitler's rise to power,

15 biggest Olympic scandals

In 1924, Germany was still licking its wounds after the defeat in the First World. Partly restore the trampled national pride of the Germans hoped to win at Olympic arena. However, the other countries involved in the war, voted not to allow country-instigator to participate in the Olympics, what caused the patriotic feelings of the Germans even more trauma. A year later, it began a triumphal ascent to power of Hitler. Who knows, maybe if the Germans allowed to participate in those games, Nazi ideas would not have been accepted so readily.